Itt: characters that dragged the quality of the show to the shitter when they joined the main cast

itt: characters that dragged the quality of the show to the shitter when they joined the main cast

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You can't drag K-on to the shitter, it's always been there.


literally had to stop watching

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This slut here.

She was the only entertaining character in the whole show though


School Rumble is so close to being perfect it hurts

Her providing K-On!! with a story is what helped make it as memorable to fans as it was, as well as why the second season is far superior to the first. Without it, it would have faded away as just another CGDCT series that is the same episode every week.

That said, if K-On! was made this year, it wouldn't be given a second season in the first place, let alone a two cour one.

Season 2 and the movie would have made no sense and been utter shit without Asuza and you know it.

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That show was dragged down by having 4 jokes and nothing even close to resembling a story.




I feel like I'm the only one who really likes Mello.


Wasn't that the exact point it got better? Not even a Nicofag but it got better as it went on. First few episodes weren't that good.

Nico was one of the only actual characters in the show. Honoka was the other one.

thiiiiiiiiiis jesus christ she's almost as annoying as shinji

Nico was an actual developed character though.


You're not alone.
Near is a replica of L. Mello's brutality and gung-ho attitude were a breath of fresh air.


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why westerner carre about 'development'?


you don't just get to make things up and pretend they're real criticisms.

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yall mind if I ruin season 2 with some self-NTR?


But only the last one is made up.

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kyoani is pretty good at this

Can't drag something already into the shitter into the shitter.


Is Azusa the biggest pleb filter in anime?

The ending would have no meaning without azusa

That's actually the problem with her character. She isn't really a character, but rather a stand-in for other characters to react to and influence them in whatever direction necessary.
The other main girls all have a pretty distinct personality that makes them seem like real people and also work well with each other, Azusa is mostly remembered for things other characters did for/with her and the fact that she wore cat ears that one time.

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Yeah, all plebs love her.

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>The other main girls all have a pretty distinct personality that makes them seem like real people

It what universe do you exist that MUGI seems remotely like a real person. Outside of maybe Mio none of the girls feel real beyond being different flavors of retard moe. And even then Mio fits the bill of awkward moe. If anything Azusa is the one that feels human because she reacts to things outside of going UHWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA GITA GITA!

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At least her introduction allowed Mio to become a good character.

Exactly, her character gave the second series a mono no aware feeling and it was great. After every episode you knew that they were one more away from graduating.

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Azusa, More like pleb magnet.
She was created because plebeians can't get enough of Mio. So, decided to make Mio clone.

Ritsu, Mugi, Ui, & Nodoka are the real pleb filter.

>Group is a total circlejerk for a whole season
>Add a character that's mildly confrontational and offers a different perspective into the group
>People complain



Most boring character in existence, she's likely a magnet for autistic people.

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Seems like I love Sakura now.

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