Which anime adaptation are you waiting for, Sup Forums?

Which anime adaptation are you waiting for, Sup Forums?

Sup Forums vs Sup Forums: the final showdown

Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai...
I just hope I'm not disappointed with the movie

Komi San

Nagatoro is just a poor man's Takagi now they betray their own premise (sadistic love story) and trying to pander vanilla fags instead.


All adaptations are shit. I only come here for manga and anime originals.

I'm amazed it hasn't been adapted yet. It's so fucking good.


Neverland anime when?

the sadistic version is already out go jerk off to it and stop complaining fag

I don't know if my dick could handle it

Fire Punch, you know it's coming

Just read sundome and ibitsu.
They are great.

We need more yandere.

Confirmed AOTS.

Don't think it would be good. But I'm curious.

I've been waiting for over a decade for a Pokemon Special anime adaptation, and i will continue to wait until i die or it gets made

Special OVA covering the extra chapter when they had sex in a dream. I'll contribute my own money for such a just cause.


I honestly have no idea how people would react to this getting an anime.

The rest of Haruhi and Spice & Wolf.

Are there honestly any chance of either of these happening?

eww no thanks

>Which anime adaptation are you waiting for, Sup Forums?

No, because (((Kadokawa)))

Its too good thats why
the strings of fate prevent it from ever being adapted so those who read it can keep their treasure for themselves


whats this?

Still waiting for the adaptation of Onani Master Kurosawa (and god forbid they make it an 3 ep ova or smth like that)

Fumetsu no Anata e

>Pokemon Special anime adaptation
bahahahahahaha its never gonna happen user

I really want to see voynich hotel animated as I'm sure most of Sup Forums does

no studio could make onani any justice
>shaft would be too abstract and pretentious
>kyoani would fill it with filters and make it too melodramatic
>madhouse completely depends on the director
>bones is better at action than drama
>the rest of the studios are just whatever

It could pretty easily be done as a one-cour adaptation.

shit taste

Alternatively this

This 100%

none. anime adaptations do nothing but tank discussion threads by attracting the attention of normalfags who think Sup Forums is their "le epic shitposting website." Nagatoro is pure and doesn't deserve to have such scum shitting up her threads.


This reminds me a bit of Gustave Dore.

Tbh most of my desires were fullfilled in 2017 and 2018. The only 2 manga left that I would like to see animated are Kaguya sama and Love Roma

I'm exposing my newfag here but what is this


Nagatoro threads are already trash so an adaptation isn't going to change anything.

also Boku wa Ohimesama ni Narenai
and Horimiya to get a proper anime

Spirit Circle

This, by Shaft.

its gonna happen


Seconded; Neverland is great.

As for my own personal choice, see pic related

Dungeon Meshi

by Kyoani


gimme a cast

Yes and no.

Gal Gohan with Junichi Suwabe and Kana Ueda

You know the bantz would be wonderful

Amano Megumi, although it's just another blue balling mess
Kaguya-sama and Komi-san
Jitsu-wa Season 2 Hataraku Maou-Sama Season 2 and Ojojojo
And probably the most unlikely, Blood:Sign
Fight me you fucking faggots

>I love you
>I know

Why not? Beastars would work great with the use of Kyoani's light effects and fluid animation. Also, Juno is just a furry Kumiko so that part is already done

Onanie Master Kurosawa and Saint Seiya G


I dunno man, maybe animals would look interesting, but i'm tired of Kani style.



That's not demon loli wife is it?

I am literally dedicating my entire life to making enough money to single handedly fund an anime adaptation of biscuit hammer.



Eldritch ex-wife

The time-traveling adventure from the guy who did Zipang that will never ever happen because the music royalties alone would cost more than the entire production.

elf can't diet anime when?

Romi Park was great in the vomic.

Who would "voice" Komi? Tadano seems like he would be good with Kenji Nojima.

"Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!", naturally.


I'm apprehensive. I don't think they'll be able to capture the manga's humor in an anime.

Yes to all of the above! I'm really impressed by the excellent taste of so many anons in this thread.

I'd add Gotoubun no Hanayome and Bokuben

For real? How?

From the ones that are most likely getting one: Dr. Stone. One I would really like but I'm afraid of the JWWW effect, Komi-san

It would need a damn good studio to pull it off.

thank you senpai

This shit is fucking awesome but it will never be made into an anime.

This would be amazing probably.

Who do you think would be the best studio for it?

Why not fund it ourselves?
There should be a ton of anons "rich" because of cryptobubbles.
We had this discussion before, don't a season for a typical show takes something like $1kk? Or it was $1kk for every season we needed to finish S&W?

>Beastars gets an anime
>Sup Forums go on rampage about the MC falling for a literal whore

I'm not even counting the fact that it's furshit. Trust me, it's better not

>An MC who actually has the balls to stand up and fight back against a ucking yandere
>also MC Vs Villain which also happens to be MC Vs Love Interest
>Eldritch horror Love Interest

Sunrise or Kinema Citrus.

A hundred times this.

Yagate kimi ni naru

Vinland Saga would be cool

Slow motion

Honestly, Shaft's eccentric style especially with lighting might be interesting. Or it could totally suck, probably 50/50 with Shaft. I've personally always liked Madhouse, but it would need to be a studio that could probably capture the faces.


It would also need a good group subbing it, because I guarantee CRs would be shit.


I know it would be a colossal pain to adapt, but it still saddens me I'll never see the detective duo and conquering the world through jewry and seduction

But it did? Two seasons, it made no sense and not even Jun VA could save it, it was a fucking mess.

It'll never happen.

Great fucking taste
>almost 100 posts
>no mention of kaguya
I would like it to not be SO cutesy, but focus on the comedy