The evil girl wins the MC Bowl

>the evil girl wins the MC Bowl

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This seriously needs to happen more

>let me make the thread again with a slightly less crossboarder image

That would be great, Toga is love.

Even if he's smart enough to pull it off the editors will never greenlight it.

Fuck off already

>the chad rival wins the Ochaco bowl

does it even happen at all?

hands off my wife

Only in doujins

You wish

does she ever close her mouth?

Why does this girl have a permanent orgasm face?
I love it.

We already got a winner for that one though.

She knows she's best girl.

That Doujin with the sentai hero that married the evil queen villian

The only time I can think of it happening is in future diary

knife wife




yes, she is very cute

where are the spoilers REEEEEEEEEE

in 5 minutes

If it does she usually dies soon after. Fucking Gundam

Which Gundam?

It's so obvious that Deku x Ochako is the endgame.

that's so boring

Its basically happening in Franxx


also TGGL and samurai jack ( although not an animu)

Bully end is literally the best end there is.

>Shit boy wins the shitbowl.

Yes but extremely rarely

Never happened

They don't interact

Hori is a hack. Bakugo and Uraraka is the best ship.

That was so fucking satisfying, holy shot.


Fuck off. She is just a qt loli baba who's goals where misunderstood.

She still killed a shit ton of people though

That was an awesome show and very underated.

Holy crap, I couldn't tell this is CG until she started moving. Technologies really come a long way. Is this the future we feared?

There is no ship if characters don't interact.
Who killed innocent children.
Based Sanzigen.

Worst boy gets with worst girl. And this is somehow an issue?

2 years ago
>dude shes an irrelevant plot device, dont put much thought into her character

bandwagon fags just might be the worst.

Bubuki Buranki was a massive flop, so I guess 2D is here to stay for now.

A shame because it was a pretty nice show. Also, where else can you find a 40 year old murderous redheaded amnesiac loli winning the MCbowl?


I'm definitely watching it now. Sounds like a hidden gem.
>Japan hates 3D
>younger children consider mecha dated
Of course it was going to flop.
Megumi Han was great in this.
>Megumi Han
Meant to post a Reoko webm.

I was sold when they rode Oubu on the outside akin to Giant Robo. I mean the cockpit was great and all, but riding your giant robot is something you simply don't see anymore. And yes, because kids don't watch the genre anymore. Bloody plebs with shit taste.

>This whole fucking scene

I don't ever recall this happening in any shonen whatsoever.

Which sucks too, evil girls tend to make the best girls imo for some reason.
>Over throwing corrupt government that killed innocent children
It had to be done.

Well yeah, but the whole white robes thing, and Akihito losing it and taking the army on by himself before. She might've acted batshit during the thing, but that was the moment when they all basically committed themselves to saving the country, whatever it took.

she was such a shitty character

yeah there isn't much in other media either that has this shit

Shh, don't wake the loli baba

For the first half of S2, sure. Not even close to as shit as Kogane, and even worse, fucking Migiwa.

>Reoko milk scene
You are wrong.

You lost me, when did it look like I implied that?
Oh you meant the sister. Yeah she was bad.
I thought I was in a Reoko thread.

Oh never mind, you weren't talking about Kaoruko. Thought you changed the subject there.

Cute, extremely CUTE!
I just wanted an excuse to post Reoko drinking milk.
She did a cute Reoko impression.


Hah, from the almost rape scene.

Works best when it's the primary plot

everyone knows toga is undercover detective

I can't WAIT to see Ochacuck get utterly BTFO

Does Shizuku winning in Kampfer count?


But 02 is a good girl.

She dindu nuffin.