Digimon thread

>When your OC character is such a mary sue she's at the center of a series based on the other eight characters

How doesn't toei realise what they are doing?

They do realize. They just don't care.

literal hellspawn

Now that Tri is almost over how will they fuck up the Tamers sequel?

by not making it.

The only way it will be good is if it never exists.

even if you make something bad, you can retcon it later.

But at least the episodes re-aring on niconico seem to have quite a bit of attention, and konaka is putting his ongoing commentary on twitter. It would be nice if someone later translates everything

yagami siblings are eviler

>steals your onii-chan
>steals your screen time

better with glasses.

I fucking hate Mei and they keep making sure that doesn't change anytime soon.

more or less than if she had turned out to be a villain, like she looked at first?

>mary sue
wouldn't really call her that since he literally didn't do anything productive.
The OC is on point though, this is an actual fanfiction with budget, no way a professional wrote this kind of attention feeding bullshit.
>long black hair with glasses
How did they even write a character so bad that not even my specific fetish can stop me from hating her?

To be fair to the character, she's not a mary sue because of who she is and what she goes through, but because the director/writer can't let the the story be about anyone else for more than 15 minutes.

Still don't think this trope really fits since getting all the screentime doesn't make you "too perfect" but i know what you mean by this.

When i learned 1 thing from back when re:zero was popular, then it's the fact that writing in stuff to keep your character from being called a mary sue doesn't make him good, it might just make him a shit character that also can't do shit and still eats all the screentime.

tri is kind of amazing with how bad it is
It feels like in 5 movies absolutely nothing has happened, not a single character has changed we dont know anything new that we didnt already in adventure, there might as well be no villain

What an absolute trainwreck, how does this even happen, not even on purpose I could create something so bad so bland so nothing, tri feels like nothing at all

meanwhile I'm actually curious as to where they're going with daigo and maki, so it's not like they don't know how to create characters.

well they did add homeostatis and more detail on the former chosen children, so that's something there already.

wow now that you mention it...
I can remember a lot of stuff that i dislike but i can barely say in which part it happens, something like
>the first one where digimon appeared in the real world
>omnimon fanservice
>that one where the memories got resetted
>worst one with 20 minutes picknick and rape scene
>holy shit this is the most recent one and i can't remember anything except this stupid fight at the end

tri is actually so bad that i didn't even noticed how bland it is how did they even do this?

There is talking
tons and tons of useless talking about things that dont matter, there is zero adventure, the characters arent even changing even with the constant talking and the "awakening" realizations to get their megas was an absolute joke because nothing was new and it felt like they already overcame all that 20 years ago

This was nothing but a no effort anime tie in to sell adventure toys to 30yo fans, absolutely nothing more and meiko only exists so that maicoomon can exist because cat merchandise is popular
Yes digimon was always about selling toys but they used to try thats how they got us as fans in the first place but now that they have us they figured they dont have to try anymore because we are invested and will go watch anything and buy anything if you put those characters in
Are you disgusted? Because I am

It’s a good thing tri came out as six movies instead of being a straight 24 episode series.

I very likely would’ve dropped this shit at episode 2 if it was

If it were a 24 episode series this shit would have been over by now.

Digimon is probably the anime i'm most attached to from my childhood.
It's liek everythign i liked back then was shit until i rewatched the first 3 seasons of it again.
The tri announcement got me really hyped, i barely buy new games or watch new movies so this was the most hype i had in years, the music in the trailer made me tear up every time.

I mean yeah, it's just some pretty decent show that was made to sell toys, but i really really like it.

I know talking about potential is total nonsence, since it's almost like saying "i'd like it if they made it good instead", but it really had potential.

The idea of characters from a kids show suddenly comming back like they grew up with you all the time is genius and tamers already prooved that it's possible the be dark and mature with this franchise.

Instead we got this shit, they didn't even manage to make the megalevels hype, because they always show the ultra seconds before with the exact same animation and even fuck up the music sometimes. This should be the easiest thing in the world, just not change anything and the fans would eat it up but tri managed to fuck it up somehow.

Also, maicoomon is easily the worst design in the whole thing and is anyone else bothered by the fact that its name sounds exactly like meiko? This show is so bad at everything that i wouldn't be suprised if that happened because they couldn't come up with a name for meiko.

It really feel like they looked at 02 second half and said "we need more of that but with Tamers feel".

02's second half was full of battles, meaningless as they were. In tri they're putting battles almost because it's their contractual obligation.

What's even the point? Are movie tickets that much more profitable then TV airing?
It looks like a barely above average TV anime and is structured in episodes anyways, even with OP.
Probably didn't even needed to ask since those people are definetely not concerned about quality.

Should've just done either a Re:Digitize or Cyber Sleuth adaption

02 is a masterpiece compared to tri, it had actual characters in it

That they are much more profitable is obvious, tv anime struggle to break even directly and have to rely on secondary sources of income like merch, manga and sponsorship. Even the least well selling movie of tri is surely profitable by ticket sales alone, but you have the BD's and the merch to add to it.

They actually showing all movies here in germany, not even a big cinema.
They managed to got most of the old german cast for it too...
I hate to think about how this shit still works out for them.
I just hope they remember the financial gain and maybe we get a decent show in after another 10 years.

How did you germans manage to get german subs for cyber sleuth and hacker's memories? We have to convince bandai to make spanish, portuguese and french translations.

Not sure guess japs like us and the show was a big thing here, probably because we got a nice german cover of the original OP instead of this US garbage song.
Don't know much about games though, i don't even own a PS4

I don't remember tamers having this.

she looks so out of place compared to the other designs
fucking japs and their shit taste I swear to god

well she is the one that looks the most japanese, at least.

Did Mimi always look this gaijin?

depends on the artist

It's gonna happen, just wait.

>had actual characters in it
It had a grand total of 1.

Is anything else upcoming aside from Tri, the mobile game and the Tamers CD? The future of this franchise looks grim.

No almost all characters change throughout the series or actually do something moved by the way they are, thats characters even if you dont like them.

She's just OCtier is all:

> Third chosen girl whose first name begins with "M".
> Another Glasses Girl
> Third chosen with blue hair
> Cat digimon partner
> Is an emotional wreck when her cat digimon partner is gone.
> Apologetic and remorseful like post-kaiser Ken.

Also a long blue-haired shy girl who will get the MC