Explain to me why people like this stupid cunt who does nothing but bully others

Explain to me why people like this stupid cunt who does nothing but bully others

Sup Forums is full of submissives and masochists.
Why do you think femdom threads are so popular?

She doesn't bully anyone but her senpai and is actually quite cold/polite toward other people

I thought the only person he bullies is the MC because he likes him?

There's a difference between bullying someone because you genuinely want them to suffer and bullying someone because you just want them to pay attention to you because you want their ochinchin.

This artist is the best, I need more bitchu Nagatoro

i will never understand these creations about betafag cuntslaves

His fashion sense is top notch




>huuunngh don't you just want to rape the smug out of her oh god fapfapfap hhnnnggh
I imagine.

Why does she always make the exact same face in every single picture of her?

Like clockwork

Probably because I have unresolved psychological issues due to being bullied in HS and the disconnect between these intense negative memories and the light-hearted antics of Nagatoro allows me to vicariously relive that painful time of my life through a relatable but idealized version of what I endured.

She is hot as fuck plus golden skin

It's the face most of the artists prefer

She's bullying him in hopes of turning him into a worthwhile/better person. "Tear him down, so he'll build himself up" kinda thing. The manga shows that she reserver her bullying attention for Senpai, while simply disregarding other people she doesn't like.

Also, why is she wasting a perfectly good coffee?


Because dumb self-inserts
If she didn't crave his dick people would just call her bitch and slut instead.

>She's bullying him in hopes of turning him into a worthwhile/better person.

Doubtful, she's more likely just having fun.

I'm here for them tanlines

its a typical dere character

I mean, look at her.

We'll see.
I'm still curious about that coffee though. Unless it's implying she's dumping Senpai's coffee.

>does nothing but bully others
I wish the ongoing has been way to dere

It's hot. In my opinion, it's not about masochism or necessarily assertiveness, but that a cute girl would give you that much attention uniquely. If she bullied everyone, she'd just be a bitch. The genuine glee helps. A genuine smile is the greatest fetish.

But I don't read it. I'd rather look up porn and fap.

Is she wearing bandages underneath her shirt?

Is it make your unresolved issues easier to come to terms with or complicating them?

The MC is autistic as fuck and views social interaction as bullying.

How is calling a person disgusting and telling them they have the face of a virgin not bullying?


shame the dimensions are wrong

I don’t get it

Some Sup Forumstard trying to force another LOSS meme, ignore him

>Normal Anime Girl: I hope senpai notices me

>Goddess Nagatoro: I’ll just bully senpai until he gets mad enough to push me down and fuck me

fuck off this has nothing to do with Sup Forums it developed in isolation

Sure thing, Sup Forums


I don't know, it's really strange how many Sup Forumsermin she attracts.


Do you think one day she will push bullying to the extreme and sleep with another man? Senpai would then leave her eventually leading to her suicide. That would be one hell of a plot twist.

No it didn't. The threads for new chapters are full of crossboarders. Don't get upset because you're called out.

Not true

He totally doesn't.

Nobody has ever given a satisfactory answer as to why she is holding a snickers.

memes tend to head towards minimalism and abstraction naturally the directions are similar

>Wow Senpai~, you actually aren’t completely disgusting today! Here, have a snickers, you’re not you when you’re hungry!

because she "sniggers"

She’s a bully, not a slut

Snickers are good?

I prefer Milky Way.

she only does it to one person and stops hanging out with her friends just to spend time with him alone you thick headed sensitive numbskull

yes it sure is a mystery why anyone would like her

>Explain to me why people like this stupid cunt who does nothing but bully others
Pure bullshit. Nagatoro doesn't bully Senpai nor anyone else. What happened in the first chapters was just misunderstandings. Nagatoro just likes to tease and flirt with him, not bully.

>Maggot senpai!

I don’t think you understand what teasing or flirting is

it's not the world's greatest mystery

You have not seen the pre-manga drawings have you?

On a side note, has anyone ever translated the Nagatoro escape game?

Because it's vaguely benis shaped and she's gripping it. Just imagine.

Budget Takagi.

This, really. People who never experienced real bullying would never be able to tell a difference.

It's for the same reason why some people think Koe no Katachi is well written even though like 90% of it doesn't happen IRL starting with premise.

>even though like 90% of it doesn't happen IRL starting with premise
Deaf people don't go to school? Deaf people don't get bullied for being deaf?

It is a mystery. She looks and acts like a total bitchcunt. You posted this picture sarcastically, like, looks how great this is, but no. It's not great at all. What are you a dom? Fucking pathetic.

Actually, I meant this dickhead.

yeah truly boggles my mind how anyone could be attracted to this girl

She's an entertaining character in a fun story. You know you can enjoy watching a character that you personally wouldn't befriend, right?



> MAGAtoro

You must be gay, american, or islamic.

MIss, miss and miss. I'm just not a degenerate.

You can't claim that and post in Sup Forums ya hypocrite.

Let me correct myself then. I'm a degenerate, but in other ways.

So, what is your problem then?

> into lolis
> doesn't like dom
But lolidom is the best.


People who like those teasing hussies are just too afraid to commit to a real mistress.

>like her design and his artstyle
>not into sub shit
I still read all his h-manga including the one where the vampire girl tatoos the dude's dick but I didn't feel good about it


Doesn't she kick his ass literally?

Nagatoro has weird fetishes


I don't give a damn about this femdom shit.
I'll be pissed if it means I won't get more Princess Honoka or Illya doujinshi by 774 because of this garbage though.


Because it's the lewd kind of bully

She is making me seriously consider getting into ryona...

Nagatoro is a pure smug maiden like pic related


Actually read the manga before spouting garbage. Nagatoro only teases him, she doesn't dominate him like some mistress.

requesting drawfag art of Nagatoro-bitch bruised, bloody, and beaten please :)

Lurk the fuck more before posting, shitstain.


Nagatoro is too pure to be beaten

pay for shit you lazy bum.

Will senpai ever grow enough balls to fuck Nagatoro into a perfect submissive wife

>horns, wings and tail
>swimsuit like garment
>heart on exposed belly
>vagina bones
>b cups
>oversized bracelet
>(licking) big nails
I don't think this can make me any harder.

Some random drawfags do lurk here but I doubt they'd draw Nagatoro getting beaten.


Why is she so tall in that pic?

I can tolerate evil girls but faggy MCs drive me up the fucking wall

I like her for moments like this.