Literally every other board knows that sales don't translate to quality, why doesn't Sup Forums?

Because sales translate to another season

You've obviously never been to Media Create Sales threads on Sup Forums

>every other board
Go back there.

Only the retards that browse Stalker threads believe that sales=quality, and even them are quickly to retract that statement when they realize Idolshit trumps everything else in sales.

Fuck off crossboarder.

idolshit is pure quality fuck off

Sales still indicates the direction the industry will go in.

There are something like 10 moeshit shows at the same time right now, and sales told us this a few years ago.

Of course it's also for tribal shitposting and that's what every board does for ironic amusement.

Sales are for shitposting and nothing else.
That being said, what happened shitposters bros??? VEG was supposed to flop!

Sup Forums - business and finance


Ironic shitposting just brings in retards that take it seriously.

If you weren't a crossboarding faggot you'd know that sales threads are nothing but shitposting.

You need to go back, newfag.

Have you considered not typing like a 12 year old?


>implying Sup Forums doesn't know
Its just another excuse to shitpost about shows you don't like

>implying Sup Forums needs excuses to shitpost

>he hasn't been to /vp/

Stop bumping this crap retard.

Sales tend to translate to sequels. It's a fact.

Hey salesfriends. Tatsuki dvd gets released on monday. I have my cup here, ready to drink your tears.

Since when did Sup Forums have any taste?

Not necessarily. Sometimes someone will randomly push a show that gets mundane sales to have multiple instalments. Just look at Xebec's personal favourite Fafner.

Better than the state of nu-Sup Forums

dumb idol poster

It is though.

>nu-Sup Forums
You need to go back.

Literally every other Sup Forumsnon with an IQ above 85 knows that sales-shit is just a form of trolling and so ignore it, why doesn't OP?

Fafner has far above average sales though. And it's not Xebec that fund it.

Sup Forums does not know that

>Literally every other board
What about Sup Forums, Sup Forums and Sup Forums? Sup Forums specially.

to where?

I thought Xebec funded it with all of their To Love Ru bucks. I'm actually quite happy to hear that it has good sales though.

>that grammar
>anything I don't understand it shitposting!!
Ok brainlet.

>cun't writings a single of sentence without errorings
wew lad

> literally every other board
Go back.

Old Sup Forums.

They didn't fund To Love Ru either and thus didn't gain anything from it.
Go learn what is production committee.


The cesspool you came from, you cancerous newfaggot.

Literally every other board posts about sales
Sup Forums do it, most recently when TLJ performed badly
Sup Forums shitpost constantly with either vgcharts or mediacreate sales
Sup Forums laugh at marvel performing pathetically after all their comics became sjwshit

Literally every other board uses sales for shitposting just like Sup Forums does.
Now fuck off.

There's nothing wrong with that grammar and it's only because your englisheering is so bad that you think there is.

>most recently

They're posting about Black Panther now.

Sorry I'm not as well versed. I feel it's a bit difficult to find actual reliable information on the topic. One place says something and the other says something else when it comes to anime.

>look user, that show you liked sold a lot! It has high chance of getting a se-
This is how you sound.
If you think sales are only shitposting then you don't really care about anime.

>This is how you sound.
Not to anyone with an IQ over 85.

quit hating on people with low IQs
Code Geass fans are people too

Yes, you sound even more pathetic in that case.

>implying your IQ is over 85

>Literally every other board knows that sales don't translate to quality
You should check out Sup Forums, /vp/, /ck/, Sup Forums, /toy/, Sup Forums, /biz/, Sup Forums and Sup Forums and then try saying that again

because anime is a fucking popularity contest and everyone just wants shows that last for a dozen seasons and are never given a chance to end properly.

The point isn't to be correct. The point is to establish dominance.

Because Sup Forums is full of fanboys who have a desperate need to prove to themselves that their tastes aren't shit when they are.

Yamada really did save VEG. God bless her. I was getting worried for a while.

You're giving too much credit to the average IQ of Sup Forums posters.

Every other media board shitposts about sales far more than Sup Forums. Sup Forums sales threads are slow and dead as fuck.

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Since I'm not buying the anime I like, I just hope someone else does.

For the newfags in the thread
>sales do not equal quality many of Sup Forums's favorite shows sold like dog shit
>sales are important because it means a show has a good shot of being continued
>poor sales means a show has a slim chance of getting continued
>Darling and the Franxx is a 24 episode show sales don't matter to us because it is going to run it's course
>VEG is being made by a company that is literally rolling in money from previous works they don't care sort of like GAINAX before they lost the EVA bucks only more sustainable
>the only people bringing up sales are shitposters

>sales don't matter for Darling in the Franxx
Well how else am I supposed to parade around my flavor of the month?

>Flavor of the month
I think you mean VEG. Franxx will go down as a classic.


That's what they said about every other piece of Trigger garbage.


To be fair Inferno Cop and Luluco are classics the rest is shit I agree.

You can say a lot but Kill la Kill is going down as a classic. Even if you dont like it.

VEGfags detected. Seriously, the amount of discussion FranXX have been getting is rivaled only by code geass and we all know how code geass affected this board.

Is Re:creators a classic too?

Lol no. Konosuba season 1was constantly high on stalker threads, and its second season sold mpre than the first, but still no season 3.

>amount of discussion means it's good
Have you opened any of those threads recently? It's just shitposting, waifufagging, and cuckposting

>dumb mecha with sex theme
>instant classic
FranXX is fun but let's not get ahead of ourselves. The show is entirely carried by 02 alone.

Valvrave confirmed for anime of the century

Those are just falseflaggers from shittier shows. The real fans of the show are the ones making up fun and interesting theories. This show is the first one in a while that has had entertaining threads.

This . Damn it's such a great design, it's disappointing another character can't even step up to the plate in that show. Even if you like them as a person, no one can compete just visually. It's kind of a retarded idea to make it that way too. It's so unbalanced.

>there's a conspiracy to flood the threads with bad discussion
you can't be serious right now

>look at how popular my threads are
>btw all the bad posts are falseflags
Whether you're serious or not, you deserve this (You)

No classic by no metric, but at least it is more exclusively Sup Forums than reddit in the franxx will ever be


Like how retarded can they be to make the design so much better than anything else? Unless the show gets a bad guy that looks as awesome, another cool girl, or one of the existing people goes through a transformation, they are just fucking dead in the water.

Name one other show this season that has crazy theories like this? I'll wait.

Is it good though? I'm on the fence for watching it.

>watching seasonal anime to begin with
I found the problem

If you like it by the end of ep3, keep going. It's hard to get into since it's full of dialogue


>So bad that fansubbers won't even pick up the show.
alrighty then.

>3 different subbers at the same time
>franxx only has CR seaniggers on it

It fucking sucks

You fucking suck

Not him but it does fucking suck.
Just like FranXX, it was just flavor of the month trash.

You're wrong. S1 sold more, S3's are almost never produced because it will sell less and because it has no incentive for the novel/manga at all. Also it's deen, they love pulling flop after flop.

The amount of discussion is nowhere near Geass' level. It's not even reaching Panty & Stocking level.

fuck off back to your dead threads, VEGtable

Obsessed much?

Dragon Ball Super.

What if we stop fighting and respect each other and what they like ?

It got new anime project.

Because they are a bunch of children or literal retards who'd rather jack off to explosions than appreciate good writing and great characterization

>Seriously, the amount of discussion FranXX have been getting is rivaled only by code geass
>literally one franxx thread in the catalog with less than 20 posts and even less unique ips
Oh wow, it's almost rivaling Beatless and Marchen Madchen in board traffic. Next NGE right here, bros!