Is Kyoto Animation the definition of style over substance in the anime industry...

Is Kyoto Animation the definition of style over substance in the anime industry? All of their shows look great but the writing is always awful.

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Not like slice of life is made to have much substance



Euphonium had good writing that worked very well with the presentation.


Kyoani hasn't done a solid slice of life in years.

You thought the art and animation was nice, but felt like the direction was lacking. That's when it hit you, this show is nothing but fluff and will amount to nothing else. You will probably keep watching it for the animation, though.

Substance doesn't just mean a strong plot, it means having thematic weight, character progression, and relatable moments. SoL series still fit the bill, and high octane, tense, or shocking moments go counter to what these series are often trying to convey. Stop hiding behind buzzwords, and give examples. Get to the root of why you have an issue with VEG, or shut the fuck up. To all of you that dislike VEG and actually do have concrete reasons why: Good work. I'm not talking to you.

I'm enjoying VE. I mean, it's not mind-blowing, but it's nice. Maid Dragon almost took AOTY for me last year, and Eupho and Nichijou are both 10/10. I don't care about anything else they've done really.
Wait K-On was good.

tell that to Haibane Renmei or Planetes

I'm not usually a kyoani fan and I've dropped several of their shows but I'm really enjoying this one. There's something very relaxing about it. Its got a similar vibe to hibane renmei for me.

>That's when it hit you, this show is nothing but fluff and will amount to nothing else.
Eh, I like watching one or two "fluffy" shows a season. Nothing wrong with that, but it certainly doesn't live up to the hype.

Pretty much yeah

Hibike, Koe no Katachi and VEG are the new holy trinity of KyoAni.
You just need to grow up and abandon braindead CGDCT.

>any of those three better than Hyouka
You better not be false flagging here buddy.

Hyouka is not exactly my kind of story but it was pretty good, yeah.
I didn't include it there because it's not a recent show, while those 3 are and they indicate a trend inside kyoani of doing more drama.

>slice of life has no substance
There's a limit of how stupid you can be to browse this board.

> All of their shows look great
They have high animation budgets while having zero direction budget.
They don't use animation in a meaningful way, rather they use it for its own sake which is really unappealing.

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

Look mom I posted it again!

>the writing is always awful.
Why everyone expects near Shakesperian shit from certain studios and bitch over MUH DURECSHON? but then the next anime they enjoy is pointless borderline brain cancer inducer like the typical harem or shonenshit?

Seriously fuck off hypocrites.

No. It's a substantial story being presented in a style that aims to impress an audience that is largely used to being complacent with low budget bullshit. But this story isn't made for braindead NEET's and shounenshitter Otaku. I've got a friend, 8 or 9/10 writer and violin teacher and she is enjoying the shit out of this show. Everyone who didn't get infected with pre-air date hype is enjoying the show. Anybody who has even the smallest capacity for empathy and human emotion is enjoying the show. You wankers are just incapable of taking this show for what it is. It's not the be all and end all of the anime industry but it's miles better than the shit you're used to and your tiny little brains don't know how to process that so you're creating reasons to find fault with. This show looks so good that I'm finding the mellow slow paced story lackluster in comparison, therefore it's SHIT. SHIIIIT. Fuck off back whatever dumpster kadokawa tossed kemono friends into.

Who cares? Fun things are fun.

>not liking Clannad
This board has sure fallen far

Using a phrase like "style over substance" implies a fundamental misunderstanding of how anime works. All of a show's choices are substance. Substance isn't constrained to a story's plot beats, in a visual medium, there is much more than that going on. The direction, the art design, the sound design, the animation, all of these factors are meaningful, all of them have a substantive effect on the viewer experience. Many shows will not prioritize the things you personally find fulfilling, and that's just how it goes, but it doesn't mean those shows are plagued by "style over substance."

It's okay to have shit taste, user.

Hyouka wasn't that great. Wasn't bad either

Literary Anime of the Decade.


Thanks user.

This post is unadulterated cancer. VEG is nothing like Haibane Renmei and don't you ever compare a great anime like Haibane Renmei with this garbage again.

Your friend is retarded, and so are you.

>how dare people enjoy what I don't enjoy

Haibane Renmei is boring shit.


>t. ADD

>great anime like Haibane Renme

Is it too much to hope for more Amagi at some point?

>great anime like Haibane Renmei

How is it possible to have this much garbage taste

It's more likely than Haruhi at least.

Ask your mom about her taste in cocks.

>All of their shows look great

What's a good cock like?

Depends on who's writing it.

Haruhi and Euphonium were good though.


For a no substance show there are a lot of stupid questions being made every thread.

I don't know, you tell me.

I can show you if you come to my house.

Just put Fate and they're the worst fanbase on Sup Forums. Period. After that it's EVA

Triggerniggers ARE crossboarders.

Are we talking about the anime that uses the "show don't tell" technique to the point of becoming an almost undiluted catalyst relating to its core themes of self-realized forgiveness and redemption? If so, yeah, it's pretty great.

Kumiko is substance

Yes but they're not even that stylish. They have lots of animation but the visual style is bland and same-y. Their composition is incredibly boring and lazy.

Writing is the biggest problem though.

Kyoto Animation is not one person.

Yeah she's Zn2Fe(PO4)2•4H2O

>Haibane Renmei

Except it absolutely can.

I used to love them but now they make trash after trash.

They need to stop with those fucking LN adaptations.

You are fucking hilarious. VEG is terribly written and pales in comparison to other similar shows airing in this very season.

>Oh you can write two sentences now! Congraturations Vioretto-chan! You changed my life!

Literally pathetic.

Read a book sometime, friend.

Well, duh. It's Kyoto ANIMATION, not Kyoto Direction, guys. Jeez

keyword: new

What's terribly written about it?


Provide us with a seasonal example of good writing in your head, r*ddit-kun.

>still watching nu-kyoanus show
all kyoanus anime after Hyoukai is polished turd with garbage writing

TL note: Give me an example of something you like so I can shit on it like you shit on what I liked

How about no?

You're a coward online too? Mate what are you doing with your life?

Have you ever written anything? Anything of any caliber that a team of people were placed behind it by a large pile of money and were able to turn it into one of the most visually captivating productions a medium has seen in a long time? No. You haven't. You never will. And you have no qualifications to judge this story on its merits or flaws. Fuck off.


Sora Yori. Same genre and better than VEG in every way.

>Koe no Katachi
Confirmed for ironic weeb.

Koe no Katachi is a legitimate masterpiece only second to K-On!

If you're braindead, sure. Thankfully most of us do not enjoy quick and sudden shifts in mood and characterization like the ones we saw on episodes 5 and 6.

You're polished turd with garbage writing

No, we're talking about a shit fest of boring characters, boring interactions and an underlying "2deep4u" theme that's been highly overrated since its release. There's depth to it, but it's not very deep nor interesting and you can't carry the rest of the garbage show just with the underlying themes.

>sudden shifts in mood and characterization

Sounds like you're too used to one-dimensional characters.

>not Lucky Star or even fucking Haruhi

RIP Sup Forums.

Haruhi is 70% garbage and Lucky Star is just pure garbage.

keyword: NEW
Do you people read?

How is it substantial? What's it doing that, say, Sora Yori isn't?

People today still think Madoka was good writing so no OP, your argument doesn't hold up.

I'm used to consistent characters, not emotional roller-coasters coming up with forced drama.

And VEG is superior to it how?

For such an obviously superior show, its defenders sure act like defensive asswipes and sure resort to the "tell me your favorite show so I can shit on it" tactic.

For such an obviously inferior show, its offenders sure act like offensive asswipes and sure resort to the "it's shit because I said so" tactic.

>great anime like Haibane Renmei

I actually really like the writing.
Slow pace, subtle but meaningful happenings. It's not shakespeare but it's certainly better than most anime.

At the very least I really enjoy world war 1 themes

How exactly is their """writing""" so """always""" awful?

If any of you claim Haibane renmei isn't better than VEG you actually don't know what you're talking about.

Haibane is one of the few examples of true slice of life with substance and character. Go watch your garbage moe pandering shit like Gabriel Dropout.

Maid Dragon and amagi are far better than the ones you mentioned dickface.

I only watched the first 2 eps user but here were some of my arguments of how the writing was bad;

they change the universe of the show to make child soldiers in an esteemed army a thing just to make the main character a teenage girl

meanwhile everybody is acting surprised she's so young and everything we've seen from the military goes against child soldiers

meanwhile she is working as a typewriter who writes letters for people while having no feelings she just started and is insulting customers while none of her coworkers do anything

the company is doing really bad and when one of the workers brings this up to the boss and says how it might not be a good idea to let the mc (wo is emotionless) work for that specific department, the anime portrays her as a bitch for bringing this up

even her not understanding the most basic of emotion makes no sense when you think about it. Even in the military you would experience basic socialisation she must have lived in a cage for 14 years to not even grasp anything when it comes to interaction or emotion

Nice bait

>I've only watched the first 2 eps

I think that's the issue. Most of your complains are made out of ignorance.

The first two episodes are pretty bad, but 3, 5, and now 6 more than make up for it.

Chu2 and Hyouka were their last decent anime and that was almost 6 years ago now, so yes right now they only have good art and animation.