Fushigi Mahou Fun Fun Pharmacy

20th anniversary today!

It has been 20 years since this beautiful show aired for the first time, 15.02.1998! Let's celebrate Potpourri's birthday together! Get in line!

Special thanks to every user who supported my threads in past few months. Shoe loving user, two Kasumin anons, Ririka user who wanted us to watch his show, user who has 2 episodes left to watch, anons who picked it up recently, lewd doujinshi user and many, many more! Thanks to you Portpourri-chan is happier and she will never be forgotten! Pinch, Shibu, Lalu, Rick, Grimm and Fukiko-san are happy, too!

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you promised



flowers for the special day


for you of course!

Shoe user, we are waiting for you!

One episode left.


pls don't hate her father

>1998 was TWENTY years ago

Potpourri still 8 years old!


Friendly reminder that Kasumin has always been welcome here

special thanks for the author of this OC showing the depth of this show

Well that's it. Those last few episodes sure hit hard. What a beautiful show.

A couple of months ago I said it felt like a more sedate Doremi. Now I'd say it's something like a cross between Doremi and Mushishi. I've watched a lot of shows for little girls, but I've never seen one like this one.

I'm very happy you loved and appreciated it this much!
Magic as a pantheistic force of nature is quite rare

What can I say? The easier way to describe "Fun Fun Pharmacy" would be calling it "The Little Prince" of anime. I'd say it's The Little Prince on steroids. But in a positive way. Watching it feels like reading a top-tier children literature. Smart, sedate, emotionally addictive. The magic here is not just out-of-place phenomenon with no explanation what so ever. It's rather pantheistically connected to all forces of nature. Some episodes are anchored in the Japanese (not otaku!) culture and Shinto.
The animation is simple, though you are always surprised by Potpourri's (the main character's) face expressions. Blithesome opening, beautiful ending. Hiroko Konishi's voice acting is tremendous and magnificent.
"Fushigi Mahou Fun Fun Pharmacy" reached the peak of creativity and it seems Chiaki Konaka's opus magnum. Going into the painting to help remember the painter's memories? Done. Understanding the emotions of yeast? Done. A caterpillar with amnesia? Done. And it's all clever and didactic.
A fucking forgotten masterpiece.

from our war correspondent, EdgyEcchiSenpai

That was something I loved. Far too many fantasy stories take the magic out of "magic" by reducing it to a bunch of rules, like a science. I find this sort of animist spiritualism is far more interesting.

bumping some till others come (let's hope)

special appreciation to the most beautiful voice in the industry, Hiroko Konishi,

I am also happy I had someone to discuss this anime with! Thank you for being here!

sips tea

best user!


Thank you for persuading me to watch it. I'd heard people mention it before, but your persistent threads last year made me get around to it, and it was well worthwhile.

Amane was also cute.

The best episode: a magical lipstick that turns little girls into unrecognizable adult women. Not so fast, Potpourri-chan! Enjoy your childhood!

Amane & Mane the best duo
Although she was quite charismatic and sometimes aggressive, she was very helpful.

Still don't know who was this little boy appearing in every episode

1 good user > 1000 bad anons

She was cute and I always love hearing Mitsuishi. It was lovely hearing Rick's "Nika nika!" whenever he turned up.

Now I have to try to find a clean version of ぽぷりはにこにこ元気 somewhere, because the OP version is full of SFX I don't want.

>tfw I learnt of Popori back in 1999 thanks to a playfkiss game that let you strip her naked

Not many people would watch series like these. /pc/ and imouto are the only containment zones who harbor Sup Forumsnons that can appreciate them

I bring 88 fantastic shoes!




Potpourri is a fugitive!?

Eh, happy anniversary I guess. I'm still not gonna watch the show.

Thats ok. Thanks for your presence anyway!

We might have lost shoes in battle

But we got them back!

And now they are magic shoes!

I liked it.

Are these shoes the source of magic?

Outro is the best

Hey, I'm here for this.

Thanks! Take a seat and enjoy the birthday party, user!


no more such great music only wub wub

paska pro

Everyone is invited! We celebrate and have fun fun! We happy today!

look at catalogue and search for Citrus

What a good lovely traditional girl


I still haven't started watching it bros I'm sorry

Don't worry! No one's judging you

Potpourri will wait for you.

Potpourri (Kaori Nishino) is forever!

Bumping once for 20 years

someone seed the batch on nyaa

BD fucking when

Search for dvd maybe


Best anons
Good party


Is it a record thread?


Honorary guest

I WILL watch this show eventually.

Congratulations! Good choice.

Thank you all for coming!
It was very imprtant to me and for this anime!
Great party, anons!

I'm taking my time.


Who rewatching here?

it's pretty scary

It's only 20 years user
1/5 of century hehe


Come on kaori
Lets go party

Picked up I guess.

Good choice! You will not regret that decision

Expect some nice shoes.

>mfw shoeanon never sleeps

Cute, but too boring.


picked up because you all seem very nice and the show looks very cute

You are a friend!

So what's going to happen to these threads after today OP? Are you going to lay low until the 25th anniversary?

Lurk in the darkness

Dunno really
Maybe I will recommend Fun Fun from time to time... It's not about me. It was never about me. Studio never contacted me to advertise this show. I just think that some gems should be remembered and maybe even a little forced

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Minna arigatooo

Not letting you, plus the day isn't even over.


Bump for anniversary
Once a lifetime opportunity

Although all things must end, although the day is gone, the reminiscence of a beautiful event will always be engraved in our minds.
It may not be there anymore when the merciless ray of a new day sow new seeds through this land, but the day that faded into nothingness will accompany us 'till our final heartbeat.
Be it obvious or subtle, what we experienced through Potpourri is now part of all of us.
Sleep tight, Potpourri. May tomorrow bring us new oportunities to grow and learn. And love.
And shoes.


He doesnt know yet but he will...

Beautiful, thank you!

When I watch this you better all post in my thread.

Thread still up, huh? Guess it's still the anniversary somewhere.