Daddy’s back!

Daddy’s back!


Back again?

He has around 18 pages left.

That 66 written in Zombiemans gun.

Finished page 3.

16 pages left, didnt he have like 28 pages left yesterday?

Guys I cannot wait for Pure Blood vs ZM can you imagine how fucking DANK it's gonna be with Murata obviously extending it and making it gory AF shit nigga

We need to witness Zombieman using all of his weapons besides gun, axe and sword.

He is a madman.

literally all the upcoming fights will be kino, i can't belive it bros

I want to French Kiss this guy!

Page 5 finished.

Don't point this page at a cop, or you might get shot.

Murata can't be getting enough sleep.

This should be page 6.

3D perspective using the fucking pencil... jeez

Jesus, Garou is hot

Trips of truth.

I want to suck his bug dick.

Handsome lad.

>dat BULGING neck vein

have u ever drawn before

Another back panel for collage user.

Murata inks the muscles so quickly.


I'm curious. How did you think it was done?

Page 6 finished. 14 left.

>Gorilla in that apron

Look at me...
I am the waitress now

The absolute MADMAN

But you're not moot ;_;

>3D perspective
What 3D perspective?

Isn't it fucking 5 AM in japan?

Bugs have dicks?

he woke up inspired by a vision



He is a MADMAN.

I have a weird mix of respect and concern for this man. Most artists can't even draw a straight line at that kind of time. Murata has got to be a robot.

Daddy's back.

>mfw ill never be garous housewife

I just hope he won't be affected by the Japanese cold

Just imagine the amount of time you'd need to spend on cooking.

yea he doesn't need fat nerd as his housewife, sorry

Japanese colds aside his family supposedly has flu at the minute.

finally an anime for us HUNGRY niggas

I'm a girl

But he doesn't even need to eat to look like pic related

Guys please keep posting screenshots because the internet in here is garbage

Sure, you know what? I believe youfat nerd

You wish. As do I

I really admire this body

'fat nerd' still applies you doofus.


Don't make me post my boobs

Girls can't be fat nor nerds

that's a big gun

You haven't been on the fangirl side of the internet have you?

who's your favorite S class hero?

No, why

Darkshine in the webcomic.

MB in the manga so far.

Kabuto hanging there.

Probably flashy flash

13 pages left.

Don't care much about any of them. King or Darkshine maybe.

Murata is showing off with his 3D perspective with ZM

He probably left the easiest pages to draw til the end.
But it would be a miracle if he finishes it by tomorrow

nice catch

How did Zombieman become S-Rank?
All he has is a gun, an axe and a trenchcoat.

I don't get why everyone takes him as some kind of superhuman, in 2017 he churned out 727 pages for OPM, pretty much anyone serialized in a weekly magazine will make more except for Togashi

He can't die.

He can beat Demon levels via regen and attrition.

What does it mean?

He can beat demons by just slowly wearing them down over time. It took a whole week for him to beat a demon one time.

Darkshine, Zombieman and Flashy Flashu

I am a sucker for comedic but strong characters.

Thing is that ONE is a lazy ass and usually sends him the storyboards late, and then he has to work like a madman for a shorter period of time. Not to mention that currently he is working on other projects at the same time.

>I don't get why everyone takes him as some kind of superhuman
Pretty much because of his ability to draw a 143 pages in 24 days with some slacking while drawing them

What good is regeneration when you need hours to take down even one demon-rank?
Zombieman wouldn´t be able to save anyone during a crisis.
I still think he´s cool though.

He killed a demon level in the webcomic and subdued Hobo Emperor who was a powerful Dragon Level.

Obviously, regen only would not work agains demons so he must have an above average strength and speed to beat a demon like Pureblood in 30 min with only an axe.

Reminder that Pureblood could catch bullets.

Guys please post some fucking screen caps

He does other shit besides opm.

Why does Zombieman have to be so overdramatic?

He's like Jason Voorhees, he can heal wounds in a few minutes or wait weeks or months before he starts chasing you again.

He´s the Rohrschach of the series, of course he has to be kino

I'm not fat or a nerd. No need to project so much user.

>How did Zombieman become S-Rank?
>All he has is a gun, an axe and a trenchcoat.
He is Jason Voorhees, but as a hero.

king cause hes superior, funny and good at vidya

I always thought DS would be a jobber like TTM or Puripuri. And I expected flash to be a sonic tier prentious faggot.

They turned out much stronger than that.

He can take on a demon level and that's all the retarded sorting system cares about. If it takes him from 30 minutes to several DAYS to deal with one demon and all the civilians around him die to the monster in the meantime, what's the bloody point?

Define jobber

He took a direct blast to the head by HE and it only burned his skin, seems like he has good durabilty on top of regen.

Who cares about civilians dude

Hobo is worthless outside of his energy attacks, all Zombieman did was get behind him unnoticed.


Puripuri and TTM are far weaker than all the other S classes and they definitely are the ones that get kicked around just so we can show "hey x is S class level".

Hobo is a glass canon. A brittle powerhouse.

You mean all he did was watch cluelessly as God swiftly took care of his own creation.

Flash was unexpectedly hyped a lot by Garou.