ITT: Games that would make for good anime adaptations

And yes I know it has an ova, but I meant a complete adaptation

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>prepare for combat
>meta joke
>prepare for combat
>meta joke
>prepare for combat
>look at this shiny thing you want to whale for
>prepare for combat
Amazing anime.

I want to believe ;_;

>good story
Worse than apocrypha with double the asspulls.

Already better than any other Fate anime.

Are you 15 yo OP?


Only if Scathach is the canon lancer

The series already has 2 manga series and CV was written by a guy who did Super Sentai shows


>anime adaptation
How fucking brainwashed fatefag Nasu cock sucker you have to be to unironically suggest shit like that?


>brainwashed fatefag Nasu cock sucker
Chill down, I'm far from being a "Nasu cock sucker" as I only play GO, I don't have much interests in the rest of his works.

Why so mad?

Please be bait.

There are many like me that play the game but don't follow the franchise in general, its not that weird

Yeah, on trash boards and reddit, both places you should return to.

>trash boards
So Sup Forums?

Fuck off.

Everything writes itself, the filler, the fighting, the cutscenes, it's perfect even for a spectator.

Are all Fate fans this irrationally angry all the time?

Fuck off.

I'll be charitable to OP and assume he's a JP version player who has completely forgotten how utter shit the first 5-6 singularities were.

Only if Astolfo is the canon Rider

FGO has the worst writing out of any Fate media.

Make me

Fuck off.

>It's another Sup Forums hates GO thread

Make me

Hopefully V3 never gets a butchered adaptation like DR1 did

>good anime adaptation
>not best meme adaptation

You know nothing.

I want to belief

>13 episodes of FGO writing
No thanks.

Please be bait x2

kirei the anime

>not posting the SUPERIOR version

Never ever, at best we get HA in ten years or so

Demonstrating how one franchise can use more than one approach to an anime adaptation; some videos show a more liberal possible interpretation of the events, others satisfy the curiosity of seeing how more accurate adaptations would look like.

Isn't it obvious? He's obviously a bitter Tsukihime faggot.



Depends on which singularity you are talking about. Not about to defend disaster that is Septem.
I really liked Babylon.

By complete you mean the events too right?

Either first or Second one.

Hell even X would be good.

Is that Spirit of eternity sword 3?


How many seasons would it take for the plot to stop being a complete and utter afterthought? Maybe 5 or 6 before they can reach Camelot. Sad thing is they could get there too if they included game bonuses on the BDs.

>chrono trigger
(full series)
>Rocket Slime
>Dragon quest 8 or 6
Make it happen toriyama

>breath of fire III or IV
could be interesting

>Any Mario RPG
>Seiken Densetsu 3
> Wario ware
>Minish Cap
> Tingle RPG
>Mother 3
> Pokemon Mystery dungeon 26 episodes
Nintendo should have been on this.

>Arc the Lad 2 (It needed to be done by a better studio than bee train and needed more Diekbeck and Choko)

Reallywhimisical worlds.

> Pokemon Mystery dungeon
better than ash's bullshit

>Valkyrie profile
>Makai KINGDOM, Phantom Brave, Disgaea 5
(get trigger or studio I.G. to handle it; remove the fanservice and focus on monsters and special attacks)

What do you think?

Would be perfect if it followed the series release order, with OVAs covering MG1 and 2.

Yes, it explains a lot about why you retards think FGO anime will be good.

You already got Fate/zero

It is and it finally began commercialization quite recently. Load of setting material doujin books, OST, sound dramas...the next step I hope will be manga based on the doujin+sound dramas, then followed by the main sequel game. Maybe then anime if the game becomes popular enough.

Neverwinter Nights

Sure why not?

>tfw they fucked up so hard with Boudica that the most historically accurate portrayal of her is in the events where she fucking goes berserk on romans

this and SMT

>Double teamned junglefever

Man, I used that ending as fap material for a whole month

Only the singularities Nasu wrote.

>no Asura's Wrath

It pretty much already is an anime

It's basically already an anime though, so how do you differentiate it?