New hawawa when?

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Hopefully soon although himawari is best girl

When are they releasing the rest of the hiden and shiden light novels? I'm tired of waiting

>New OP lied to us and we won't be getting any Hawawa arc since the chunin exams start in 4 weeks
Why do angels cry?

Why the actual fuck does moegi have wood style?

On that team the only one who should have stayed relevant is konahomuru. But they tried to keep them all so udon is not only a jonin which is stupid he's a god damn team captain. And moegi has woodstyle and the captain of the new inoshikacho. Which is also dumb because a saratobi is supposed to be the one to give them the earnings and shit. But no. Kono is the captain of new team 7

There are four more episodes after that and they have to show her deciding to work for the science team.

I shipped moegi with konohamaru. Hopefully they'll become a thing in boruto.

They could work something into the chunin exams arc if they want to

Another thread improved by Sumire

Why are you so upset about Udon becoming a jounin?

Because he's a fucking scrub. Jonin are elite. He should have been a chunin. The title lost respect.

He was a scrub when he was 9, but it's been damn near 20 years since then. He was trained by Ebisu, who's supposed to be an elite teacher.

Remind me what happened to the tail beasts after the war please I can't remember. I know naruto and bee still have theirs and I'm assuming fu still has hers. Are the others inside of people? Or roaming freely?

Damn, is this shit still on-going? I thought the anime was going to be seasonal. They're really milking it.

Does she really? It might just be some random databook thing that never makes it into the main series.

Also thanks to the hundreds of thousands of Zetsu clones, Hashirama DNA is no longer a rare thing.

Ebisu a shit. The only reason Konohamaru isn't a scrub is because he met Naruto. Most of Konohamaru's techniques and moves are based on Naruto's. He even has Naruto's values.

>I thought the anime was going to be seasonal
>the sequel to Naruto
Are you retarded?

Tenten and Kurenai are jonin so your argument is invalid

Hinata - Chunin
Choji - Chunin
Ino - Chunin
TenTen - Chunin
Kiba - Chunin
Hanabi - Chunin
Iruka - Chunin

Most of those are due to lack of interest, not skill

Yeah in 1 of the databooks she's listed as having wood style

Kurenai was one of the best genjutsu users in the village.

Where did you see tenten being a jonin? Everywhere I look she's listed as a chunin

I want to dick Denki & Inojin

>Kurenai was one of the best genjutsu users in the village.
Do you actually still believe this after the fight with Itachi and Kisame?

Losing to Itachi in genjutsu isn't much of a black mark.

I want more of this qt.
Accurate tier list?

>Where did you see tenten being a jonin? Everywhere I look she's listed as a chunin

She was a chunnin exam's proctor. Only jonins are allowed to do that

Eh, losing to Itachi at genjutsu is like losing at tennis against Federer. He is just in another different league

Only if salad stops being a cunt

>There are four more episodes after that
The chunin exams literally start in april. There can't be 4 more episodes of "filler". We still have to see Sasuke meet with Toneri and travel to Kaguyas dimension. Damn those episodes can't come fast enough!

>Choji - Chunin
Literally fought the 10 tails in hand to hand combat AND YOU MOTHAFUCKAS STILL CAN'T PUT RESPECT ON HIS NAME!

So why they fucked up so many female characters in Boruto? I mean i know they get old, but look at fucking Anko and Kurenai, two beautiful girls were turned into this. Yet Kakashi for example didn't age at all.

Shino is also a chunin I believe. At least on the naruto wiki he is

Did you not watch the academy arc? They outright said there are a few ninja in the world who can perform wood style. There is more than 1.

I want to dick himawari

>Himawari not in first

Yes I do. Itachi is the best genjutsu user in the entire series probably. I don't even know if sasuke surpassed him. Of course he was able to break out


Thing is that there is only clear info about the characters with speaking roles in the Bort movie (there is nothing about Ino, Chouji, Shino and Kiba but since Sai, Tenten and Lee are all jonin we can assume that everyone else that still has a job as ninja is a jonin as well.

Hanabi is objectively superior Hyuga

I'm not the lolicon who keeps spamming his faggotry. Himawari is a greatly under utilized character just like hanabi and sumire

I don't want to look that up but it sounds right so I'll take your word for it. Makes sense only jonin could proctor chunin exams.

Himawari isnt a hyuga though

Naruto could have easily lowered the ranking.

Reminder that Naruto and Sasuke are still genin.

I'm going to be sad when the anime gets to the chunin exam. It's nice having a new, unspoiled episode every week.

But the new content is shit. Anymore of it is going to kill the series.

>she's the most lovely girl i've seen in the series
>in the manga she's the most horrendous looking thing ever

how can a man FUCK UP so badly like this?

I mean, I'm okay with the contrast from manga Sarada to anime Sarada, it's just a bit off

but with her it just makes me kill myself

No, Naruto is hokage and Sasuke is some sort of secret shit that doesn't have an official rank

I thought moegi was going to learn medical ninjutsu. Seems like only women are medical ninjas in naruto world. Kind of sexist. Except kobuto but he a bitchtoo

Not canon, I know, but one thing that still plagues me was in the Road to Ninja movie where Naruto had to ask (practically beg) for a recommendation to be made chunin even though it took place after Naruto saved every single one of them from Pain's "visit". Naruto should have been made JOUNIN after cleaning up that mess. Konoha is such an ungrateful village. No wonder they pushed Kakashi's dad to suicide.

This. Choji is bro tier would pig out with

Him and imo are the leaders of their clans. How are they only chunins?

Maybe he should have signed up for the exams like everyone else did.

*smooth jazz*

Based jazznatabro

He's referred to as a special jonin in the anime when they're taking the graduation exam and need to fight him

>he doesn’t want to deflower the sunflower’s fresh PRIME loli cunny
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More like:
>Hinata - Chunin
>Choji - Unknown (probably jonin)
>Ino - Unknown (probably jonin)
>TenTen - Jonin
>Kiba - Unkown (probably jonin)
>Hanabi - Unknown
>Iruka - Unknown

How the fuck is kakashi not married? That's one sexy man

She's first in my heart

She’s first in my dick

How old do you have to be to enter the academy? Kakashi graduated at 6 which means you can be at least 6 in the academy. Maybe we'll see himawari in there one day

>Kakashi graduated at 6 which means you can be at least 6 in the academy.
Didn't that get retconned in the Coolest Guy flashback?

Maybe konouchis just have better chakra control naturally? It's an advantage I guess. They're just better at it than men

That was so stupid. They spent all of the original series saying how amazing and godly the 1st hokage was bevause Wood style is the most amazing powerful jutsu ever and everyone wants to learn it but no one has ever been able to then in boruto they go fuck it lets give it to konos irrelevant ass teammate and a bunch of random ninjas

I'm just glad sarada isn't completely fucking useless like her mom was

They're all listed as chunin still so they are known


Sakura was never useless.

What you got from the wiki is from The Last.

They were listed as chunnin in The Last's databook, except for Sakura and Shikamaru who got promotions to jonin after the war.

Boruto's databook only gave information about characters with lines, most are jonin so we can assume that Ino and Chouji are as well. If jobbers like Anko, toothpick guy and coughing guy can be jonin then so should Naruto's classmates.

Did it?

Kakashi tells Iruka in part 1 that he became chunnin at 6 but does this even look like a 6 year old?

You can't blame her look at her team.

Kakashi of the sharingon. 1000 jutsu. Copy ninja. Inventor of the chidori. Future 6th hokage.

Naruto 9 tails jinjuriki

Sasuke with sharigon and graduated top of his class

>01 One Piece 01.33
>02 Dr. Stone 02.80
>03 Kimetsu 02.83
>04 Neverland 03.50
>05 Black Clover 03.57
>06 BokuBen 05.14
>07 Saiki 05.67
>07 Hero Academia 05.67
>09 Haikyū 06.71
>10 Sōma 08.14
>11 Hinomaru 08.20
>12 Boruto 09.00
>13 Gintama 10.14
>14 Yūna-san 10.29
>15 No. 01 10.63
>16 Robot 11.88
>17 Full Drive 14.14
>18 Golem Hearts 14.57
Finally hitting red numbers, will we finally be free?

Problem is that she never had any kind of unique powers in part 1 when Naruto fights are about spamming special abilities.

Then she finally got her own thing but Naruto and Sasuke became ninja gods.

I think Sumire is so popular because she isn't a copypaste of the previous generation.


Kakashi was a jonin at 10 so he must have become a chunin around 6.

She is literally Hinata user.

What is this a list of? What do the numbers mean?

WSJ popularity poll average for 8 weeks.


Hinata was far too timid.

Exactly. Can't blame her for her teamates being OP

>Hinata was class rep
>Hinata was evil
>Hinata was blatant about her feelings

Sumire isn't evil and Hinata was ABSOLUITELY blatant about her feelings. Difference is that Naruto is more retarded than his spawn.

I sure remember when Hinata was teeheeing about her crush and wiking at her friends while telling them about it

Not exactly a copy paste but I'm getting hinata vibes between her and Boruto. But I'm hoping Boruto ends up with sarada

Hinata was blatant about her feelings towards the audience, but she never came out and explicitly stated them like Sumire did to Sarada. And my point about her being evil is that she’s widely different from Hinata.

I’d probably prefer Boruto and Sarada if not for the fact that it seems so forced

>Hinata was blatant about her feelings towards the audience
And to Naruto, but Naruto is mentally challenged.

Still being stored. It says right there it's almost ready and that took place after neji died so it was even less ready

In a way, so is Hinata. She probably should’ve confessed her feelings before almost being killed.

The difference between the two is that Hinata was intelligent but overly shy, while Naruto was overconfident but stupid. They balance one another, but Hinata is better off at the beginning.

So high numbers are good? They're more popular?

Who even was their class rep? Did they have one?