Was this scene really necessary Madhouse? Also Volume 13 comes out April 27th.

>Also Volume 13 comes out April 27th.

>april 27th

>April 27
Seems like a serious gap for a 2-parter. Did 6 take this long from 5?

>April 27th
Kill me.

She was hungry for her favorite snack.

So she had an abortion? Didn't notice that on the first viewing.

What makes everyone think she had an abortion? Are those some kind of abortion pinzers or some shit?

>Are those some kind of abortion pinzers or some shit?

Yes, it must have tasted bad, she could have at least waited a few more months for it mature into a better taste.

wait, what the fuck?
is that what happened in this scene???

Well, shit.
Fucking Madhouse.

When will Clementine be revived?

2 more months to live, butt cream girl.

I'm dropping Overlord if Neia dies. I've had enough of Maruyama's shit.


Really now?

I will be severely upset if she does, but I ain't dropping a series I love because of it, nor am I going to pretend the author has done me anything wrong.

You are like 7 volumes late.

It was a rumor here that Maruyama wrote 5 and 6 back to back, which is why 5 appeared to take so long. The truth was he was actually hospitalized for a while, we don't know why.

*12 and 13

He said on twitter he had till vol 15 drafted and working on editing vol 16 a year ago, he must have changed alot of things again.

>Neia will never be the love interest for Ainz that he deserves
Albedo is fucking terrible

Shalltear is a good character.
It should unironically be her.
t . not Shalltear


While I do agree that Albedo a fat scheming shit, Neia is no love imterest.
Maybe attendant, maid, pet or a present for his subordinates, but no love interest.

It dragged for too long. You could've had the episode ending on solution contacting Ainz.


She's been revived by the zorowhatever zombie faggots. She ain't as pretty though unless you are into really weird shit.


>oppai sluts sell more we don't want to attract the lolicon audience too much + self insert

Does Solution help deliver hybrid babies in the happy farm?

>aborting brain's kids
Shitlution really a shit.

No, she's stuck on recon duty with Sebas.
Renner is shipping off kids to the happy farm though

Solution is perfect. It's a shame they couldn't capture her expressions from the manga in the anime, they were spot on what I imagined.

So you say she's even paler now?

Im pretty sure she can survive a resurrection just fine user.

Clem is literally Lupu tier useless. Why would revive her?

>Albedo is fucking terrible
Will Albedo ever actually do anything?

Try reading the LN user.

Yes. She's going to destroy everything Ainz cares for.

Can a resurrection go awry like leaving her with permanent damaged rib cage or having trouble eating because she constantly pukes her innards?

Her ability to see through ainz undead form is going to play some big part, she's literally the first to be be able to do it

Is it true that English readers didn't realize Solution ate the baby until they watched this scence?
If so I wonder what else was lost in translation.

I actually enjoy Albedo's design because she's the only girl in the series with beautiful full lips, I hope she wins.

>see through Ainz undead form
You mean, Ainz showing her? To make her realize just how badly she fucked up?
What matters is her KNOWLEDGE of Ainz being Momon, and that can easily be explained away as slander and lies with the help of Pandora's Actor. Who's going to argue the god of death and magic, especially with contrary evidence?

I do wonder what Zuranon's going to do though, their little death worship cult should love to subject themselves to Ainz, just like that Orb of Death, but they haven't reappeared yet in over two years, so who knows.

Ewww. If it's true, it's character derailment/10.
Sol would never eat a child without an explicit permission from her superior. She is not a fucking Sebas.
It's a serious undercover operation, not a picnic.

>You mean, Ainz showing her? To make her realize just how badly she fucked up?
What are you talking about?

Only love can be so cruel.

>Despite having stilettos stabbed through both his eye sockets, Ainz was still
muttering casually to himself. Clementine then realized that there had been no
blood when she stabbed him.
>“No way! Impossible! Why aren’t you dead?!”
>She had never heard of a martial art like this which could make people
invincible. Or had he used some other method to deal with her stabs? If that
were the case, how had he stopped the follow
-up magical attacks?
>Even a hardened veteran like Clementine had
no answer to those questions.
>Clementine’s body was swallowed in an embrace, and she was now pressed
against Momon. The adventurers’ plates rattled.
>“Shall I tell you the answer?”
>The jet
-black full plate vanished, revealing a terrible face beneath.
>It was a fleshless skull. Her stilettos protruded from his empty eye sockets —
through the Black Mirrorshades covering them —
but it did not seem to be in
the slightest bit of pain.
>Clementine knew what that face meant.
>“Undead... an Elder Lich?!"

>Shall I tell you the answer?

That's what I mean. Clementine didn't see through the disguise, Ainz the idiot gave up his disguise.

Pretty sure the formatting got fucked, deal with it.

If Albedo held his friends as hostages would Ainz relinquish his autistically crafted build to dick her?

But they were talking about Neia

Fuck off underage retard.

Well fuck, for some reason I thought it was a reply to this chain
Disregard EVERYTHING, I suck cocks.

Neia will survive, don't worry bros, we're all gonna make it.

A capable human-looking agent with a ton of knowledge.
She could also train adventurers.

>you will never be a lonely poor shota who tries to pickpocket that beautiful noble onee-san
>and fail
>and be pitied and taken home by her

You want to leave training adventurers to suitable people. Just being strong doesn't matter shit for adventurers without teamwork. Moreover, you could just use a level 80 demon already available instead of some inloyal cunt you'd have to expend limited resources on.

Blue Rose if they weren't bitches who almost murdered his child, Foresight if they weren't filthy thieves, Gazef if he wasn't deadand the now reformed Brain, those are the kind of people he'd take to train scrubs like the Swords of Darkness.

Those edgelord wouldn't know resurrection, they're gonna use reincarnation which revives you as a different race at random.
She's gonna be a cat beastmen since so-bin is into that.


>suitable people
She is suitable. She could run a curriculum about countering agile enemies.

Find a nice girl and marry her.

But im a girl.

You don't seem like a nice girl. You need to work harder.

That’s the republics decision. They swiped the body

Suitable includes a certain mentality, in my opinion.
Having to control some unstable murderous bitch by fear to teach scrubs instead of getting a loyal, encouraging and helpful instructor is stupid.

Stop letting your Clem boner get in the way of rationality. Benefit/Cost is just too low for Ainz to bother.

Was this in the LN, I don't remember.
Source on Vol.13?

Fuck off with your cancer shit.

Thats Madhouse taking creative liberties.

>instead of getting a loyal, encouraging and helpful instructor is stupid
If you have a lot of options. Clem is a worse Sol in that regard, but she would be constantly busy, just like the rest of Nazarick inhabitants. In this situation, you would grab anyone capable and still wish to have ten times more.
Strong and experienced instructors are hard to find.
Brain could be an excellent teacher, yes, but he is not enough.

I’m not sure the abortion part was in the LN but it was mentioned solution liked eating babies somewhere if I remember right.

Her fingers were transformed into 'tools' or 'instruments', not pliers in particular.

Google it. Translation of the teaser in the usual place.

momonXainzXsplat working together
Worst case scenario confirmed?

Because readers want it to be a happy-happy adventure and any death of a named female elicits 2sad4maiwaifu sobs.

Really on point considering Solution's name.

No one will mourn Shiteye when she's fed to the bugs, thank god for that at least.

>solution liked eating babies
Not exactly. It was mentioned that she likes babies.
So either she adores them for cuteness factor(just like non-vegetarian people who go awww at the sight of cute little piggy), likes the taste of children, or quite possibly both.

These are clamps used for either holding sponges or grasping delicate tissues, version without teeth like in the anime is also available, these are not tools designed for abortions, they are used in general surgery.

Educate yourselves faggets

>Educate yourselves faggets
Implying anyone of us will ever need that knowledge

Solution used a healing scroll, what sponge do think that she used there?

Like many story lines you have to be less subtle in the anime then in write form. So they show you the tools to suggest she was pregnant when in the story they just hint differently. This will likely come up later about how her getting pregnant was the reason she was tortured. No rich noble or royalty wants a bastard that could claim their throne or wealth later. She may of hid the pregnancy or refused abortion.

Spotted a fagot low on openness.

Wrong this and what was mentioned in the LN confirms she ate the baby. Also before you day anime is taking liberties bare in mind Maruyama was called in for consulting and probably recommended this just like he pushed hard to have the Lizard sex scene included.

What? She got tortured because the brothel is a ryona torture fetish shop.
Some people just want to smash cute girls faces in while they fuck them.

I myself, very much doubt anyone in there could ever get pregnant with all the physical trauma they receive.

>what was mentioned in the LN confirms she ate the baby
Citation, please. Sol is not like Sebas.

>getting pregnant was the reason she was tortured
Dude, that was a special brothel. Abusing women was their kink. Noone would give a shit about bastard and just throw him into the well.
Actually, I am surprised Tuare was pregnant after all the beating she endured, and I assumed she was drugged to not get preggo.

It's his headcanon.

Page 160-162 in vol.5 in Nigel translation say the following:
Change hands into long thin tendrils
Get Heal Scroll
Mix muscle relaxant and sleeping agent to induce coma
Cover Tuare's body entirely with herself

The Heal scroll itself is enough as said by Sebas and in the narration, but the muscle relaxant, the making her hand into a tool and covering her with slime make it seem she did do something more.
It's not confirmed, it's merely implied just like the anime did.

Albedo is literally perfect. I'm going to be so fucking mad if Ainz hasn't taken responsibility by the end.

Read what she says about getting it over quickly and how it's unpleasant business. It's heavy implied she does an abortion.

Implied but not confirmed. It seems you are in agreement.

>how it's unpleasant business
Because thoroughly examining a sick half-dead human is anything but fun
>heavy implied she does an abortion
You're yet to provide a citation.

It's not heavily implied. I just read it mate, I'm saying you can interpret it like that and given the anime episode, I can see it, but it's not CONFIRMED like mentioned, nor is the tool her hands transformed into specified.

I think it's stupid as the womb isn't meant to sustain heavy actual abuse while keeping fertile, but Maruyama loves his gore so I can see why it's written like that.

Dumb furniture poster.

>how it's unpleasant business
I thought that was just her assessment of having to touch a filthy ningen.

Remove Climb and this O MY HIME NEN shit from Overlord already.
The brothel scene would have been 10/10 with just Sebas and Brain

Nah. It was a decent low-level fight, at least in the light novel.

Climb and Succulent was the only 'tense' fight in the arc

True, we were all praying Climb would die.

I'm hoping Renner mind breaks him in the end. That will be worth all of the suffering through his parts.

Gobbo gobbo

why did you mirror the original?