Its official, latinos just killed Astolfo

Its not that bad, not that I am going to see this garbage anyway. Seriously, Fate/Acro is such a shitty anime.

>""español"" """"""latino""""""


Holy fuck
Anime dubbing is shit.

What the fuck?
That was straight up annoying I had the close 2 second after hearing his voice.



they tried to make it sound androgynous, and sounds like chihiro getting fucked in the ass

Puta madre así no podré fantasear con mi trapito ;-;

Latin dubs went to shit yers ago (specially Mexican dubs), eva, ranma 1/2, db-z had very solid dubs back in the day

They started to get more "professional" and went to shit

>Hear only 2 phrases.
>Stop the video

To be fair, in most spic countries, faggot is still a bonafide insult. The implication that Astolfo was supposed to be attractive was probabpy lost on them.

>male character has a male voice
faggots btfo

Well, at least they nailed the 'annoying'.

>doing an ambiguous voice so people won't feel bad when they fap to this trap shit

it is good and bad at the same time. Traps were a mistake.

just like american voice actors? makes sense

Basically, yes.
Latin american people loved their dubs because they sounded genuine, it wasn't this forced acting shit.

I actually find Astolfo's spic voice kind of cute.
Is something wrong with me?

You might be a faggot then.

Why is Netflix shiling the worst fate entry

>when it is so bad it becomes funny

the entitlement of voice actors in general will be their demise. Most companies will not put on with their shit and they will just hire traditional actors. It's already happening in videgames.

Little witch Academia dub is actually kind of good.
Despite the errors it feels more genuine than other recent dubs.

This sounds really done by amateurs.

Is there a Citrus spanish dub?

It would kill them to pick people whose voices fits the characters (or at least, be close to the original's one)? I've been hearing some anime dubs lately, and they suck. And I fear that my opinion is mixed with nostalgia about the 90's and 00's dubs.

apo is a huge cocktease he never cudles with him never kiss him never never.
i hate straight anime so much

I don't know shit about fate but this gave me a headache.

1. >Dub
2. >Latino
3. >Guy
4. >Fateshit

Who the fuck cares?