Yuru Camp

The cutest

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Holy fuck

I want to nadeshiko Nadeshiko's nadeshikos!

I can't believe Nadeshiko is DEAD

I want Nadeshiko to shiko shiko me!

Wait, so Snake was Rin's grandfather all along?
Did he teach her the basics of CQC?

my wife Aoi is so cute

What happens to Rin's ex-girlfriend whoishernameagain-san?

My wife Nadeshiko is the cutest!

snuck his way into the show like the real deal.

>best cake has hardly any art
Why is this allowed?

Why my onee-chan can't be this cute?

What is she holding


The Sacred Stone of Camping

A cordless phone.

the world can't handle such perfection

What's everyone enjoyed more so far? The solo Shimarin/Shimarin and Fujiko camping episodes or the dork club shenanigans episodes?



So what is Sup Forums's opinion on drunk sensei? Yay or Nay?

Who's got the stitches from this episode?

Best things in the episode:
>Alchoholic sensei

I thought she was a veteran. Why can't she light a simple fire?


Instant waifu


Will he gives the bike to Rin? I want Rin to go full Kino.

Nostalgic comfy.


She is but even a veteran can fuck things up. She was trying to do something she had never done before and made a mistake in the materials she brought to do it.

Her brother needed to take charge and cut her off a few hours ago.

this brings me back to when I would go deep into the woods and play Pokemon Silver.

Such a cute dork

/u/ btfo


Good lord! Aoi is such wife material.

She's great.

This, even a cute accent

>Anime dykes cant be friendly to guys

Every grill in the show is Sup Forumsnon.

I want this grandpa.

>Snake will never be your grandpa


And this cute momma as well.

Made for oyakodon

Captain Rum

Am I alone in thinking this series would be much better if it were just Rin and sometimes Nadeshiko?

I'd gladly make bacon sandwiches for Nadeshiko. I'd give my life for her. I'm not talking about sexual partnership either. I'd become her personal slave, if necessary. Bringing her her daily regimen of bacon sandwiches, Big Macs, and cherry soda would bring me great happiness. As she burped and gobbled down her meals I would sit basking in the glow of her ravenous maw.

Even as she became hungrier, and plumper, I would not grow tired of serving her. I would work harder than ever to make her happy. I would learn to cook new recipes, I would roast entire turkeys for her, I would hand-feed her deep-fried twinkies. And once she had gained a most excellence rotundness, now so fat that she could not leave her bed, 350 lbs. of mouth-watering teenager fat, bubbling like an overbaked jello, she would yell to me with fat, blubbering lips: onii-chan, it's time for mah dinner!

And I would come. Fork and knife in hand, I would enter her tent. Her glistening, gluttonous eyes would turn dry and roll back as I sank my teeth into her quivering, greasy hide. In a panic, thrashing around like a beached whale, her blood would boil, marinating the fat nicely. As I neatly cut her into bite-sized chunks, she would lose consciousness. And then I would feast. Oh would I feast

why would a drink called 'captain rum' have a dog on the bottle, really took me out of the episode

>cutting out best girls Aoi and nee-san


>close quarters camping

Is it wrong if I think that Rin needs a little sister? I volunteer.

That awkward moment when Rin introduces you to her grandpa, and you remember you let him bone you for cooked meat


Happy Nadeshiko or...

...sad Nadeshiko, Sup Forums?

I'll take a pinecone saying konnichiwa

Today I learned a bunch about different types of coal.

I'll take a Aoi saying seyana

>speaking arabic
I'll pass

0/10 would never take camping.
Obnoxious drunks are not for yuru camp.

>effeminate male character voiced by a woman
>"couple" turns out to be brother and sister
Jap anime/manga creators out of touch with reality as usual. Don't they have anyone on hand who has ever interacted with a real human being?

The secret sect that rules the world from the shadows.

So is Chiako Rin's new grandma now?
Does she have to listen to her?

Close Quarters Cunnilingus.

Top 3 Dorks
Nameless alcoholic teacher


I want to be the one to uncover their secrets.

Comfy Nadeshiko.

I fucking hate millenials.

If you camped with Rin and she accidentally killed a hiker how would you help her hide the body? How would you use this situation to your advantage?

You fucking hate taking pictures?

Piss off Grandma, you have physical albums full of stupid mundane shit too.

>Now I am become Comfy, the destroyer of discomfort.

>two tents

You might feel differently if you had friends to share pictures with.

We eat the flesh then grind the bones to dust.


>look dude I took a hundred pictures of some fucking tree I passed by that I will never ever look at again
yeah no

>Rin, remember the basics of body disposal.
There is no advantage here, just potentially another body for her to get rid of.

I need details on how the murder took place to tell you how to best make it look like an accident.

God Aoi is so cute

We make love to each other and forget all about the body.
It'll decompose and be eaten by the wildlife in no time.


I would 'accidentally' kill another hiker so she didn't feel guilty, and then our shared secrets would bring us closer together, eventually marriage.

>destroying anything
If you discomfort your enemies, they win.

Is brother a brother or sister? I really couldn't tell if it was a little bit feminine guy with a female VA or was it a tomboy girl.

Looks 100% girl to me and her short hair was kind of cute.

it used watashi
it looked like a girl
it sounded like a girl
it acted like a girl
whether or not it possesses a dick does not matter at this point, it is a girl.

"RIN, I got stuck in the toilet again! Help me out this instant, young lady!!"

>This copypasta again


>Is brother a brother or sister?
Did he help her out? If not then he's a brother, because you can't be a brother and assist her too.

This little creature approaches you, what do you do?

Cutest Rin of the whole show. Period.



Mug her.