Just finished this, what do I do now?

Just finished this, what do I do now?

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Read VN

Read the VN, filthy secondary

Persist on being a superhero

Watch UBW then wait for the Heaven's Feel blu-ray on May 9.

Not really into eroges

You fucked up, You are supposed to watch Unlimited Blade Works then Heavens Feel movie first before Zero.

>Not really into eroges

Then just quit this franchise now, we don't need more secondaries.

Watch the entire Urobutcher filmography

No, retard, you either read the VN or start with Zero. Ufo made Zero first and everything was made like a sequel. You wouldn't understand shit watching UBW first


never look back

>one Iri scene
And if you start anime only you don't get to complain about not understanding things, Zero-only babbies did not even get the whole ending of the series.

What exactly wouldn't you understand by watching UBW first?

Stop now and watch/read something else. Don't waste your time on a literally shit-tier VN with hamfisted sex scenes.

Watch Fate/Apocrypha, it's the sequel to Fate/Zero. There are some changes made (Romanian guy steals the Greater Grail during the third Holy Grail War, and a Great Holy Grail War with 14 servants is started about 70 years later), but it's still the same ol' Fate you know.
It's the best Fate anime if I say so myself. It's emotionally gripping, it has excellent animation, and it's paced just right. Its visuals rival Kara no Kyoukai, the sound effects are visceral and sound just like they belong in a fight between legendary heroes. The sound effects are loud, and are exquisitely and tastefully clipped as to show that the fight is beyond human levels. In Zero, UBW and the rest of the Fate anime out there, the swords sound like a bunch of kendo practitioners are fighting eachother with wooden swords. Even though they're legendary demigods fighting themselves to the death, the sound direction is incredibly shitty in them. But not in Apo.

>freshly written

>Fate/Apocrypha, it's the sequel to Fate/Zero.
You fucking wat? It is alternative universe, both F/Z and F/CardboardShill are after Third Holy Grail War. The difference is what Einzberns summoned during Third War.

>can't understand Iri
>can't understand Avalon
>can't understand Saber's motivations
Mostly things that are explained in the Fate route and make no sense out of context

Come the fuck on, I was trying to trick him into wasting a couple of hours of his life watching Apocrypha and you just ruined it.


Aww shit, I got triggered and baited. Shame on me.

Avalon is explained and Sabers motivations can be guessed, but are relevant for UBW.
Still, if are anime-only you don't give a fuck about any of that because you are only here for flashy fights, if you actually cared you would read the VN.

Turn two pi radians and moonwalk away dude. Don't bother getting into modern typemoon. It's shit.

kek, glad I'm not the only one who realised how loud and dumb the sound was in F/A. The fights were just a bunch of lights with fart sounds on the background


Also, if we are baiting newfags and praising Fate/CardboardShill is a hoax, we need to use code so no dumbass like me spoils the fun. Maybe since today should we ampathasise how second part of the show is much better than first?

Maybe the problem is just you and you should think before you post.

Well, I know I screwed up but there are people who unironically think Apo is great.

>Avalon is explained and Sabers motivations can be guessed
Not really
>Still, if are anime-only you don't give a fuck about any of that because you are only here for flashy fights, if you actually cared you would read the VN
Some people are just scared of reading a 50+ hours novel for some reason, I still think you can have a decent experience watching Zero first, even if it's not as good as the VN

If you are scared of words when you are looking to consume a story and ruin two experiences for yourself as a result, all the power to you, just don't pollute this board with your garbage attitude.

Well, it is! The last couple of episodes are undeniably good - I had dropped Apocrypha a couple of times because it was dragging its feet, but I recently picked it up and finished it.
These last episodes made it all worth it. Episode 22, with all of the new newgen animators going balls to the wall crazy, Episode 23 and 24 that had an unique direction style and the decisions made in them - out of my goodwill for that user I will not spoil anything, and the last, but not least, the finale itself. I was at the edge of my seat, really. It's a good finale that leaves you happy and satisfied, it's not a sequel bait like Zero. The city gets flooded with the grail's contents, and then what? "Tune in for the next season to see what happened to the city and its inhabitants! :^)". I'm happy the story finally got resolved and all loose ends connected.

For me, the first part was promising. The second was disappointing and left only a distaste. Also, every good boi starts with Fate/Stay Night and then goes to Fate/Zero, not the other way around

Starting from UBW is fucking worse retard

Make sure to watch the UBW movie by Deen, not the Ufotable series rip off

That is nowhere in my post the point, but still wrong.

>trolling people into watching F/A this hard. A1 pictures trying to do good animation in the.last ep was hilarious

It's true and the discussion started because you or some other fag said you should watch Ufo's UBW and HF first

Explain the reasons why it's true.
Note that the already posted reasons have been debunked.

"secondaries deserve a shit experience" is not an argument user

Watch something good.

You can turn off the h-scenes faggot, stop making bullshit excuses.

Prisma Ilya is the best sub-series to come out of this franchise.

Amazing reason you posted, but I'll humour you for a bit.
Things you miss out on when you watch UBW first
>one Iri scene
Things you miss out on when you watch Zero first
>get spoiled about everything from Sakura to the Grail
>all references
>Angra Mainyu
>Sabers characters that was butchered so hard Zero had to be declared non-canon
>the whole ending that was butchered in the adaption
And probably a lot more, I have not watched Zero in years.
Also "UBW also spoils Zero" is not a reason because Zero was made for Fate fans, it was produced with the expectation that you already know the ending.

I'm pretty sure there aren't.

these are battledroids.

You just watched peak fate

no need to continue

That's not even remotely true.

>get spoiled about everything from Sakura to the Grail
Too bad, shock value is not that important and you only know Sakura's life is shit and has worms, you don't know anything about HF. Everything else like the Grail's origin or Sakura and Rin being related was never treated like a twist, it was just exposition.
>Angra Mainyu
Barely mentioned except as a metaphor about Kiritusugu
>Sabers characters that was butchered so hard
Saber was always an insecure bitch that thought she was not the right King
>the whole ending that was butchered in the adaption
It was fine

>shock value
You know, I am 80% convinced you are just false flagging, but it is scary considering there might be people that actually think like this.

[x] genuflect
and then kys

I don't get why you would think I'm baiting, the only thing knowing Sakura's private life takes away is the shock of her not being just a normal girl, It doesn't change anything that happens in the story so it only affects the shock value

>twitter screencap
Go back there

ex de

Not him but everything about Sakura was eased into and you could guess it ahead of time in a lot of cases. He doesn't ever throw anything in the story for shock aside from Sakura getting sliced up by Gil. By that point, we already knew everything though, so the only shocking part is her "death" and comeback.

Then Zero spoiling it is even less important

Read the VN you illiterate bastards!

It's not hard to read, it's just a book with pictures and music. It is long, but it's split up into three routes, so it's not that bad. The H-scenes are comically awful, but they're infrequent and disableable. The UBW anime is decent, but it basically cuts out the protagonist's entire internal monologue, which contains most of his characterization, in addition to a bunch of other stuff.

I was like you once, I put off reading this thing for months, but once I did I didn't regret it in the slightest.

why does it sound like you regretting it, uncle?

I don't really care about what it spoils or whatever but you do miss out on a lot

My only regret is that I can't forget the whole thing and read it blind again.

Are... are you okay, uncle?

>Not really into eroges
The h-scenes, which can be toggled off for alternate scenes, take up like 20-30 minutes total of the entire ~60 hour reading time

Look kid, one of these days... One of these days you're going look back on your life and you're going be like, what the fuck? It's inevitable.
People are going to tell you to follow your dreams, and they're going to tell you to be more social or make more money or travel or whatever the fuck. But fuck that! Dreams are bullshit and a waste of time, just get a good paying job so you can support your hobbies. I've never thought to myself "god I wish I spent more time smoking beers with people I hate".
Like, maybe watching anime all day is a waste of time, but so's everything else in this meaningless world. maybe it seems like a big time investment, but it's good and you'll think back to reading it like "hey that shit was good, maybe I should read it again." So just- just read the fucking visual novel kid, I want more people to talk to about it. Or don't, fuck, it ain't my life.

Just watch all the Ufo Fate stuff for sheer consistency since they were written with each other in mind. That old Fate route anime didn't age too well and was kind of a clusterfuck because it tried to incorporate a few things that didn't belong there, like also hinting at Sakura's deal by having Caster use her instead of Taiga as bait.

Crey because is the best thing that Urobucher has ever done, at least for me.
Zero gets better when you start thinkin about it, and you realise that his cast is full of memorable characters with charismatic personalities and development. There are almost no shows capable of presenting this huge cast and making them all this great in 24 episodes.

I can't be assed to play the Fate route after Zero I just can't ship Saber with Shirou. Can I just fucking skip it?

Fucking great soundtrack too. I never thought Kajiura and Fate would ever work but it did. Kinda looking forward to her rendition of EMIYA in Heaven's Feel.

If you do not want to read the VN (something understandable, is long as hell), the manga of Fate sumarizes the first route very well (specially because the mangaka understands that Emiya is more than a auto-insertive potato). The anime of UBW is not as good but the route isnt too, but the visuals make it at least entertaining and has some very good moments. Now they are adapting in 3 movies the third history of the videgame. I have not watched it because noone in Spain wats to release it in cinemas (yes, i speak gardener), but i bet that those movies will be very rushed

I never shipped them either. It establishes some important stuff and has some cool moments. It is generally agreed to be the weakest route though, so don't be too afraid of speed reading if you feel the need.

>I can't ship a manchild with a womanchild
Why not?


Eh if one route can benefit from a little rushing it is HF.

I do not recommend it. In that route Saber has a lot of development and very important plot point are explained. For me it was the best of the three stories (mostly because i am a saberfag of those who gets angry every time a new saberface is released in FGO. It is very sad how a tragic character such as her has been prostituted in order to sell more)

Exactly because of that. Also I don't like how her ending is essentially Arcueid redux and how she's treated like THE heroine of the game. I hate stuff like that in VNs. Why make multiple paths if one is the 'true' path

I want corrupted saber as much time of screen as possible. And remember that the viewer has to understand Sakura┬┤s psique deeply in order to follow the events of the route: If this part is rushed, most of the viewers will not understand the events that will be happening

Zero Saber and Fate Saber feel like rather different characters though. And I also don't like how her developement is tied to her romance with Shirou. And if you can't even stand shipping those two you might as well read up all the essentials elsewhere.

Shouldn't Alter be the focus of the next movie?
I also assume because they are movies they won't skimp out on the heavy stuff like Shinji sexually abusing Sakura. They featured a rape scene way back in Kara no Kyoukai.

Urobuchi makes everything more interesting, of course. But the romance of Shirou and Saber it is not "love" in the traditional way of speaking. t is not like those wars between which girl was better for Lelouch. Shirou and Arotia end toghether for thematicall reassons, as a symbolism of their development and how the ideals of both change. Even a date they have is used for tragic reassons, not like "date with the waifu".
It is complicated to describe. But callig the engage between shirou and saber a "romance" is not accurate

What are you talking about, Saber and Arcueid are the ones with the shortest routes. There's no "true" one, they are just the promotional heroines

Yet they have to fuck because plot. Honestly Fate is one of those franchises where I would have prefered if they didn't do romances at all. A deep and important relationship could have been done without turning it romantic.

Yet Saber gets that little epilogue that just reeks of True End and back when Tsukihime 2 was still spun around as an idea it would have worked on the Arcueid end.

They should make a Fate game that further plays with the alternate universe aspect of the franchise.
Think Rin somehow managing to get her hands on Saber during her summoning or something.

That's totally subjective. Tho Kagetsu Tohya main plot is basically a sequel to Arc's good end so I guess you are right there.

We already have three different routes, what else do you want

I can't help but hear the loud BHWAA when he shoots the laser.

More in general. Though before that more Tsukihime.

I just want a modern fight game a la Dragon Ball FighterZ

Melty Blood too. They just kinda removed the romances.

>Its visuals rival Kara no Kyoukai
Even those old animations of KnK shit all over Apo.

>Fate/Type Moon fighting game made by Arcsys with their Xrd engine
>just throw a story mode together why all characters are there and go fucking nuts.
Yes please

No shit. KnK had a movie level budget and production. Totally different for TV productions.

Watch Kara no Kyoukai, to learn true meaning of "Ufotable does really good show"

Just watch movie 5. Rest of them are garbage.

If anything, the older series actually have superior animation and art direction. Nowadays studios and Ufo especially just tends slather every little thing with instagram filters to cover for shit like backgrounds being almost entirely replaced with CG models.

You say that but Ufo also managed with less than movie budget and still looked better than Apo.

Ufo does way better action scenes which is kind of important in a visual medium such as this.

If Apoc was released over a period of months like KnK was then it could have been the same genius.

Maybe if Apoc wasn't made by a shit studio.

What the fuck user. Movie 5 is most gibberish out of all. Not bad, but when you really try to de;ve into it, it tryhards 2deep4u very blatantly. Only 6 is worse.

All are still decent tho.

I don't deny that, they do know how to make good action sequences.
It's just a really noticeable trend with them that with each big project they tend to rely on quirky filters and CG more and more.
HF is a perfect example, the tremendous movie level budget would allow them for some technically crazy shit, and yet it's used for often nauseatingly obvious CG, even when hidden underneath all these layers of extra filters and color/gamma corrections.

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