Were they always this big?

Were they always this big?

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holy fuck

No but I'm not complaining either.

This is so stupid and disgusting.

I'm not even usually a tits guy but I fucking adore those tits. I want to rape them.

Not big enough tbqhfamalam


So embarassing.
To think Shaft did SZS at some point. Fucking hell.

kek, faggot


No, it's an overexageration on virgin Araragi part. Unreliable narrator and such.

they were overstated by arararagi in kizu

Imagine kizu that was released as 1 whole movie and shaft fired that guy that was responsible for hanekawas design, it would've been Your name type success.

If anything, they finally got her breasts size correct. In the novels, a braless Cat can even compete with an Adult!Bat in terms of breast size.

The average cup size is A in japan, C cup would classify as massive breasts which is what adult bat has in the vofans designs.


imagine how fucked her spine must be

why is it so much hotter when a chick is clearly shy about her breast size?

And? Going by the actual novel contents, Bat and Cat have very large breasts that go above a C.

You're stupid and disgusting

feel free to quote the novels.
I personally feel like Nisio would've said "no cat/bat doesnt have those proportions" to vofan when he's paying him money for the art.

It implies she wouldn't want to show them in normal circumstances, so she clearly likes whoever she's showing them to.

I bet your ass it's a roastie

>mc could and didn't bang this
It's been so long and I'm still mad at that fucking faggot.

I imagine not at all

it's amazing the control some people have.

That's not control. That's just being gay. When some big tittied slut throws herself at you you're a confirmed fag fag if you don't rip off her clothes and fuck her right there.

Wouldn't his girlfriend disembowel him?

well, I'll give you that. I would have to be gay to pass on that. even if I literally just busted 10 seconds before walking in on her, i'd fine a way to get rock solid again.

No he's just someone with taste. They look like some obese saggy grandma. This is what perfection looks like.

The closest thing he had to a girlfriend at the time was Hanekawa.




This. If you watch you can see its clearly supposed to be from his point of view.

And I personally feel that Nisio would’ve said “no cat/bat don’t have those proportions” to SHAFT if he had a problem with their bodies. He could have easily told them to follow Vofans style more closely especially since he has to give the ok for character designs. I’m too lazy to go through the novels, but Cat and Bat are definitely bigger than Vofan draws them. His artstyle in general leans more towards the thinner/smaller type in general.

Most of the things in gatari happen only in Koyomi's sick head.

This guy gets it

Sorry, I've only watched Bake and Nise.
Araragi is an idiot.

Thanks for the plebeian angle

Even if this was after he got Crab, she doesn't mind if he fucks other people, as long as he only loves her. Hell, she fucks cat herself while she is dating Araragi.

>Hell, she fucks cat herself while she is dating Araragi.
Because she has better taste than rrrrrgi.

It's probably inflated due to the budget a movie gets.

Reminder that there will be nipples in the BDs.

Hanamonogatari, in at the end, when Araragi appears. He's still vampire or not and where shinobu?

>Araragi is an idiot.
Yes, its true and he knows about it

Dear god.


This is the Blu Ray.

I highly doubt this. Shaft has not done nipples since Dancing vampire loli. And they have had a lot of chances to.

Cause she's a cuck. He clearly loves Bat more than her, and even Crab herself knows she is his treasure.

What does she say?


Source: your ass. Its not unusual for them to add nips in storyboards and such just as a point of reference art wise, but it doesn't mean anything to the final product.

No, that's why I skip that retarded movie.
>all that cowtit fanservice and exaggeration
>nothing loli at all
The most we get is a very subtle hebe Shinobu.

Its okay if you just skip the hanekawa scene

It's just not worth it.

Haven't watched this for a while, is Araragi still dating Senjougahara?

No. He cheated on her with Kanbaru and they broke it off.


Sweet. Did they break up for good?

The fact that they have sag is exactly why they're great.

Yeah, its pretty definite at the ending of owari season 2.

>Scene not shown in the anime.
Why live?

Anime girls have strong back muscles and aren't weak bitches.

It can never be big enough.

Araragi's canon Inferiority Complex is a fucked-up thing

crab is a cuckqueen, foolish user

Dosn't matter because she's plain irrelevant.
Are you even watching the show? wth user.

>Didn't adapt Araragi tenderly molesting Shinobu's ribs while they were sleeping in the park
Kabuki was a mistake

>gets a chance to deflower Cat and outright refuses it
>but is trying hard not to rape prime teen Bat while she's sleeping
Araragi just has taste, don't blame him


Read the novel.


>Reading LNs

The only good thing about reading Nisio in Japanese is marveling at how someone can write that much prose with their head that far up their ass.

I hate this face. I hate seeing this face in Shaft shit.

I'm actually astounded at how freaking well animated these movies were, specially the fanservice-y scenes like this, was it passion or was it a big budget?

Even if it was to hide the cat ears I think Hanekawa should've kept the hat.

Only read Kizu and Bake part one but I have up to Nise part two in English release. To what extent are Araragi's leftover powers? We know he has charisma because of it along with the healing factor but are those the only two things he kept from his time as a vampire?

not sure if this is canon

I want to sleep forever on those.

>We know he has charisma
This is denied in Bake. A vampire's charm ability is reducing someone to a mindless slave, not making them like you or think you're hot.
Araragi does stay in peak physical condition which certainly helps his charm, but most of the gain in social status probably comes from securing the affection of Hanekawa and Senjougahara, both considered popular and attractive among his peers.

>it's amazing the control some people have.
>That's not control. That's just being gay
No, that's just being insecure and inexperienced faggot who "values" friendship with a girl and is scared to risk his "relationships" with the first move.

yes, araragi's POV

What would a date with each Monogatari girl be like?

>reading anime scenarios
Pfffft, just how low you should be to waste your time on such garbage "literature".

cat is a womanlet

I mean it would be different if he's thinking of making the first move is and scared of being rejected. But the when the girl is literally throwing herself at you and baring her chest for you that's literally an invitation to fuck the daylights out of her. You would have to be gay to not accept the invitation.


fuck off whale

>But the when the girl is literally throwing herself at you and baring her chest for you that's literally an invitation to fuck the daylights out of her. You would have to be gay to not accept the invitation.
That's just "anime" fiction, no girl ever would do that and everyone knows it. Everyone should understand that Araragi is the one who's chickening out without taking Hanekawa's actions into consideration (they are mostly just fanservice value).

>That's just "anime" fiction, no girl ever would do that and everyone knows it.
For people like us maybe. But for Chad Thundercock the jock who looks like a Greek god and for Bill Horowitz the billionaire girls absolutely do throw themselves at them.

Japanese target audience should be perfectly aware of that as well.
More likely with that local betafaggotry in mind the author didn't make Araragi a perfect pussy slayer who knows no doubts.

Me on the right.

That's from a doujin
Hi, Shinobu-chan

Black Hanekawa is a miracle of the universe.

Cat or Bat which one would you tenderly love for all eternity?

Monogatari was always told from the perspective of an unreliable narrator. You see it like Rirarogi feels it. Most fights were probably a lot less epic than they are shown and boob sizes and body shapes can vary

No contest

how the fuck are her tits bigger in a prequel


breast reduction surgery.