Darling in the franxx

Why 02 laught in ep 5?

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"My Husband Is The Best In The Universe Twiiiiirl!"

Literally this.

>lives in a closed world
>over watched by other humans (papa = Christof?)
>things that are supposedly dangerous don't really harm him
>is fairly accepted by his peers
>has a love interest that is aware of whats happening outside, but is forced by the over watchers to not intervene
>he's trying to escape the closed world but outside factors don't allow him to (klaxosaurs = the tempest we see in the end of the movie?)
guys i think we're watching the truman show

>02 is a fanservice pornstar introduced for drama and tiddies because ratings were falling

Not only has she found someone who is also an outcast of sorts who appreciates her for who she is, that person is willing to risk his life to remain her DAHRING.

Also something big is going to happen during their third sortie. Either Hiro dies, which would crush her, or his adaptation flourishes and he breaks through the "3 sorties then death" barrier, meaning she can have him as her DAHRING forever. She is aware of this, and the possibility that after burning through tons of stamens who could not survive the 3rd sortie, she might be on the verge of finally having someone she can allow herself to care for fills her with joy and anticipation.

>winning the hard battle against all the fucking cyber-dinos
>whole body is getting eaten by some blue oni-aids/slushy soft dring shit
>squirming in pain and horror as you realize all of your friends died
>02 stands in front of you with this outfit
>this is the gift for surviving the third ride with me daaah-ling~~
>hiro covering 02 in more honey than she pours over all of her food combined.

Are you saying she's going to eat him? Are you saying she is the spider?

Hiro a shit.



She'll be back.

Next your going to say Ichigo will win the darlingbowl.

Back from the dead.

>see that yabuki is doing the mango
>start reading
>get to this page

yabuki's gonna yabuki

Zero Wan's Darling

She's scoring even though he knows she's responsible for his STD. You'll laugh too in her place

He is the god and she is the devil disrupting his order.

What is Ichigo's role in the story? I don't hate her but in terms of screen time she is almost as prominent as Hiro and Oni. I don't see any propose for her other than being the mom of the team or being BTFO in every episode, even the ED promotes her more than the other secondary female pilots. I hope she doesn't end up getting Mirage'd.

She is destined to suffer.

>mfw every time Ichigo is on screen

She is the designated punching bag.

Pandering to flipflapfags.

I think that she will take the role of the MC for some episodes. But yes, supposing that she is definitely more prominent than the other girls, with the exception of 002, she have a big role to play other than suffering or being bullied by the superior chad oni.

But honestly now, I think she's heading for some depression followed by a recovery and then she might start to get closer to Goro. If the PV is to be trusted and the cherry blossom scene is something that'll happen soon, the next cour is going to be full of healing. The real question then is what will happen in the third cour and what will put drama back in the show if Zero Two is going to be settling in for the foreseeable future.

>she will take the role of the MC for some episodes.
This might also happen at some point.

cute boy

PV's can't be trusted, ever
Hiro and possibly 002 might leave the group at some point and there would be a few episodes where Ichigo and the rest of the group sort out their issues over Hiro leaving and their own personal issues.

Ichigo, isn't that a girl's name?


Bleach disagrees about your opinion

>Hiro and possibly 002 might leave the group
Well, the cherry blossom scene has Zero Two hiding her horns and in a uniform. They might leave the group, but if they do, it'll still be under APE's command and not yet running away. Maybe they'll be sent to the frontlines and it will happen in a different plantation; but considering P13's name is the genus of cherries, it's more likely it'll happen there.

Still tragically possible that it's a dream sequence.

Since Hiro wouldn't leave the group willingly barring something really drastic happening, I can see that happening. The pace of the show has been pretty fast and I'm sure they want to get onto the greater issues on what the hell's going on with APE, the klaxosaurs and so on, so I expect the status quo to not last much longer after Hiro's third ride with 002.

A flash-forward to a dream sequence feels like a pretty strange thing to do, but nothing can be ruled out just yet. In any case 02 so far seems to be heading towards P13, what with being assigned for an extended stay. It's not permanent (yet) but it's a lot closer than episode 4 where they were recalling her.

Not a flash forward: A current flight of fancy on what she'd much rather have as her ending.

So the kids are pretty much guaranteed to be genetically designed to not live/grow to adulthood, right?

they said she is alive in the show, but anons pointed out that a white butterfly was seen shortly afterwards, a japanese symbol for a passed away person, so they could have also lied, and she is dead

we don't really know it yet

I'll ride with you

Current when? The scene appears before Hiro and 02 meet for the first time, literally within the first minute of the first episode.

We don't know, but it's a bit strange that there are 2 adults named Nana (7) and Hachi (8).


Darling is so sweet

You can really tell that the PV didn't really give us anything to speculate.

It told us that 02 has confidence in Hiro that he'll survive

We don't have an index for the first scene. That scene could be past or future.

I think that the sweet and cute scene played there is a figment of her imagination: I'd rather be in a cherry grove with my partner than in alone in a blizzard surrounded by the OPFOR.

Because she's secretly deeply afraid of the possibility that Hiro will stop treating her as an equal to the point that she spends a whole night angsting about it, until he comes and says that he wants to ride with her conviction, so she's relieved and ecstatic.

It's a shame she's dead. She was cute. Though obviously plain enough to be a fodder character who only lasts one episode.

>Why 02 laught in ep 5?

Yeah, she's the spider.

The fact that so many Anons name 02 as “the greatest or most significant or most influential” anime character ever only tells you how far Sup Forums still is from becoming a serious board.


>Why can't Sup Forums have my refined and gentile tastes in fine Nippon animation and picture books.

>so many Anons name 02 as “the greatest or most significant or most influential”
Literally link 10 posts, delusional retard

>most generic design of the main cast
>gets killed instantly
REALLY makes me think

what could they have meant by this

Is mc turning into blue oni?

02 is a witch and this is actually a mahou shoujo anime

02 is the spider

That's what happened when you face a dragon in DND

He saw a hot naked demon girl.

He's getting brainwashed and he doesn't even realize it.

>02 is the spider
You're a fucking brainlet, you know that?
The spider is Nana, the web is the Franxx and the butterfly is Ikuno


Now, that's a shitpost.




Naomi would beat the shit out of 02.

reminder that Ichigo has a better body than 02

>beat 02
>couldn't even beat the cock

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why is smol guy fistbumping a giant

is ichigo and 02?



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What did they mean by this?

Miku is cute! CUTE!

what the bottom shit?

02 confirmed the bull of the relationship

I hate so many of those piece of shit, it's hard to choose

Yuru Camp

>erect nipples on a bodysuit

For what purpose

La abominacion...

>not having rock hard nipples that can perforate even steel
I laugh at you

Who is Misato? I kind of have trouble masturbating if Im not experience a smug contrarian sense of superiority


Crunchyroll not even translating the words anymore.

>Another well-known ushi-oni is a massive, brutal sea-monster which lives off the coast of Shimane Prefecture and other places in Western Japan and attacks fishermen. It is often depicted with a spider- or crab-like body.
>This ushi-oni seems to be connected to another monster called the nure-onna 濡れ女 , who sometimes appears before an ushi-oni attack and tricks the victim into holding her child, which then becomes a stone stuck to the person's hands and grows heavier in order to hinder escape.
In Iwami Ginzan (Shimane) the story goes on about a young samurai who held the heavy stone baby. A famous sword in his family suddenly flew into the sky, cut off the head of the demon and cut the body into nine pieces.

But wait, there's more!

Hiro is Gendo, 02 is Yui and Ichigo is Ritsuko
Hiro's infatuation with 02 is going to be his demise, just like Gendou


Yabuki finds a fucking way

>nyaa down

love, you know...

Thought that was just me
Oh well


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