People call Miko a lesbian

>people call Miko a lesbian

Are they fucking retarded or what.

Everyone is bisexual in Devilman.

>Everyone is bisexual in Nagai mangas

I don't speak taco, Pedro.

Gays often fuck the opposite gender when they're figuring out and Miko was obsessed with Miki. Yeah, masturbating to Akira's cock and being raped by photographer count as figuring out too. The point is it's always about Miki. That's the only pausible reason Miko could like pre-merge Akira

Then wait until 2040 when Happyscans reach vol 16

Are you kinda ignoring the rapper?

If you masturbate to a boner, then to a photographer raping you, and then fuck some dude to death, you are not figuring out you are a lesbian, you just like dick. I accept she could be a bisexual -her love for Miki didnt seem romantic at all, but what would I know- but she is definitively not a lesbian.

I'm glad everyone is figuring out that devilman is the straightest anime this decade.

Someone translate what they're saying.

This is cannon

Mondo: You idiot! Put some pants!
Tatsuma: But we're alone, and it's nightime.
Mondo: Precisely for that
Tatsuma: Nobody is watching
Mondo: Come on... Are you joking, right?
Tatsuma: Of course I'm joking... but the limits between a joke and a reality tend to be unexpectedely fragile
Mondo: Aren't you...?

AkiraxRyo has been canon since the 70s

I was surprised Miko didn't fuck Akira in a move of spite

Go Nagai is just a horny boy. He likes to smack his characters together like naked Barbie dolls.

Would you?

Based user

Retards on the internet can't into the idea of platonic love. Particularly women. I don't think they understand friendship at all. Fujos aren't right in the head.

I agree. Cant stand this mentality. Platonic love is extremely common.

She tried on episode 1 when there was literally zero competition but even then she failed. I guess god just hates Miko

>Miko would have been an easy lay for Incel Akira if only he wasn't such a faithful Miki orbiter

Even after the merge he's still an orbiter. See >Miki and Miko looking at each other
>Akira looking at his "sister" while Ryo hide his heart
That's why they call him Soybaby

>Search Miko Miki on google
>See the results
Tumblrinas are all over this ship aren't they?

The Mikis have an "I Love You ' scene so people take that as romance. I honestly don't care either way.

Ja ja que jotos.

I mean it's pretty common for girls to tell each other they love each other, especially if they are in dire circumstances. But , there was something about Miko's confession in the room about always loving her and Miki's' I know' that could be up for wiggle room. Miki also never seems to fall on any real side romantically except maybe with the photographer-she treats akira just like family, though I think they do have romantic tension. People can argue it was one-sided, and with Wamu it seemed that way too.

Miko obviously is attracted to men at least.

As soon as I saw Miki(o)'s transformation I knew there would be a lot of lesbian pairings,though, to be honest.

Not the first time they ship a yuri pairing for keeping them apart from the yaoi OTP, neither the last

Yeah..well it's better than trying to kill her off and trying to shit all over her character like they sometimes do (though to be fair some anime has a habit of making the female love interest so lame , and worse chemistry wise than the two male characters).

To be fair, fujos wishing to kill the female lead is an early 2000s thing. Nowadays white feminism is trendy so killing or shitting over a female character is bad. It's easier to ship her with someone else, even better of the same sex

This is getting gayer than expected.

Only Ryo, Koda, and maybe Miko are gay to an extent, but its one-sided extremely as their relationships with Akira and Miki respectively remain platonic. Literally, Akira calls Miki the love of his life in episode 10

yeah my brain is stuck in that time period because I quit hanging around those parts of the internet shortly after high school.

God, Akira may as well be the only good thing about this horrendous cast of characters

This. Satan is a fag who ruined the universe, Miko is a dyke (maybe), and Koda is a bitch.

Miki is alright along with her family though. I like the father.

In the LatAm dub when confronting Ryo he explicitly says she was the "woman he loved".

God I want to fuck her butt while she keeps her outfit on

>Akira and Miki respectively remain platonic. Literally, Akira calls Miki the love of his life in episode 10
Then it's not platonic, but romantic. However, it's also tragic since they never got the chance to develop their relationship further.

Miki always calls him 'family' in Crybaby though, so it's up in the air. Can be argued to be onesided, but eh I don't think it is.

I disagree, but I really like Miko the I am biased.

You mean Satan x Akira.

>yfw all the canon gay characters are terrible people


Crybaby was not subtle, if they wanted to make her blatantly gay, they could've. Especially when you have a legit gay dude in the show everyone ignores because I guess that's how women work.

I said that Akira and Ryo's relationship as well as Miki and Miko's relationship were only platonic. I was using parallel syntax but I guess I fucked up. Anyways, fujo ships are to be looked down upon. Miki and Akira are the only real canon ROMANTIC relationship as seen by Go Nagai's Chara Chibi World or whatever where they literally act like a married couple

yeah can't really argue about this in Crybaby at least. I mean their characters are that way for a reason, but it is what it is.

I know, I know. I am just saying there is a little wiggle room for the yuri shippers to base their argument on. I am playing devil's advocate.

I still don't get it, was the demon who was oozing stuff from her chest and privates that same Miko or someone totally different?

Different character. That was a cameo of the manga Mico.

Ah, I see. Thank you

If you consider Chibi World canon then ...romantic Akira X Ryo is canon because of Neo Devilman. Lmao.

No because that wasn't written by Go Nagai himself. Nearly 17 other authors were essentially making their own rendition of his original work, so they aren't canonical

Miko's character reminds me of pic related

Chibi World on the other hand was Go Nagai's own crossover homage to his own work, so it can be considered that the pairings in that are the pairings that he intended as a whole

Spin off works by other artist aren’t canon. It’s like you are reading an fan anthology.

Yeah but he approved of it, but I guess you make your point.


Og boy that makes....sense...



Look at that face of victory.

I feel like I need to sit down and enjoy the insanity storm this manga is.

You have no idea (page is same girl btw)

Oh no :c



Akira will fall for Satan. All it takes is seeing God's a dick and Satans turn into a incest lesbian (male) and a female who he instantly falls in love with and as soon as he learns was Satan after she became his mom and dad is just to casually laugh at it like old times.

God ruined the universe because he hates life.

Which Go Nagai manga ?

You do know Akira falls in love with Jun Fudou who is half of Satan and once even fucked Honey, whom Violence Jack makes into Satans female half.

Hell Miki's had a better relationship with Ryo than she ever did Akira, and makes Amon into a good guy cause she's his waifu.