Why does the Jet Alone episode get so much hate?

Because Tokyo 3 is actually hell

The """coal and fuel"" lobby attacking superior nuclear energy. I guess Asuka would had prefered to carry a nuke when facing the MPs than becoming carrion.


I enjoyed it. It's a Misato episode. Can't go wrong.

Because it was a filler episode

There were no filler episodes in Evangelion

>filler episodes

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>Jet Alone
>user is also alone
>hates the episode instantly

That thing was a cutie.


episode 14, you niggers

No Angels, no long-standing character impact. Filler.

>yfw Jet Alone is the antagonist in 3.0+1.0

That Misato and Old Hag Jr Lobbied it against it and sabotaged it because it runned on Uranium rather than on a coal burning power plant like the Evas.

Even the clip episode had Gendo lying to the Committee and them knowing it, Rei's poem, Rei's ghost, and Longinus being carried into Terminal Dogma.

whoa... so this is the power of maga autism....

It triggered my autism. How would Jet Alone deal with the Angels' AT Fields? Why wasn't this even mentioned?

>no long-standing character impact
Still a bit you know.
the real problem of this episode is that it's the only one who introduces a throw-away character, and

it couldn't at all when it was shown, the spokesman remarks to Ritsuko that it would only be a matter of time before they found a way to neutralize AT fields without antiAT fields like Evas can.
Presumably they would develop a solution like Misato did against Ramiel and just use massive amounts of energy (perhaps nuclear) to breach the field

and he is arguably the only poorly written characters of NGE*

Wasn't the guy implying that they were developing their own AT fields and Ritsuko later says to Misato that there have been NERV documents leaks or something like that ?

It was. And that JHCI only knew it existed in the first place because of a security leak.

>reveals that second impact was covered up and that society is being lied to
>shows how close Ritsuko is to Gendo
>shows how much influence Gendo has by fucking with Jet Alone (the reasons for which are revealed later in the show, and why simply "Angel Killing" isn't Gendo's goal)
>shows Misato as a capable soldier, and that even Toji and Kensuke have respect for her as a captain rather than just because she's a babe
>Toji and Kensuke help shinji realize that Misato's comfort level around Shinji is similar to that of a family

>Why wasn't this even mentioned?
it was

He says they haven't figured out the technology behind it yet and it was only a matter of time.

Ritsuko's got some pride in her work there, too, and then she's bothered by the dirt she's doing to support it. It's gotta kill her that she can't publish anything.

Why do things in Eva appear so creepy? Even that thing is kinda unsettling in motion, even though it has no reason to be.

If you do one of these for every episode, it could the copypasta that ends like half of the Eva hate threads ever.

He was bullshitting.

When I first saw this I honestly thought this episode would lead to the Evas no longer needing to be plugged in. Was kinda disappointed

They can’t do that because nuclear = scary.

there's already evageeks for that

Alien things are creepy.

The S2 engine from the Angels does this. Mass Production Units, 01 after consumption.

Yeah but their pages are bloated to fuck like any wiki and giving a bunch of links doesn't have the same effect as just giving info. A collection of short bullet points for each episode would be best, it could possibly even be made into an image guide. I might do it, but I haven't seen the show in a long time so I'd need to rewatch.

But they can eject that power supply. It would make sense if they didn't want an Eva to be able to flip shit and run amok for 150 days.
But then they did try anyway, so I don't fucking know, maybe it was just nuclear power they didn't like.


Because it's designed to be creepy. Anno wanted the audience to feel uneasy when watching NGE. He wasn't too successful since the show still appealed to NEETs and waifufags but it was a valiant effort.

There's Shadowjack's. In Which I Watch Evangelion, but I don't remember if it has bullet points. It's very in-depth, but not Evageeks level autism.

Are you dumb negroes honestly wondering why NERV didn't want that mech to succeed? Did you not watch the show? First off it was a mech, not an Eva, Evas are not mechanical constructs (very few know this of course, but Gendo obviously does), secondly if this succeeded it would take funding away from NERV, and if it ever was to actually defeat an angel, it would take even more funding from NERV.

On top of that any sort of research into Eva and angels is obviously not something Gendo wants for obvious reasons. SEELE was already suspicious of him, last thing he wants is some scientist digging deeper and finding more discrepancies.

JA was a walking nuke with no AT Field to attack or defend against the Angels. The absolute best case scenario would be using it as a distraction/suicide bomber that wouldn't cause Grave of the Fireflies in Tokyo-3 before Gendo molested his way to the next stage of human evolution.

yet you're unable to prove him wrong.

>Are you dumb negroes honestly wondering why NERV didn't want that mech to succeed

We reading the same thread?

Multiple times NERV defeats an angel with an solid AT field by just using a big enough gun

I find this annoying as well. Like Asuka's fight on the Geofront. Unless the EVA's are projecting their fields that far away as they blast away, it seems inconsistent.

It's got some range. It's only Ramiel that was ever completely bruted down.

Guess so. Field neutralization is really only showed explicitly in cqc.

the episode is good solely because of good Misato and Ritsuko interaction. The mech walks like it's skanking

I always forget about this episode. So there ya go.

Here's something that's never really explained in the show, we see multiple times throught the series the pilot Heads Up Display crack when the EVAs get whacked in the head, but we can clearly see the entry plug is inserted in the nape of the neck, what gives?

Magmadiver is a better episode and they never added that to any of the movies.

EVA damage and pilot damage are synced. Whack Eva in the head, your displays get whacked. Don't look far into it.

its a lot more complex then just "display = cockpit windshield"
pilot is inserted in the spine of eva, and whole entry plug with a pilot is filled with electrolysed LCL inside for synchronization purposes.

something something neural system probably

>maybe it was just nuclear power they didn't like
In Japan nuclear power is always something that never ends well. It tends to be used as a tool that always fails which needs humans to stop it.


It doesn't really fit and mostly serves as a buffer between the first six episodes and the massive narrative shift with Asuka's debut.

It is still good though. Misato gets to be cool.

Are the Purdue nuke e from /sci/?

After 8 years on Sup Forums and 500+ completed series, I'm finally watching Evangelion. I put it off because I know the entire plot and all the characters through osmosis from Sup Forums discussions. I also assumed it would be "tired" because the tropes have evolved past the original.
Boy, was I wrong. Evangelion not only defines the tropes, but perfects them. I am blown away by the breadth of tropes and techniques it introduced. There's a large SoL aspect that I did not expect to see at all. There's a bunch of other tropes that I did not know originated from Eva either, like the synchronized numbered-slideshow fight that clearly influenced Shaft's style.

I didn't find this episode to be a lesser quality than the others. The only "fault" I saw was that it's proceeded by phenomenal Asuka episodes. Perhaps in retrospect it may seem like "forced drama" because the enemy wasn't an angel.

Because no one understands Evangelion but me

What about Magma Diver

In Magma Diver, an Angel is found and destroyed. Finding and destroying Angels is the meat of Evangelion

Destroying angles is actually the least important thing in Eva. They could have killed only killed 16 throughout the series and I wouldn't have noticed

man it was like my tenth anime it blew me away back then



Inferior Japan just can't get over ww2.

>you hear it you lose