Precure Thread


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Peace is the cutest.



do precures enjoy precum?


Well it's a whole lot tastier than regular cum so probably


1. Go! Princess PreCure
2. Smile PreCure!
3. Heartcatch PreCure!
4. Yes! PreCure 5
5. Futari wa Pretty Cure
6. Fresh Pretty Cure
7. Suite PreCure
8. Yes! PreCure 5 GoGo!
9. Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star
10. Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart
11. HappinessCharge PreCure!
12. Kirakira PreCure a la Mode
13. DokiDoki! PreCure
14. Maho Girls PreCure!

They're children.

Is Yell the Jiren of precure?

Fuck off.

Is fresh the carranger of precure

This thread needs lewds.

is GoPri the liam neeson of precure?

Fuck off

Shit, is Maho really that bad? I've only seen one episode so far and it seemed decent enough.

Go fuck a ferret


Fuck off.

Yeah you can totally tell after watching one out of 50 fucking episodes

How lewd are we talking about?

His ass

imagine being this far up your own ass

Fair enough. But still, why is it at the bottom of your list? I want to know what I'm getting into before I watch more.

Just lewd enough.

Is Saaya sharing her Hana collection again?

Just delete this shit thread please mods.

I want to share my Saaya collection.

Fuck off.

Go live in a NO FUN world by yourself!

Saaya is cute!!

>mahofags are still assblasted

I want bake a creampie for Ciel!

I really wish Krkr had just been these four and Bib. Cat, dog, and Pekorin were trash.

Hi /pc/ nee-san! We’re having more colouring books today! I’m hoping we get the regular ones and the deka one today!


My only issue with the show is the pacing, everything else though is great.

no fun allowed


Saaya is the precure of fertility.

Thanks kind user who linked this, it's amazing.



Fucking amazing user

Will based [user] sub the live-action drama?


It doesn't actually have anything to do with Precure other than Precure being featured in it.

Seems like a good enough of a reason to watch it.

Ye, we need another Darling in the Franxx and dbs thread ...





I'm curious enough to give it a try without subs

Maho is one of the masterpieces of this era.

I'd be surprised if we even see raws

Wow, Maho looks like THAT?

Like what?

Like this.

Maho had really good parts

I wish I had a pair of those.

I want to rape Hime in the ass.

You take the back I'll take the front.


Guys please stop

Fluttershy is best shy female character. Prove me wrong.
Protip, you can't

>the deka one
This one?

Excuse me anons I seem to have an EMERGENCY


>Hating cat

is huggto the new doki doki precure?

Is Barneyfag a crossboarder? Do we run the risk of summoning him on Sup Forums?


God I hope yes

It's Glitter Force Babiez


I'm a casual, why are they not doing black, white and green cures?

Because you touch yourself at night.

I meant not doing them *anymore. I remember there being more than just pink, blue, yellow and purple in the older series

Black and White are sacred colors reserved for the first two. Green is just unpopular.

Because people at Sup Forums wouldn't stop bitching about you know what.

Mai and Kanade were white too

Black and White weren't even their colors, just their themes. Nagisa and Honoka are still pink and blue.

My friend loves green, he's going to be sorry to hear that.

>the only two times we did green was when greens were parts of a 5-man team but we decided they're unpopular!
Oh Bandai

Is Felice a Green?



What other doujins have precure transforming from their civil forms to their precure forms when they cum?

No... not that one and who drew this?


if you have the chance to have sex with one precue in her cure form which one you choose?