Was Boogiepop Phantom a good anime? Did anyone on Sup Forums understand it?

Was Boogiepop Phantom a good anime? Did anyone on Sup Forums understand it?

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Yes and yes. It's not that complicated, but it does presume you're familiar with the material and can keep up with switching time frames. And a lot of characters that look very similar.
It's easy to get confused though.

You need to read the LN to understand it.

Why wouldn't they just adapt it from the start?

They made a live action movie of the first book at the same time.

>tfw didn't understand a single fucking thing
I gave up on thinking halfway through and just cruised through it because I don't like dropping anime. Someone explain literally everything to me

Worth watching? Is it subbed?


I refuse.

Yeah, there was an official release and it's not terrible. I presume there are rips. Should be the same story as the first LN and the manga.

The guy eating spiders was eating people's burdens, and in turn, their memories.

Oh, forgot to reply to this. I don't remember all the names.
Echoes was an alien sent to Earth to investigate humanity and decide if they're worth talking to or exterminating. He was captured by the Towa organisation who investigated him and used his powers somehow to make super humans.

This led to the events "ten years ago" where the creepy doctor got a hold of of a serum developed by Towa and experimented on some people, including herself. She became the serial killer Fear Ghoul, and was taken down by Boogiepop. This is Boogiepop at Dawn.

"A month ago" echoes and a super human called Manticore escaped the Towa organisation. Boogiepop and Echoes stopped Manticore, with Echoes' final act being to send his message, which is the glowing pillar of light that we several times in Phatom. These events are Boogiepop and Others.

I just remember that they had the whole series in this murky colour and then in the last episode since the story had concluded (and I guess their problems had been resolved), they had it in normal, bright colours. That was pretty cool.


I liked it a lot. Top tier OST too.
Also this

This. It's fantastic, and little to no context is needed as long as you are willing to pay attention. Also, the OST is top tier.

You can probably figure it out without reading the first novel, but it's pretty helpful if only to orient yourself. Otherwise you'll be stuck wondering why the hell the OP thinks Kirima Nagi and Touka Miyashita are the main characters when they barely show up.

How can one ED be so based?


Who /breakcore/ here?


The OP's better

God fucking DAMN this soundtrack is amazing.

What was her problem?

Super ageing and lack of parental guidance, mainly. Also she could control flashback butterflies.



If you want to understand the show, the movie is the quickest route to doing so. It's got an amazing Kajiura soundtrack before she started writing the same song over and over, it's worth watching just for that. It is pretty cheesy and poorly acted though, which comes with the territory of Japanese live action.

Damn. That over-acting is why I can't stand japanese live action.

Boogiepop phantom is the only anime that has genuinely scared me.
>except for that one scene in Lain
The music, the sepia tone, it all just comes together and delivers such an unique anime.
Like the same slow comfy dread that peak x-files had.
I miss stylish anime.


So I need to watch some live-action movie before I can even touch the anime?

You don't need to, you can watch the anime blind, you just won't fully understand the characters and the setting. Also you could read the first LN instead.

Great, now I want to listen to his whole discography.

I sort of disagree with this. I think the story of Phantom and everything brought up in it is perfectly understandable without knowing about the LN as long as you pay attention. The LN just fills in the backstory and makes things a little clearer. You don't need to know about the past events to follow the story of Phantom, it can just be useful for identifying characters and why everything that's happening in Phantom began.

Why have there been so many Boogiepop threads popping up over the last couple of weeks? Are people on Sup Forums finally watching it?

Sometimes when a season is shit like this one, people tend to watch older anime.


IIRC, this was the Trigun of Serial Experiments Lane? Never watched it.

Nobody cares what do you did, idiot.

Boogiepop really knows how to set the tone for a creepy anime

Are you saying either Trigun or Boogiepop were good?

No, just saying you're stupid.



>except for that one scene in Lain
The one with the ayy?

Same here.

Nah, I agree with this You could check the movie or read translated material afterwards, but the show still gets the point across despite some gaps about past events.

Well that's two less things to put on my backlog!


The whole series is a masterpiece.

Other than the anime and the LNs, I also recommend the manga.

What was her deal?

No, the one where Lain's sister glitches and exists in a sidereal watching the family go on as normal with her other. When she stood in the hallway screaming and you realize what's happening, terrifying.

I love it when brainlets pretend they understand something.

Why anime/manga like Boogiepop Phantom have died?

Niche/cult/mature series used to do better in Japan up until 15 years ago.

The anime industry became too profit-oriented and mainstream after the 00s.

light novels are still ongoing though

What the fuck? How is it not finished?

Some e-celeb probably made a video again.

>anime based off light novels
Likewise whatever dumb criteria you have, they still make it.

Did you like Nagi?


Slow release schedule.

But at least it's not as bad as Seikai no Senki.

What was this kids deal? Was he killing people?


I like Boogiepop Phantom as much or more than I like Lain.

Here's some interesting websites about the series, and explanations for those in need, which I've saved over the years before I even read the novels:


She was dumb and a fake.


She couldn't cope with Panuru's death and forged a persona imitating her worldview. This allowed Copy-Manticore to do its shit using her. She was really stupid.