She did nothing wrong

She did nothing wrong.

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I want to make her my cute wife.

Just finished it today, last episode was really good. S2 never ever.

She wants a wife

You're too late, Aisha already did.

She definitely did some bad things, but she felt bad about them so it's daijobou.

I wonder if the thousands she killed would agree with you

The dead don't get to have opinions.

>Can't decide between Rio or Felicia

Traveling with Rio and competing with Kanata for her love sounds like it would be fun but Felicia is just maximum comfy.

Delete this



neither did Oppenheimer, but he had the decency to acknowledge his research as deadly

I know we're probably not going to get a direct sequel but what I want is a kind of thematic trilogy. Each one taking place in the different communities, one could take place in Hopkin's village where we see another side to the Wotos and how they are perceived by the villagers, the other could be from the Holy Roman Empire's POV.

my wife

Can someone help me find out what exact kind of jacket they wear? People say it's the German M36, but with additions like the little hand cuff things.

Is this the most accurate, or is there somewhere cheaper? I impulse bought a patch a while back and now I need the jacket to complete it.

I'm using this image as reference.

>I know we're probably not going to get a direct sequel but what I want
its been 8 years. its time to let go.

You let go. YOU


Try asking the Replica Props Forum on their site or on Facebook. They seem to be pretty resourceful finding where prop costumes came from.

WIll Kanata make her happy?


This is so unfair bros. I hate everything.

I miss the speculah

stacky stacky



>tfw this episode ended up giving me an omorashi fetish
>can't watch it without getting erect now

I wanna drink Kanata's piss!

Bad touch

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She killed millions.

But she saved even more by making the tank operational and playing the crucial role in stopping the war.