Miira no Kaikata

>Nothing to see here, move along



Moegi being tucked in was super cute. As was pretty much everything else.

It's getting progressively better as more character are added. Now i'm legit curious when the blond guy will appear. And who the hell is he supposed to be.

My 2nd favorite time of the week: cute mummy doing cute things!

I'm dying

Next week

shes so cute

Look at this power team.

>a cake will never love you like this


why live bros

Cover this up please.

I want to stare into her eyes forever.




>anal feet

My reaction exactly.

>this whole episode

>dragonite VS oddish


Behold, for I have conquered Mount Butt.



>mfw I will never have my own Mii-kun plushie
I want death

I will be the mii-kun plushie in your heart user

Are the eyes embroidered now? I need embroidered, no rubber print on shit.

Dont play with my emotions user

Her haircut is something else. I want one.

Is the show popular in Japan?

sell me on this, /x/

Fuck off.

I know is that one specific area in Australia watches it over other season big hitters on Crunchyroll and that it never appears on those blueray sales thread listings. I understood that China loves it for some reason though.

My god, they're like hamsters, but smarter. Where do I find my local creature?

I don't know about Japan, but Portugal loves it.

Bros, does anyone else here want to FUCK Moegi?

based suebis

>dat haircut
>dat wide eyes

I want that weird blue star whale-pig thing. Can't wait for it next episode.

Patrician taste.
Do I need to say it?

So this is an anime about a tiny mummy trying his best and making friends right?

So we all agreed that Isao > Mii > Conny, right?

Add "taking care of those tiny friends" to the list and you got it.

I cant put anything above Mii-kun after the scene where he nursed Sora through the night by acting as a forehead cooler.

So if I'm stressed and having a very very bad not good time it might cheer me up?

I can promise you that the series will leave you feeling better.

For a while. Then you'll get depressed that they will never be real.

Thank you user

That's okay, I'm used to it

The blue pig thingie is tapir/Baku right ? The one that eat nightmare.


Seems like it. Pretty safe to assume that the blonde guy is having shit dreams that leave him tired but Mr Bluething solves that.

>a cute lil mummy buddy will never write you a platonic love letter
why live

>"Always together"
I almost cried



I do

It's a tapir.

>miikun's thoughts are so cute and pure he even includes doggo as a buddy

Bros, when are we getting the doujins


>having to spend all night covering up an unconsciously lewd girl


Sora and Moegi is endgame.



It's endorsed by Sanrio so the merch shouldn't run dry too soon.

Pokemon does a line of badges called 'Always With You', so you get stuff like 'Upa is always with you', and it breaks me every time I see a new release.

Is that a plate of candy floss?

This anime is too cute.


Guys, this is too cute. I'm fucking dead. I have died of a heart attack and am posting from the afterlife right now. It's great; everyone has smol friends of their own.


I love you Weabro!

This and Gakuen Babysitters are going to fucking kill me from cuteness this season.

>72 replies
Isnt this a little too much? Is finally my favourite show taking off?

Such a cute chapter, thought. Looking forward to the blue pig next week

Mii-kun's slowly turning into a dog now.

wan wan

What was the joke about Isao name from the last episode?

It's just a dumb, old fashioned name.

This part was comedy gold. Why is this anime so simple yet so good?

Is he a bad enough dude to rescue the president?

>tfw you accidentally crosspost

Yeah but is Isao a bad enough dude to rescue the president?

>It's an "Isao rescues the president and Mii-kun feels useless" episode

It's OK Mii-kun, you're a far better negotiator on the phone than Conny is.

Was the dragon checking out that Motegi in her sleep?

yes obviously

>little mermaid dies
>mii-kun peeping, crying, shaking

it somehow keeps getting cuter. i don't know if i can take it, but i'm past the point of no return

why does he spook miikun out? is he a sadist

It's actually Isao >>> Mii > Conny.

This is why you shouldn't cut your own hair, kids.

What the fuck is Connys problem?

He's a stupid fucking oni

yes, for the headpats

When you get thrown out of Hell there's only one way back.


How am I supposed to become a Precure if I don't look like a cute dork?

Is this the PG version of Sleeping with Hinako?

That's the best part