Koi wa Ameagari

Episode where?

i don't know but it aired since raws are available on nyaa

3 hours late


out on KM for 3 hours


Someone check if the subs uploaded by [Enjoy] are legit.

It's depressing how little attention this series is getting on Sup Forums.
Even Kino no Tabi got more lively thready than this.

I don't mind. Less shitposting and more comfy.

Seems okay if you haven't checked yet.

Everyone who likes this show is a teenage girl right?
I mean, just watch the OP.

Yeah, sure, we're all teenage girls here.

I want to commit a crime.

I'm a 25yo bald guy.


So how come the author hid Akira's father's face for the entire chapter where she spent the day with him?
Is it implying that she has daddy issues and he looks exactly like Masami?

There are no men on Sup Forums

Akira pleases old men for love!

We're all girls here my man.

Fuck no, I'm just a little girl like everyone else.

I remember reading something like that.
Where girl associated reading a book with being fucked.

I have no idea how I misread love! as novel.

>he looks exactly like Masami?
He doesn't.

Then why hide his face? Or do they show his face in later chapters?

I don't think it's that he looks like Tenchou but more the general daddy issues part. Dude seems like fairly normal dad material aside from the divorce situation, which isn't that uncommon. But Akira certainly seems to have some sort of repressed issue with her dad that hasn't been explored yet.

>[Commie] Koi wa Ameagari no You ni - 06 [0F4D4B48].mkv


No commie, I refuse. I'd rather wait, you bastards.

At your local sandwich shop.

normally i'd wait but im getting impatient now

Post-GG Sup Forums has shit taste, news at 11.

just watched them, they were legit
episode was excellent as always
those last 5 minutes or so in particular got me hard



A good episode of Violet, now a bad episode of Koi wa Ameagari.

Are you fucking niggers shitting me?

>desperate for episode, check out streaming sites
>out on kissanime
>most cancerous subtitles I've ever seen

>A good episode of Violet
It was literally just shoujo shit. Some pretty boy falls for Violet but of course she doesn't give a fuck because she's obsessed with Gilbert.

There's [Where's HorribleSubs]

She has no Daddy issues, it was just for us and her to imagine Kondo in his place. Both treat her like "a kid".

>trying this hard to fit in

>watching both of these shows
You disgust me. I came into this thread to ask why you faggots would watch shit like this instead of enjoying only VEG, and lo and behold there's a faggot that's trying to enjoy both.

VEG is the one true AOTS this thread can't even get 50 replies after an hour.

I've yet to watch the new KoiAme episode, but yeah Violet's one was pretty good.

Bitch this is a thread for a shoujo anime, are you lost?

You don't want to see the font they use in that shit release.

>this thread can't even get 50 replies after an hour.
Because subs are late as hell.

It's called GAMERGATE you newshit. I swear to fucking god this website is rotten.

What a goofball

Just change the font then

Unironically neck yourself.

>Bitch this is a thread for a shoujo anime
Except it's not you fucking retard. Koi wa Ameagari is a Seinin. Go back to your Violet Shitgarden threads please.

I like Koi wa but it's not really a discussion kinda series so I don't usually come to the threads for it

It's a romance with realistic characters who aren't otaku pandering stereotypes - not NEETs, "quirky" retards who can't communicate properly, girls who are inexplicably into male hobbies (looking at you Yuru Camp), etc. - much of Sup Forums is triggered by this for whatever reason, probably the usual underage incel types

What the ever loving fuck does Gamergate have to do with Sup Forums? Fuck off back to Sup Forums faggot.

I'm a shoujofag
This isnt a shoujo

Oh boy, the "I''m a female guys!" poster is back. Reminder to ignore the dumb cunt.

Read this post you dumb nigger. You people are so new you don't even know what GG is and why Sup Forums got infected with shit taste by it.
Y'all need to neck yourselves asap.

I thought you spergs had left.

I purposely avoid most of the threads because the ones I've seen have all been filled with faggotry about the age-gap.

It can easily be discussed, but the problem is that you have a few anons here that have to rant & rave about how discussion is just "inserting your fan fiction/headcanon" into the story, ultimately killing the threads.

Better yet, don't download and wait.

See people, that's why we don't have more threads discussing this anime, because Sup Forumsnons are stupid annoying idiots.

There's nothing wrong with Yuru, it's hardly a problem around here. Triggershit, on the other hand is the problem.

Shit this whole ep alone was kino

I know what GG is, I'm asking what it has to do with anime you stupid fuck. Literally nobody cares about it on here. Also my sides at you calling anybody a nigger when you unironically use "Y'all".

The people who initially replied to that post did not. You might not like the idea of big events changing this site as a whole but they exist, GG is one and I believe Sup Forums before it would've given this show more attention.
Hence, that post. Stupid cunt.

Why are these thread always like this? Where do retards like this and come from? Tumblr?

I thought he meant gg because at least that made sense in relation to the late subs.

what the fuck do those two posts have to do with each other?

>GG is one and I believe Sup Forums before it would've given this show more attention.
Well then congratulations, you're a retard. Serious romance anime like this was never really popular on Sup Forums newfag. When Ristorante Paradiso a anime with pretty similar subject matter was airing, it barely got any threads and the ones that did exist were usually pretty empty. I don't know where you're from, but you need to go back and take your retardation with you.

Both were made by retards

Bullshit. Sup Forums drooled over many romances before, many of which were movies.

>It's depressing that Sup Forums doesn't like [show] more
Why is that depressing?

That user clearly wants to shitpost about it and is very jelly that franxx and veg absorbed all of the seasonal shitposting.

My fucking heart, why couldn't this smile have been protected?

What does this expression try to convey?

>mistakes were made

Because the author trolled us into thinking he looked like Kondo during all the chapter, but in the last page she wrote "Akira's dad: he doesn't smoke. He hasn't a bald spot either" to show us he is different from Kondo.

Why did the anime get rid of the bald spot?

why does commie use the phrase "pure literature" instead of belles-letres

I also thought he meant the sub group because I'm not a crossboarding shithead and was wondering what their death specifically had to do with Sup Forums's taste.

sage for meta post.

The manga is serialized in a seinen magazine. You better fucking read up on demographics you little shit.

Well, for simplification of the character design, maybe? Anyway also in the manga the bald spot got fixed, and Kondo is really happy.

Waiting on 1080p, don't die on me yet thread

>now a bad episode of Koi wa Ameagari.

Bad? Just because it wasn't about romance? This manga isn't really about romance, honestly it's way more aboput life in general. The romance is an excuse to explore the characters' depression and sense of failure. I think here on Sup Forums it isn't really popular because the average age of the users is too much low.

>17-25-18 minutes
What kind of weird frequency is this?


That looks really weird. Is that an in-between frame?

It's not weird, it's okay.

>They draw her chin
Are you retarded

Yes, where does her neck ends and her head begins?
Is she a frog or does she just have the neck of a fatfuck?

user it's not wrong. It's well drawn.

First half of the episode was a bit of a chore, but the end is pure poetry. Love how they visualized the "sea" metaphor.

>anti-suicide nets
Are they trying to tell us something?

Yeah. One of the main topics of the show is depression. Probably, it's THE main topic.

>They skipped the ice cream scene
Those bastards.


Oh, and also the hamster scene.
I mean I get why, but still.


She also shares umbrellas with them.

What the fuck.