What makes Kill la Kill a good anime?

What makes Kill la Kill a good anime?

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It's hype


Even though it still got hyped up too much, I still think Kill la Kill deserves its popularity more than Darling in the Franxx does.

but my deviantart blue oni though

Tits, ass, and Mako.

It does. It's just like 5 year old. You should have seen it when it was airing.

Darling in the Franxx just started

This guy had some girly hips

What makes it a bad anime? I thought the first half was pretty enjoyable.

It's fun, absurd and most characters are likeable.

I finished Kill la Kill in 2015, way after it finished, unfortunately.

Breakneck speed plot

Darling in the Franxxx is generic shit you get in every season just from a different studio this time, Kill la Kill was a throwback to a different age.

>You should have seen it when it was airing
Not that guy, but the constant barrage of threads while it was airing kept turning me off by it.

Then you watched it and realized why there were so many threads dedicated to it. Not justifying the fact people spammed threads instead of keeping it to one, but it definitely lived up to the hype.

These two


dropped it after her clothes turned into a plane and when she angry anime screamed after the pink girl said she killed her dad

lmao look at this pleb


>she angry anime screamed
>anime screamed
How else was she supposed to scream?

Nothing. It isn't a good anime.




Also spectacular 11/10 soundtrack.


Tsumugu’s sexy body, voice, and relationship with Mikisugi.
Every gay man liked that character.


It's fun

The hype was amazing when it was airing, still have fond memories of it when I was watching it with Sup Forums, the memes, the hype, looking forward for the next episode every week, it was a time when nyaa was still up, back when fansubbing wasn't completely dead. I think I'm getting old.

how did she get the rinnegan?

I'm not a narutard, so actually had to google that.

Dey didnt lose deir wey

Everyone lost their way at some point except Saktsuki because she had RESOLVE.

Being unique and good enough is all you need to become a legend.


But she did. Before the show starts when she lost her faith in humanity while plotting to save the world, and thought the only way to victory was acting like her mother. She was proven wrong though about her anecdotal assumptions, and apologized for her failings when she found her way again.


Nothing, this trash is newfag's Diebuster and TTGL. But unlike the former it hides behind a blurry coat of irony and misplaced referencial lol so randumb humour to hide its shit writing and characters. Figures how this dumpster fire of a show gives Sup Forumsedditors and youtube commenters a stiffy


It's not a good anime.

you wouldn't know good anime if it flicked your big man titty

It changes gears every time it's about to turn stale; it's normal to go that route, but usually it doesn't work out and the work ends up feeling rushed.
The simplistic plot with few side plots combined with plenty of style made it an overall fun ride that didn't overstay its welcome.

Now pay close attention, this is what you want to do when this guy shows up.
I liked it because it was a really fun show. I considered watching Gurren Lagann but got put off by people like you. I don't think it could live up to Kill la Kill's hype anyway.

Seriously he sounds like the saddest loser of us all.

I just watched it a month ago...It's pretty good and enjoyable. I think its energy and characters carry it. Its plot is pretty stupid, but that's part of what it is all about. Seeing how silly and creative it could get. There are also stupid fanservicey parts that I actually kind of like (Ryuko going all 'baddie' in the white outfit) ...

I fucking hate that Nui chick though.

I thought that guy would end up being related to Ryuko because of his hair...but I guess not.

Red hairing. Maybe he was there to distract you from the main girl’s being sisters.

it's okay

this scene

Gamagori was so good

If Kill la Kill were a bad anime, we wouldn't be sitting here and discussin it now would we?

We also discuss bad anime



is this supposed to be counterbait or a terrible opinion

no trauma.

I love Mako so much.
Probably definitely . I dont know how the hell I didn't realize because it's pretty blatant.


Tried to like and do enjoy most other Trigger/Gainax stuff, this just left me cold. Still, am glad some Sup Forumsnons did apparently enjoy.

how popular is Darifra in japan?i thought Kill la kill still more popular?

so what do you enjoy Sup Forumsnonkin?

I loved TTGL. Thought Luluco was fine. Liked most of LWA.

I started off liking KLK, but just lost interest at about epi 12. It's probably no fault of the series, just that there was other stuff competing for my attention.

I have gone back and tried to restart it, but just can't get away. There's the classic Trigger refs but it seems a bit forced. Please understand this is the rantings of an antisocial fucknut and so, YMMV.

I am quite enjoying Franxx at the moment, but I do have a similar feeling that if I don't watch it episodically I'll just lose interest.

The fault is on me, not the creators.

how can I move on from KLK?

That was correct though and led directly to her saving all of humanity, which otherwise was impossible. She built the tower in her mind that can never be destroyed. She just adjusted course on the fly as necessary. Because she will do whatever is necessary, it's her way. Like when Ryouko showed up, which was unplanned.

>someone dropping a show just before the best parts
always triggers me

Kill la Kill was a disjointed mess whose themes were constantly in conflict with itself, dropped plotlines every couple of episodes, and was extremely lacking in resolution. Do you even remember what happened to Nui, the person who killed Ryuko's father? Is there any reason why so much of it was villain of the week school shenanigans when Ryuko was shown to be on Satsuki's level in the first few episodes? Why did Satsuki's family harbor life fibers for countless generations if they knew all they did was destroy the planet? Why did Ryuko constantly go on about the power of friendship when she told everyone else, including her shirt, to fuck off multiple times, meanwhile Satsuki was always backed up by the elite 4? Why did Nudist Beach exist? Darling is at least new enough to have a chance not to royally shit the bed.

the show answers literally all of your questions, did you even watch it?

Nui is alive and is hanging out with her oneesans and their retarded friend.

>"What? No, that's stupid. She's dead."
>t. Nakashima

When is best boy gonna get his spinoff? Best theme, best voice actor, best fights.


>you're stupid
>t. user

Shitposting and hyping this shit up with Sup Forums was crazy back in the day. Very, very fond memories for me.

Nonon still best girl.

>people said kill la kill wouldn't be remembered in 5 years
>its 5 year anniversary is this october
>everyone still remembers it and the memory grows fonder each passing day

Honestly if you hate this show you hate anime, why are you even here? When did this board get run over by disgusting elitists and their terrible opinions? To be fair most of them are simply dumbasses but still.
I know this is like the millionth comment like it, but I also wish I had watched it when it aired.

If you're so passionate about hating on a kind, lighthearted, fun series, that's a telltale sign of being a sad pathetic loser and a virgin for life.

Never got the appeal of it desu. Especially when you had shit like VVV S2 and Samurai Flamenco showing during the same season.

It's fun
Ryuko a cute

see... this is why, sometimes, you have to check your own shit before getting online and sperging out. everything you mentioned was either explain, implied, or is fucking immaterial to the plot. just because YOU don't get it doesn't mean it's not there to be gotten.

okay... I feel like a little bit of a jerk, so I will try to remember this shit off the top of my head...
KLK is a show about chaos and fuck-you-imma-do-it-my-way. everything from the designs, to the animation style, to the story structure show this. so, yeah, the elements seem to clash, except they don't really. They are partly there for you to figure out. like a Rorschach test. or maybe because "Fuck You, That's Why". plotlines were dropped because who cares? The villains got killed, the evil empire got crushed and the redeemable villains got redeemed. what more resolution do you want?

It was villain of the week because that's classic anime. Also good tv plotting. you start with plot to set up the world, then do episodic shit to build characters and get the audience emotionally invested, then you tighten the screws.

Ryuko got Satsuki-blocked because S didn't trust her. S was always going to tell her the truth, but only once she was sure R wasn't a spy, an idiot, or too weak to be useful. S fucking HATES weaklings.

You don't think harboring a secret weapon that can give you ultimate power? You don't think (insert religious fanatics here) would kill us all, in a heartbeat, if they would get instant admission to (insert paradise here) for doing so?

Ryuko was fucked in the head. She did not value friends. she never had a family. she was probably hated at her old school, because she constantly got into fights. She was genuinely baffled by Mako's family, and doubly baffled by the dedication of the Elite 4. Part of the theme of nudity involved Ryuko allowing herself to be emotionally naked, not just physically. emotionally honest

Nudist Beach existed to oppose the Life Fibers. I think it was started by Ryuko's dad.

I hear Devilman Crybaby has the same punk rock aesthetic. its crazy violent, though. You could watch Gurren Lagaan, but it is nowhere near as frantic as Kill La Kill. The rest of us just take it day by day, buying figures and listening to the OST on Youtube

The show definitely goes for radical self love and brutal honesty. its the kind of thing that most people probably don't need, and so wouldn't respond to. I mean, a lot of the reason people dislike Evangelion is because they don't understand Shinji's depression and self-loathing. The show doesn't work if you don't really commiserate with him.

Kill La Kill is similar. Ryuko hates EVERYTHING. she doesn't connect with anyone or anything, herself included. when people try to be nice to her, or cling to her out of need, she is confused and repulsed.

she has to have the concept of family explained to her. she has no idea why the Elite 4 respect Satsuki so much, and would give their lives to protect her. Ryuko has nothing she cares enough for, save revenge, so people with higher goals confuse her.

But, Ryuko is a pitiable character. she has been shat on for most of her life. she has no parents (that she knows of), she never got along with her classmates. she was probably bounced around by an unforgiving school system that viewed her as a misfit and delinquent. She has a reason to be nihilistic.

if you have never hated the world for being cruel and cold, then you might not get what her deal is. And since the who show revolves around the violent, rapey therapy that cures her of her rage, you might not connect to that, either. If you are okay with who you are, then the idea of taking all your clothes off in public and shouting your identity to the world might seem a little pathetic and try-hard. And that's what the show is about: "I am fucking weird, and that's okay. even if I don't love being weird, I love myself. if you don't accept my weirdness, then FUCK YOU, MAN!!!"

this is perfect

If TTGL is hype focused into a singularity, KLK is hype exploding unpredictably.

Half of the reason I enjoy the show is making sense out of it alll. I honestly don’t believe that a show with so many layers of “flaws and contradictions” could be made that way without considerable forethought. Dissecting the intention behind Trigger’s decisions is engrossing.

Except literally none of this is true.