Was it really a flop or was it successful but simply not Fate-tier successful?

Was it really a flop or was it successful but simply not Fate-tier successful?
Is there any sales data for Mahoyo?

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>not voiced
>first part of a trilogy
>not drawn by Takeuchi (Koyama is better but japs don't care much about him)
basically people didn't want to buy 3 expensive games just to get an "enhanced" edition with VAs and shit in a year, TMs jewish tricks failed them for once

people feel awkward about sexualizing aoko

without characters to sexualize a type moon property will fail

>Aoko, the MC of expensive visual novel is less popular than Touko, supporting character from 20 year old LN and 10 years old anime adaption
It bombed hard, really fucking hard. Nobody even remembers the MC anymore

This too, its generic and doesnt have shred of style like Fate did. Hell, VAs would have had helped a lot more than flashy albeit rubbery visuals. The plot wasnt that great either. It doesnt have any Shiro/Archer gimmick or any interesting characters really. Also no powerlevels, thats the nail on the coffin
Realta nua was a success though. Its not like Rin, Saber,Sakura or god forbid Illya look any better than Aoko, Touko or Alice. The mahou characters had arguably more sex appeal too.

>Mahoyo bombed
Nice meme.

Well, wheres that second installment user?

>less popular than Touko

>6 years old polls
Dumb aokofag. Touko is 10th and worst sister is 12th

It's not flop. Stop parroting dumb shit.

That's a poll only for doujin circles, dumbass. The one he posted is the last official, unrestricted popularity poll to be held.

Come on now user, its in the Typemoon ace. No need to be in denial

>less than a 1000 votes for whole deal
This might as well be poll on Sup Forums

>its in the Typemoon ace
Your'e not even trying.

Thats a decent sample size though, also the sample size is way over a thousand

It's Comiket popularity poll. Never trust "Mahoyo bombed" posters.

>Dumb aokofag. Touko is 10th and worst sister is 12th
Touko plebs in charge of reading.

17立 蒼崎橙子
20立 青崎青子

Which one is the top and bottom?

Do you need to ask?


It's true.
You should fate/stay made user

>basically a magic nerd vs "can fight servants"
take a guess

>Aoko can fight servants

Beamu spam vs Nasu's magibabble and philosophy mouthpiece

Yeah, Nasu said she can fight Servants. Also funny you post Archer who recently jobbs wherever he shows up

>Old Tsuki era quotes
Sorry user, thats retconned now

Then post new quote that said she can't fight Servants

reasons why aoko can fight servants:

shitty magus rin can take a ton of hercs lives shooting her crappy magic at him, aoko's power level at shooting beams is way biggerer and is True Magic so magic resistance barely means shit

aoko would be the "underdog" in any situation against a servant as its some crazy mythological hero vs a pedo wizard, underdogs win literally every time in type moon works

it's this simple

>Q: It has been said that a certain Aozaki cannot even defeat a serious Caster, is this "certain Aozaki" Aoko Aozaki? Is this an assessment based on Aoko using True Magic?
>A: "A certain Aozaki" includes both Aoko and Touko. In a magecraft battle by modern standards, a "magus" who is capable of defeating a serious Caster does not exist.
Since she is weaker than Caster without sucker punching her like Rin, there is no way she is able to stand against a real "nonshit" Servant. Medea in the end is a Gilgamesh tier jobber after all

Sure, she might be able to beat Shakespeare too if you stretch it but anyone can do that

Nice headcanon user.

>Talks about old quotes
>uses one that came out before Mahoyo
>In a magecraft battle by modern standards
So as long as she's not using true magic

>True magic doesnt count as modern standards
Come on now, its not like it doesnt exist or isnt used user.

>uses one that came out before Mahoyo
Check the date again fag

>There are only 5 true magic users in the world, each using different one
>True magic count as standard magus battle

It's also 15~20 hours long and anyone not legally retarded know they are going to release a "definitive enhanced edition" with voice acting down the line. (Realta Nua is a thing after all)

It wasn't a flop.

>6 years and no definite edition

Mayo sold more than FSN

Aoko can even fight Arcuied with beamspam, and Arcuied can deal with multiple servants at once when she's not regenerating from being chopped up.

All I know is that it's not fucking fair and TM is now a complete joke and they will never ever do original shit EVER again.
No more nasuverse, it's all Fateverse from now on.