What are we going to do about the alt-right infiltration of the anime community bros?

what are we going to do about the alt-right infiltration of the anime community bros?

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>Sup Forumstards already S E E T H I N G

Just go about your day? You don't need to acknowledge every moron that passes you by.

Same thing we do to traps : insecticide to the face

that pic gave me fucking cancer OP, thanks

Take your useless politics elsewhere, faggot.

"alt right" sentiments were always common or even predominant on Sup Forums, go back where you came from

Sup Forums has been using that fox girl since 2016. I don't think she has anything to do with anime.

No, they weren't, Sup Forums simply did whatever made people the angriest.
Nobody here wasted their time with the massive joke that politics were until a wave of millenial scum arrived in the last few years.

check these dubs

Is the original tweet being ironic?

Sup Forums here. We have been wondering for a while what to do about the anime infiltration of the new right. The best thing that could happen at this point is for Sup Forums to endorse the Democratic candidate in 2020.

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Please stop falseflagging, Sup Forums.

fox news calls hitler "left-wing" so i don't see your point

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Sup Forums never ran a political part called the "national socialists," so I fail to see the point of your attempted example.

My point isn't the pic entirely, that's just an example.
Sup Forums isn't out to do some self-righteus crap and save the world, people here have always enjoyed seeing it burn, and that's what will always happen.

Base normalfags making an already shitty community ever shittier.

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Better yet, what are we going to do about the infiltration of faggots and niggers that refuse to check these digits

I'm not a millennial american who buys into the political meme distractions of party and presidential sock puppets that incite civil conflict while his oligarchic hydra monster of a government rapes him and the rest of the world, destabilizing governments and destroying cultures for the sake of profit towards the borderless, global, abstract nation whose leaders are even known and which has a slave market of 7 billion people. This has no revelance to me.

oh boy gonna need to wash my eyes with bleach now

srsly what the fuck is the whole ironic weeb thing like for real and not a joke on Sup Forums

you looking for these?

>are even known

Oh shit

Exactly, let the manchildren fight politics for you.
I'll just sit tight and check every now and then if they are finally killing each other, but otherwise it's of no interest.

Post more smug anime images. I don't agree with the nazis but the dumb commies would take away our waifus and that's not Killing Bites.

Anime has been pro right wing before it was cool

how does Sup Forums do it?

The past few years have been Project Chanology on drugs.
Sup Forums legitimately thinks their shitty memes are causing a change in the world, that they're crusaders fighting to save the fucking West.
It's just depressing. Now a website I've been on for a decade is overrun by normalfags who admit to being non-virgins and redditors posting images they saved off facebook. Old memes are taken and twisted to be political.
Pepe doesn't feel good or feel bad, and wojak doesn't feel at all. Now they're just plastered on every image as if the caricatures themselves are supposed to be funny just because they're there.
I would much rather the mid 2000's over 9000 a winrar is you posts that seem so immature now to the shit we're currently getting.


do what?

I will take the bait. More proof ningen were a mistake.

Fuck off with this Sup Forums shit.
Remember to type sage in all fields

What the fuck am I reading


the wojak thing is Sup Forums's fault though

>mfw people on Sup Forums calling each other "contrarian virgins" as if that was an insult

These people aren't Alt Right, though.

Remember me? Remember my sexy digits?

Sup Forums has become too popular with normalfaggots who come here from youtube memes for that to do anything.

>the first incarnation of Sup Forums was shut down for being /stormfront/
RON PAUL was also not just a meme
Fuck off newshit

>I would much rather the mid 2000's over 9000 a winrar is you posts
Fuck. Why can't I have this back. Why can't I have pre-mass social media internet with all its insular communities back? Shit hurts. It's made me genuinely straight up hate technology.

Sure, there was Sup Forums, but it was it's own side thing that nobody took seriously.
Now they are everywhere thinking shitposting on the internet in the name of some self-righteus crap.
It's an unironical version of WE ARE LEGION.

And to think politics could become an even bigger joke than in the early 2000s.

>everyone that I don't like is alt-right

At any rate, unless you like the idea of anime being banned for "being offensive to women" and failing to meet diversity quotas over the next few decades, you should feel inclined to march with them.

>centrally planned economy with a welfare state and hyper regulation

If left to right is the sliding scale of government interference in the economy, they were definitely left wing. The collectivist commie fucks who run around yelling "Nazi" generally have far more in common with the Nazis than they realize in their ignorance of both the Nazis and of the philosophical foundations of their own ideology, as well as their failure to scrutinize the behavior of their own, and the capitalists that they're screaming at are usually far more opposed to what the Nazis actually believed than they are. Try opening a book that isn't Harry Potter someday.

Doesn't mean I won't try to get rid of it.
Now check my fucking digits

um no its from kc's Sup Forums and technically so is pepe kindaish

blame /r9k/ and Sup Forums


Normalfags ruin everything with their retarded mindset.


"contrarian" started as an insult on Sup Forums that the redditors called anyone who didn't like their capeshit and game of thrones

The feels meme was completely run into the ground by 'tfw no girlfriend' shitters, long before the rise of Sup Forums 2.0. Failed normalfags are the real cancer on Sup Forums.


Well yea he generally was
I mean "right" and "left" are dependant on perspective.

The American far left is REALLY far right compared to say Germany or many European countries.

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Triple checked, now check mine


Stop associating Trump with this ancient frog meme already dammit.

No way dbs shitter


What the fuck was on it?

i was meaning more wojak going from the feels guy to... whatever the fuck he is now.

op was not a baka for once

why is murica so assblasted about politics
you nerds have protests every day

>Pepe doesn't feel good or feel bad, and wojak doesn't feel at all

Those are nice digits. I like those digits.

what do you think her favorite anime is?

electrical charge

Nerve gas


Keep crying, commie shitters. That's all you're good at anyways.

Zyklon B

But I thought the "alt-right" considered anime degenerate


Considering Aussies just banned lewd stick drawings maybe they should pick it up

deformed skull feels guy lol brainlets xd with drool coming out

post anime chicks

Or I guess to rephrase that, the sliding scale of free markets.

Obviously, communists dream of the day where governments are replaced by hoards of angry torch-wielding mobs who lynch anybody who gets tired of barely surviving in the ruins of civilization.


It's true that KEKISTAN is the new LEEJUN, the similarity is incredible. Nigger and jew hate was still rampant 5 and 10 years ago and only redditors deny it

Fuck off with your pointless politics, it's a waste of time that nobody gives a shit about.

They all look like faggots.

Did they really namedrop the “OwO” emoticon?


Just remove Sup Forums already.

gas the jews


>35 minutes ago
Why is this trash thread still up and OP not banned yet?

>he care about politics

...meanwhile on Sup Forums

Where do I get a Top Nep cap?

prepare for trouble

Why is the white supremacy so diverse?

Shit on this all you want but its pretty damn accurate.


why must you lie

Sup Forums is to remain Sup Forums politics stay at the front door unless you are discussing a show that deals with those themes. If you can't separate your politics and your hobby then go back to tumblr, reddit or wherever the fuck you came from.

At your nearest normalfags ironic weebs shop.