Uma Musume Pretty Derby

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>horse farts

I just want horsegirls with horsecocks.

It's gonna be one of those where the concept is the only good thing about it.


The PV bored me.
I preferred the Kemono Friend's version

I can't help but wonder how many people in the production think this is the stupidest shit ever.

>not centaurs
what a waste

I'm sure they've seen worse

The idea is good but it's ruined by the horse owners who don't want to show their horses in any setting that could be controversial, ever, nor show anything that could portray any other activity than horse racing as fun.

I really hope it's good.

I'm ready for more horse friends

Horses shouldn't this erotic.

Let's be honest here. The horse part can be dropped. Just make it a track and field anime.

So no glue factory?

So the girls are based on real horses? That's kind of neat. I feel bad for the people that are going to have to see their waifu put down.

This. Why even make them horse girls if you're only going to give them ears?

Wow, I found a girl that Lucilia reminded me of. Can't wait for the anime, i think it's gonna be really fun.

Judging the PV, it's just your generic cgdct
Vodka best girl.

>generic cgdct
So what? It's one of the few shows that are not sequels, or a remake. It's also being made by P.A.

Looks like shonen cgdct with horse girls to me, and that's great.

Cute horses doing sports training

Who gets to go to the glue factory?
Who breaks her leg and gets the shotgun?
Who goes to breeding camp?

Asanagi is going to have a field day.


What, did you expect them to have actual horse shoes when they are basically humans?

Tell that to /mlp/