My hero academia Spoilers


From Yonkou.

>Gentle makes a video analysing the heroes and villains of the past. Crimson Riot, All Might, All for One, "Leader of the superhuman army" Destro, Extraordinary thief Ouji Harima...
>Gentle's name --at least the way he introduces himself is "Gentle Criminal"
>La Brava is uploading the video of him talking about the heroes and villains of the past to the internet as his "debut".
>He's uploading himself doing crimes, --even robbing that convenience store was premeditated in the sense that he chose the biggest chain in the country. He's aiming to be a "gentleman thief" of the modern ages.
>Unfortunately no one really watched the video of his crime according to La Brava. He's been doing this for 6 years though. So he feels the pain of having someone else do your content and get more views. La Brava is upset that Stain got so much more cred for a video he didn't even upload himself.
>Gentle admits that people have always been more into violence and shock value so he's not surprised Stain got more views and gained clout. But he's planning another big job that'll raise his own clout and get him views.
>Meanwhile the class is working on their band gig for the show. Jirou needs members for the band --she can handle guitars but she'll need bass, drums, etc. Denki remembers that Bakugou used to take a music class. Everyone's really surprised by this. At first he's like "Hell no" but Sero is like "Oh well it's cool, I know drums are hard and stuff, so..." Bakugou nails it.
>He doesn't want to, and Jirou begs him to, but Bakugou isn't about making friends and stuff, he just wants to crush people who annoy him. In short, he sorta agrees but only if he can kill everyone at U.A with his sound.
>Meanwhile Gentle reveals that he wants to infiltrate the school festival, cause the security will be tight and everyone will be watching which is to say it'll be a big deal if he pulls it off.

This is looking like a short arc, how many chapters do you think it'll take


La Brava is clearly his daughter. Gentle clearly has a midlife crisis

It seems like she wants to fuck him , so it'll be weird if that were the case

She's not a kid she's a midget

>"Leader of the superhuman army" Destro
Is that a Kamen Rider V3 reference?

First of all she's a grown ass adult. Second it seems like Gentle did his youtube channel way before La Brava met him considering he had to explain to her that this has happened to him before. Which means they are strangers.
And lastly it's so obvious La Brava wants to fuck him.

Baku best

why is she so beautiful [/spoiler

>More bakugou wanking
>More badly paced plot filler
>More badly executed villain arcs

The series hit it's peak at AFO, and now Hori is stalling because he can't write a non safe story anymore with the protagonist. Hori obviously needs Togashi lessons in creating tension and drama in a on going story, and when is the fucking story going to establish a core battle shonen system already?

>He doesn't want to, and Jirou begs him to, but Bakugou isn't about making friends and stuff, he just wants to crush people who annoy him. In short, he sorta agrees but only if he can kill everyone at U.A with his sound.
God he's so autistic. I love him.

Why can’t we have civil discussions anymore? Why does bringing up kacchan cause a new hall of anal devistation each thread? Why can’t we talk about deku without everyone going x is a better mc? I just want to discuss the series.

>"Leader of the superhuman army" Destro



Post OC's, quality or "quality" are both accepted. If you've made one yourself please share it with the rest of the class! We're all autists here after all.
My dude is the child of Xmen's colossus and fem-magneto, has musculature made of metallic fibers and can generate a small magnetic field around his body. Functionally works kind of like Spiderman. Still working on other stuff, but for right now he is just nice the guy.
Found this cute one during a google search.

Jirou on the guitar, Bakugou on the drums, who is gonna be bass and vocals?

Deku is hardly in the spoilers and he's kinda bland when Bakugou is written as more entertaining and versatile as Deku is.

Todoroki is barely written memorable at all. Except the fight festival.

Did this manga just become Kick Ass?

Mineta will be vocals

>enhanced strength anal speed

To clarify, his parents aren't literally those two, but people like them.

>”Fuck yo bitch, forgot her name”

Invisible girl for bass, because nobody ever remembers the bassist in the band anyway.

>enhanced strength anal speed

She's eating spicy food user, surely you can put one and two together.

So much autism.

Maybe he's still alive

I’m talking in general have you noticed we can barely discuss anything with it devolving into shitposting or angry sperging?

>Kaminari literally helping Jirou fall in love with some other boy
I want to die.

Your mom is a spergy shitposter

Mom please get off the computer we miss you

4 more chapters

>Bakugou is slightly less of a antisocial asshole
>is slowly adding girls to his harem, first Camie and now Jirou
Is this what you fags wanted?

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually getting pretty tired of Hori's Baku bias.

>Deku's clenched fists
Maybe an incident such as this will be when we see a slightly more strategic MADMAN. One could hope i guess.

What bias that he’s finally acting like a part of the class?

>when he steps on your all might x gran Torino collab air max Adidas

This was Kaminari/Jirou's time!

don't blame Hori for your delusions

They were never going to be relavent

When did jaimini's box drop this? Didn't they translate a chapter last week?

>Character a and character b talk
>They are endgame
Christ bnha shippingfags might be worst than naruto shippingfags. The chapter not even out yet

Bakushit is not going to snatch Jirou. god why are KamiJirou shippers so pathetic? Two weeks ago you idiots were assblasted about Sadrock as well.

because deku is shit

>It's a Bakugou gets some focus and any meaningful discussion goes out the window episode.
Guess I'll just lurk these threads instead of actually discussing shit since anything Bakugo related leads to shitposting.

Because they realized they can never compete with Mangastream in translation quality.

The day he actually fucking hangs out with Deku and consciously accepts Kiminari as his best friend is when he basically stops his character development and finishes as a character,

Wasn't really worried about that, just wanted more KamiJirou moments.

we're reaching westaboo levels that shouldn't even be possible

Are bakugofags retarded?

>translation quality
You're joking right?

>Not Mineta
the absolute state of bakufujos

All namefags and people who call others using [name of character]fags are retarded

la creatura...

You were pretty fucking annoying KamiJIroufag. I am glad this make you shut the fuck up a bit. Obviously BakuJirou won't happen but I am glad it makes you feel like this. KoudaJirou will happen though.

el diabolico ... .


Best Boy.

that's just ochako cosplaying as a furry


are DBSfags migrating here

Are you going to react like this everytime Jirou interacts with another guy? You know she’s allowed to talk to other people.

Not this autistic shit again

I'm not KamiJIroufag. Aso I'm feeling fine, although I'm a little sick right now.

It's been a while since spic memes can be seen in shonen threads. Blanco made spic posting popular.


Damn why? They were so good compared to nigger stream

Are they migrating to the other shonens too or only BNHA?

Don't you like fun user?


>Boku no Hero Academia
>Boku no Hero
>Boku no
Uh guys...?

Pissposting is fun
This aint

That quirk in the pic is kind of a neat idea.

How’s that bias ?

I'm suprisingly tolerant of most things in these threads, but muh OCs discussion is too cringey and tumblry for me

OK, Bakugou does drums. But who do the rest? Deku, Aoyama and Mina will dance.


>the file
Fucking kek. Beautiful

I mean, sure it's cringey but people have made OCs for things long before tumblr, if they want to have their fun like that, I say let em.

>Jirou above Bakugo
What did they mean by this?


You retard, it's an Sup Forums meme

I don't get it.

That's fine, you don't have to like it if you don't want to, some people do though. I know it's cringey, but it's something I enjoy.
Part of why I picked it really, it's like sugar man, but has its own twist to it.

It's been like that for a while now, I remember people freaking out about it last week but they still released the chapter as usual. It's possible they just never bothered changing it when they picked the series back up

I saw some of them on Dr Stone threads.

I love Ochako!

i love her more

Prove it.

Don't fight, she's fat enough for both of you

Wait what the fuck is with that image? Those aren't Deku's shoes. When did he ever wear red gloves, not to mention his costume's belt with the school's sports uniform and why does he wear it open? That seems more like something Bakugou would do. Seriously what is this shit

>Arc featuring Jirou inevitably has her interact with various members of the cast
>One of those characters happens to be Bakugou

Ship is pretty much 100% confirmed desu, KamiJiroufags might as well give up now

Dubs confirm

i own a little figure of her i got from ebay

I'm so happy he's showing more of his tsundere sides, true growth.
One volume.

>Bakugou and Deku share clothes
Fuckbuddies confirmed

why doesn't jirou already have a band if she's already that into music

Really? Damn, good for you. I can't afford one, or find one for a good price. I guess you really love her more than me.