Why are most romance anime so boring...

Why are most romance anime so boring? You usually have the same set of characters and settings where the same shit happens between a couple of girls and their shared love interest. Why don't they experiment a bit more in romance anime and try out different gimmicks like tall girls hitting on tiny boys, highschool boy seduces a cake or some other things that are usually just doujin material?

Yo this is a really good doujin. Chapter 2 is best.

>why do studios, that are in the business of making money, making anime they know will make money?
>why don't studios take a chance and.ootentially lose money on something they don't know will sell?
In saying I would still like to see new ideas instead and the generic harem with the generic personality types. Also good taste in doujin.

all the things you've listed already exist newfag
lurk 2 more years before posting again

theres already some like that
also recent manga

>Highschool boy seduces a cake
That's more/less being done with that cooking manga with the baseball boy.
I mean these ideas are probably ALL being done or have been done.

There's so much goddamn romance manga out there every idea had been pretty much done.

>A N I M E

>try out different gimmicks like tall girls hitting on tiny boys
Almost exactly Lovely Complex. It's pretty good. Give it a watch.

>Tall girl and short boy
Lovely Complex, Fujiyama, some of Syndoche's stuff
>Boy hitting on cake
Any and all male student/female teacher romances (Sensei Lock on, Onegai Teacher, inverse with 14-sai)

What really doesn't exist is girl/guy romances where the girl doesn't go full MPDG, turn into a nagging wife, or resort to "prince" behavior to do the leading.

No it's not


Any decent reads about yandere lobe interests?

>Yandere doujin that turns into happy vanilla ending
God, i loved that doujin. I wan't more of these...

Do you know of one that has a tsundere guy and a non tsundere girl? Preferably without a harem as well

Shit tons of shoujo have at least one tsundere love interest, and there's one anime with that coming up later this year.

Also, /ss/ for short guy tall girl. Tons of manga with girls starving for little boys.

Well yeah, but any like that with the guy as the MC?

>old lady trying to pick up a 13 year old

Grooming little children into your lovers is morally wrong.

If you only cared about anime, next time post pic of an anime not a manga.

First of all he's not the OP.

Second of all the fifth word in the OP is anime, which basically means you haven't read the OP post at all.

Third of all the OP mentions doujins and the picture is infact from a doujin, so the picture is perfectly related to the OP post.

You can't weasel your way out of this one, you are obviously fucking retarded.

I think most writers have never experienced romance and all they know about it they learned from fiction. And for a bunch of manga/anime writers that fiction is probably written by other people who never experienced romance so they just regurgitate the same shit over and over

The one with the adaptation later this year.

Akkun to Kanojo, I think.

3D Kanojo

>Why are most anime so boring?

Seems like too much comedy and too little romance, but worth a look, I guess. Thanks.

Not quite what I was looking for or expecting, but I'll be damned if this doesn't look interesting. Picked the fuck up.

You just have shit taste, OP.