One Piece

Putin killed English scanlations, this is all you get.

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If katakuri is Yonkou tier does this make Luffy pirate king tier?

Nice Luffy

I’m still mad about Luffy losing to Sanji.

Have some lewd LuVi before I go to sleep.

Please don't wake up.

Putin what?

This is not even Russian. It's Kazakh or Uzbek or something.

Why is he so cute?

Some of Whitebeard's commanders were pretty shit in retrospect. I mean Ace wouldn't have been able to beat a single one of the sweet commanders

>implying luffy is winning

That was kino.

Vivi is the best girl and I'm excited to see her return to the spotlight.
I hope she doesn't suffer too much.

Why does Katakuri make Flambe so moist?


oda is going senile, this is the end

So then katakuri is pirate king tier?

Eels tend to be wet.

Snakeman is just a skinner bounceman.

so was Whitebeard if we're being honest.

>snakeman isn't vore

repost it here opie that site is super congestionated.

Boneless bounceman

So that’s why it’s called that.

You're gonna have to wait for frogman.

Tankman is vore

I want to breed with Carrot.

Speaking of vore does Boa Sandersonia eat people?


Boundman could do that too. It's snakeman because it is slim and fast.

Childlike reaction to something he doesn't understand + inclining the head being a seduction cue.

Get in the line faggot.

Whitebeard pirates opposition >>>> Big Mom pirates opposition

>that stupid long hair Luffy spic meme came true
El Luffy Negro

I'm Russian and what the fuck is this language?

Why aren't you moist for Katakuri?

I was hoping for something more like this.

I think he meant Luffy's hands, they look like snake heads

does the mexicans have this chapter too that site is too slow.


Im not gay now Smoothie makes me moist if you know what I mean.

That's mongolian. I'm not joking.


>Jaimini still not out
For fuck sake

That extra air from Boundman form had to go somewhere else.

Are 11 inch cocks considered dicklet tier to a woman as big as Smoothie?


Reminder that snakeman is based on this

Stupid frogposter

What the deal with chinese cultures and that floating scarf above the head? It's literally everywhere.

Isn't boundman too? They both look like deva statues even that sound they make when is boucing sound like something you hear in temple


Fashion if /fa/ could have one of those it would be eternal trend.

spiderman when?


convert the characters into latin, let's take a look.


her hand can literally wrap around a normal human being, what do you think

English translation when?

Russian here. It's fucking hilarious to watch Big Mom's Whole Cake Island crash and burn. But in all seriousness, we can't let the Snakeman get his hands on the One Piece coordinates.


>Bi iluu hurdan bolson

English translation when cunts?

One piece is crazy good this week

>this week

looks like mongolian.

Hackda ripping off HxH again

Any chapter with Katakuri in it is crazy good.



Holy fuck, legit one of the best panels I've seen Oda draw all year

>all year joke in February

Can someone dump the mongolian chapter? I wanted to watch the pics again but it's slow as fuck

>random scribbles on his back
Is that patchy back hair?

Buenos músculos

You're in a bar and suddenly this dude appears behind you after slapping one of Big Mom daughters ass. What to do?

it looks like he took an impact from an attack

If someone wants to join, go on

looks like the gear second stance

Offer him some Mochi to calm him down. Maybe he was attacked by a snake outside.

Definitely one of the most badass.
Katakuri makes Doflamingo look like a fool as a villain.

>Katakuri starts copying Luffy's Gears

the main got cucked. It happens

god bless Russia. For mother Russia!

Is that a homage to g2 luffy?

Thank you user honestly it's a relief to be able to put a name and a meaning on this.

I want to marry him so I can cut his back's hair and feed him with donuts. Basically I want to be his Baby-5



>He clads his hat in haki to protect it
Its the little things.

Oda, where's Luffy's Queen Vivi?

omg berserker mode

This reminds me one of the gomunkuls (greed if i'm not mistaken) in FMA 2003.

Charlotte D. Luffy


user, it's the hat Bege gave him. It's been there, covering the straw hat, the entire time.

Power creep, user. Haki was yet to be introduced, though it was suggested that Ace was capable of using it. Which would suggest that Teach and his crew had it...

Haki would change a lot of the fights we've seen if it was used then like it is now.

He's still got the bege hat on top of it.