Best Couple

Ok, let's do this. Who is the best couple ever?


you x me


I won't say you have shit taste or you're retarded, because you hear these every day.

You're obviously a person with an abundance of brilliance and charm. I'm really glad that your life touched mine for just a moment. I'll treasure this meeting.



Any couple that will be happy ever after,

Two people that hate each other, fantastic couple alright.

Asuka is just a tsundere and Shinji is just shy.

Asuka isn't tsundere, she absolutely hates him. Shinji I'll agree with was probably shy (fear of being rejected). Anyways, this thread is about best couples.

If she absolutely hates him, then why does she cook for him and is clearly jealous of Rei?


Yeah, Asuka sure hates Shinji, that's why she kissed him, went and slept next to him, etc.

Are you autistic?

Tomoya x Nagisa ofcourse


You are confusing Shikinami for Soryuu

>kissed him
This was Asuka using Shinji by coping not getting Kaji. She also has histrionic personality disorder.

>slept next to him
Sleep walked.

>Are you autistic?
No, I'm just not a delusional crack shipper that is intent on pairing two people that should never ever be together.

Shido and Rinne comes as a close second

Any couple consisting of two blood-related siblings with at least 1 common parents.







Retard. Thoka is pet tier and only good for bullying but I do agree with "Rinne" being true end especially after the last volume

When their relationship was in its early stage, it was perfect.

Still too afraid to watch it. I hread that this anime will definitely make you cry. Even tame anime make me cry, so this will probably destroy me.

Miyazawa and Arima

Not sure but I definitely know who the worst couple would be. There's no genuine connection between them. Orihime just repeats Ichigo's name ad nauseam and Ichigo just punches people who were dicks to her. It's worse than Naruto and Hinata or any other Shonen couple. It's utter shit and their relationship is completely unnecessary, yet takes up so much time.

I can't think of any other work of fiction in which two lovers fit together as well as Taiga and Ryuuji. The flaws of one character are perfectly complemented by the strengths of the other. Ryuuji’s practicality and low-key attitude is the perfect yin to Taiga’s abrasive, loud, and fiercely liberal spirit’s yang. Each finds comfort in the other as well, as Ryuuji’s paternal instincts being a support to Taiga, who’s family life is nonexistent, and her consequences-be-damned attitude liberates Ryuuji from the pressure of having to always act so mature.

Worse taste in the whole thread. A garbage couple from a garbage series.


This is every shade of wrong from the rainbow of ultimate wrongness. Toradora is unironically the greatest love story ever told.

>Asuka isn't tsundere,

Wait what? She's basically the anime version of Helga.

Taiga and Ryuuji are great.

This is a man who knows his stuff. My thought on Toradora is that Taiga is absolutely not best girl. Ami is best girl, hands down. But Taiga is the best girl FOR RYUUJI. They make a perfect couple. One desperately needs someone to depend on him so that he can separate himself from his loser dad, and the other desperately needs someone to depend on to fill her daddy void. Their paired daddy issues make them fit together perfectly.

who are the two in the top right?

Fumi and Akira from Aoi Hana

No, YOU retard. Tohka is the official best girl.

I'm talking about Rinne, not Reine.

thank you

Never watched it, but it looks like she's his daughter/younger sister by the way he's taking care of her here. Can she not take care of herself?

They're the same age, it's just that he has a caretaker personality and she has a reckless needy side to her

Literally no, she cannot.

The real OTP here.

She has brain damage and can't take care of herself.

Isn't that a bad relationship though? When you're completely dependant on the other person taking care of you like you're their child?


I'll add another to the list, fellow onee-chan lover.

Their co-dependant. He needs her just as much as she needs him. In the end, their love for each other motivates them to overcome these issues.

I'm the first one to post them? Seriously? What's wrong with you, Sup Forums?

>totally unfaithful to each other
>literal degenerate sluts
>"best couple"
Yeah, nah.

When were they ever unfaithful?

>he doesn't know

Best girl for bullying.

You cannot disagree.

I disagree.


No you don't.

>Tohka is the official best girl.

Their relationship started with him raping her. Then they exploited each other. In the end, they liked each other but she moved on immediately.

Okay, I don't.


One of the most important parts of Evangelion is Asuka coming to love Shinji. Not necessarily in a romantic or sexual way, but in a way of understanding him as a person and not wanting him to be hurt. There's a fucking reason the series ends with them huddled together after she caresses his face.
>but she also called him bad!?
Yes, she accepted his flaws and his self-hatred, but still doesn't push him away. That's the point.

Agreed. I'm one of the people who think that Asuka knew deep down that she loved Shinji. The reason for her dismissive behaviour is that she also needs somebody strong to support her, and Shinji is not the kind of person that comes to mind when you think of the word "strong". When she sees him crying in front of her, she is once again reminded that this little pathetic weakling, who will probably never be strong enough to give her the support she so desperately needs, is the person she loves. That's what makes her sick.

Never watched it but those two are supposed to be God and the Devil, right?

She literally loves him more than anything in the world and they both helped each other self-actualize. She wears him in her heart

Homura did nothing wrong.

Glad someone agrees. This show is massively overrated

When they flit and hit on other people, both men and women.
And they even mouth fuck other people as well.

>after she caresses his face
You mean when he was strangling her and she called him disgusting?

Yeah, that wasn't her caressing his faces, that was her trying to force him away, but that's all she could manage because she was already half dead.

They only do it to tease each other or for their mission. They trust each other so completely that none of that is ever an issue.


>that was her trying to force him away, but that's all she could manage because she was already half dead.

I think you should watch that scene again.

Sasusaku is by far the worst. There's literally nothing wrong with Ichihime.

>it doesn't count if they don't mean it!!!!
You're a fucking retard. Tell me, what's the difference between doing something wrong and pretending to do something wrong? How does the end result change?

>hehe xd i just pretended to murder someone
>they're still dead
>i was just teasing them!!!


Kenshin and Kaoru as well


I know that Reine is Mio; they way you put Rinne in quotation marks made me think you confused the two.

She could've poked his eyes out, or covered his mouth and nose. And she wasn't half dead, that'd make no sense given that her body had been magically restored after being torn apart, why would it be restored with no energy? And the bandages are there purely for visual reasons, they don't even have any blood on them. And the way she touches him is far too loving to be anythign else. And I already answered the
>but she also called him bad!?

And you're taking this incredibly abstract scene in this art house movie far too literally. That's the big thing here.




Nah, you need to rewatch it.

They are laying side by side after coming out of the LCL.
Some time passes.
Shinji starts trying to kill Asuka by strangling her.
A few seconds pass and Asuka clenches her fist.
She tries to grab him by the hair.
She has no strength left and her hand falls.

>the bandages are just for visual they don't really mean anything!
Wow, it's impressive how deluded you are.

>called him bad
You don't even remember the scene, she called him disgusting.

Isaac & Miria are perfect for each other. Other couples might have more dramatic romances, but they have the strongest bond.


very cute couple.
Sakaki and Mayoi would also be of the "they deserve each-other" variety.

>silly over the top comedy tries to do a serious romance
It's garbage.

Childhood friends to lovers is a godtier trope.


Another example of people who deserve each-other (including more negative connotations of the term)




Good taste user, they are true soul mates.

She called him disgusting in the English dub. In the Jap she says "kimochi warui" which can be translated in various ways. Arguing over possible translations is pointless, there is no correct answer, but she is certainly saying something negative towards him.


although so many of the girls in this series are best....