Dragon Ball Super

Goku and Vegeta fuse
Go Sparkly Blue
One shot Jiren
use SDB to revive everyone

So easy

With all of that power in the fusion, it would last about a minute and a half.

Plenty of time to fuck Jiren up.

>With all of that power in the fusion, it would last about a minute and a half.

Isn't that about 50% of the time left in the tournament anyway?

Not even that. They would fuse, then defuse a second later.

Jiren would probably be more than enough for Vegito, so what chance would exhausted Vegito have?

There is only 3 minutes left

We have no idea what kind of power Jiren fully possesses, less alone what kind of crazy techniques or abilities he's hiding.
Probably man, I don't even know.

Doubt it. Jiren had to seriously power up to deal with Goku and Vegeta in episode 127. Base Vegito would bare minimum be stronger than ssg goku and then stack vegeta new form on top of it and he'd crush

Jiren was manhandling them pretty easily and didn't seem to be breaking a sweat.
Plus, using the Patora doesn't restore all your energy. They'd still be exhausted.

It did for Kefla. Caulifla could barely even stand up and then when they fused, kefla had 0 issues

Last time they fused to make Vegito they had to use Sensu Beans before fusing.

But what about Freiza? where is he in all of this?

He'll be the one left, after Goku and Jiren eliminate each other

oh I hope so....

Alright, Vegitochads. Let's show just how powerful we are.



Why didn't Jiren just eliminate everyone in the first 2 seconds?

Last arc, getting the shit kicked out of you also meant something unlike this arc where stamina is infinite

>not shit
pick only one


What would you do if Vegito showed up just to lose again?
Going 0-3 would be rough.

> gogeta

not canon

>gogetachad (who are admirable allies of the vegitochads) upset that gogeta isn't canon

Don't worry bros. One day you'll celebrate.

kefla is non canon too yet she is more powerful than blue vegito.

My fucking sides

ah ah ah..retardados!

I would wank fpr the whole 30 seconds he's on screen.
I don't mind him jobbing as long as he proves to be the strongest. Also pic related.

First off that's not true and second that's also not true.

>being this apprehensive
Insecure, much?

Leave Jiren to me!

> Vegito is a Jobber
> Kefla is stronger than Vegito
> Jiren is stronger than Vegito

AntiVegito Fags are autistic

Leave Jiren to US

Why does this character make this board so mad?

Reminder that Shin said Vegito blue might be > Beerus in the F Trunks arc

Goku and Vegeta are both far stronger now with the MSSB Form.

MSSB Vegito has more power than every GoD

>implying cuckgito will ever ever return
HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA he came and he went out without a single victory kek

el hermano

how many villains died to Vegito?

*jobs to CUTEten*

I hope Dragon Ball Super can at least die with dignity and give us a final episode that's not raw bubbling brapping dookie.

Then I want the Big One to strike Japan. Magnitude 9.6, shaking Tokyo apart, destroying Toei and Shueisha. We even learn Toriyama and Toyotaro have perished in the havoc. Manga's stopped with no one to complete it, anime's done, Dragon Ball as an IP is dropped for 5 years purely out of respect because of honor and shit, and China invades.

because of all the cringe spicdom

MSSB Vegeta is strong enough to be GoD candidate.

MSSB Goku is the exact same

Potara multiplier * 2 GoD candidates = ?

>Why does this character make this board so mad?


So....about 15 episodes?

Why are 17 fans not annoying mofos like waifutards and gohantards?

Close but instead
>go blue2Vegeto
>split and Vegeta gets knocked out.
>Goku thinks he's the only one left and ends up beating Jiren in a ragefit
>Freeza then tries to knock Goku off to get his wish granted
>Goku and pals claim victory and revive everyone with SDB

Gohan C A L V O

What happens if Vegito and Gotenks fuse?

Looks like fucking gohan in some shots

Someone ban this mexican fag

Because she went Super Saiyan 2 and dissed Goku. That's literally it, no one would have a problem with her otherwise. Hell, no one would have a problem with her dissing Goku because of course a Saiyan would. It's entirely because she stopped down and dropped the sickest turd on top of what remained of any consistency in this series after Goten already pissed on it and Trunks shoved it up his ass. She simply shouldn't have gone Super Saiyan 2. Super Saiyan 1? Fine. Super Saiyan 2? I'm putting on my misogynist hat: fuck this cunt, fuck this fucking cunt, beat this bitch until she's bleeding from the cunt and throw her against the stove, smash her head on the hot cooker, and stuff her in the cupboard for later sexual satisfaction. Didn't want to accidentally fall down the stairs? Shouldn't have gone Super Saiyan 2, bint.





He powered up a bit and Goku and Vegeta got fucking rekt. Hell, before he had even powered up, he deflected Vegeta's final flash by giving it a mean look.

They haven't been this outclassed since they tried to take on Frieza on Namek, and that time they only won because Goku fulfilled an ancient alien prophecy.

So Sup Forums
What are ur thoughts on krillin fags?


Her fans are insufferable. If you criticize her even a little bit, they get on your dick !

"REEEE, Woman hater!!!!"


Because people refuse to accept that a non-super saiyan other than cuckolo could be as strong as one.

I'm Puerto Rican you retard

Buuhan vs Goku and Vegeta

Goku vs Kale and Caulifla

Jamemba vs Goku and Vegeta

Fusion is THAT broken

*does something retarded and ruins everything for everyone*

Why aren't they just kiting Jiren into oblivion, he's not fast or AoE enough to get everyone in 4 minutes if they're hiding and dodging.

I feel no one knows what the fuck "job" means anymore. It's not synonymous to losing a fight in general. It's a specific kind of losing.

Kale jobbed to Jiren. Freeza jobbed to Godpo. And that was pretty much it. I barely watched much of it, but I don't recall anyone else but the worthless jobbing to the major characters.

>shitpost a storm for months on end because Toei gave your character SS through objectively bad writing (tingles)
wtf why does Sup Forums hate us caulifags so much?

*gets some good episodes out of a trash arc, in a trash series*

So you are the worst of the worst

still dirty as fuck

That's because of bad writing. Fusion isn't supposed to heal you.


>confirmed stronger than gokek by the end of the series

And those same writers would be writing this fight.

I am not mad though.



Not sure if serious. At KaiokenX20, Frieza had to use a few hundredths of his power to stop a massive Kamehameha wave from Goku. In no way has anyone overpowered the protagonists in this way before or since, other than Jiren just now. When Frieza decided to use about a third of his power, Goku was so helpless it was like watching mister Satan trying to take on Kid Buu.

>different brand of shitty spic country
Wow it's fucking nothing.

Dyspo in Katopesla suit could beat Jiren?

It apparently does. Canon and noncanon alike have shown fusion to heal the fusees.

We never saw it with Gotenks because Goten and Trunks were never injured in battle. Goku and Vegeta were in a ruined state by Buu, but Vegetto was in top shape (and he's alive, even though Vegeta's dead). Goku and Vegeta fused into Vegetto against Zamasu after taking blows and again, they were fully healed.

In Fusion Reborn, Goku and Vegeta were nearly dead from Janemba, but Gogeta came at him at full strength. And SSJ4 Gogeta was just hax.

So fusion clearly does heal you.

New bread found

Fusion wasn't available then so I didn't mention it but you get the point.

Vegito would be like stacking ssb on top of vegeta new form, thats absurd

Based breadhan

>confirmed coming back
>confirmed 3rd strongest in the tournament
>confirmed sadala arc

Then why did Vegeta need to eat a sensu bean before fusing in the anime/Vegito ate one in the manga after fusing? Just because their new body shows no battle damage does not mean they're at 100%.

>f-f-f-fusion doesn't heal people!
>literally every fusion going back to piccolo and nail has healed at least one character

>still trying to be relevant
so sad


nice headcanon

So I heard Bulma got a new voice actress?

Goku and vegeta didn’t eat a senzu in Buu arc and Vegito was totally fine

I get why Vegito doesn't get wins, but it's not fair lads. We're supposed to be the chads

Piccolo tried to stall Super Buu a few minutes until Goten and Trunks wake up because they were tired as fuck from their training.

They hadn't really taken much damage


The things are going it is pretty obvious mastered UIJ Goku is gonna be the one to defeat Geran.


All fusions are jobbers by default