What's her damage?

What's her damage?

Lack of vitamin D.


Casualties: /u/

too cute

not gay


She's been overly sheltered and reality hasn't caught up to her delusions yet.

Future School Shooter

Next chapter translation when?

>LL aired 5 years ago
>all hope for S2 is lost
Just end it.

Nothing, she's a normal girl.


I will never, ever forgive /u/ for this. Those stupid cunts need to suffer for what they did

At least we have Sunshine.


I'd honestly be fine if the manga at least had consistent translations

Royal does his best

Stop posting and go back to work

>tfw we'll never seen Riko admit her crush, Yan blushing hard over Maki, or the gakuren scenes animated

The exact moment the show turned into shit


Explains why you have shit taste


Still the best Chinatsu Akasaki role (along with Yasuna).

The girls in the gakurans and nekomimi would just be too cute for this world.

too fabulous.


No but seriously, Commie subs for Love Lab in particular are shit. They even translate Yan as Jan.

Is that really such a big problem? I watched it when the show aired



Pretty sure they had the best translation for Wairudo no Kimi at least.

>a show about girls starting a "How to get a boyfriend" club triggered /u/ so hard it melted the show

I watched it using Commie initially and if I recall correctly there are also a few jokes that were lost in translation.

What exactly happened with /u/ and Love Lab?

/u/ got "mad" that there was no yuri. That's it

Just a bunch of trolling as usual, some by butthurt yurifags and some by people pretending to be butthurt yurifags.


If only.. Too bad this kind of SOL stuff is set up to sell like shit.


There was a lot of yuri but it was RUINED by the later episodes.
Just what were they thinking?

>There was a lot of yuri

>There was a lot of yuri
define yuri user

In your headcanon perhaps.

>There was a lot of yuri
Now THIS is shitposting

>There was a lot of yuri

>There was a lot of yuri

The absolute 10/10 yuri tensions in this show made up for the lack of actual yuri.

>being so triggered you have to samefag this hard
Sasuga lovelab fan.

Stop LARPing, user

nice try /u/rinal

Shut the fuck up you retarded yurifag.

Not getting a s2
>you will never see Riko's grandpa chapter animated

By 2021

you will never see the Jew Tamer make his magic

Seriously, is Royal having problem with Cleaning/TS or something?

Why keep making anime if nothing will ever be better than rabu rabo?

How the fuck did he manage to tame her?

>Seriously, is Royal having problem with Cleaning/TS or something?
Well, go ask him

You will never see Yan bullying the Jew Tamer

Royal's staff is slow as shit, and he probably doesn't have as much time himself either.

They thought the show would be filled with y/u/ri shenanigans, but became upset they found out it was just dick-crazy sluts.

Is the Jew Tamer using charm on Yan?

God, I wish I were her brother.


Why are her eyebrows so beautiful?

This is the moment when the y/u/ri ship sank so hard that it became the /y/aoi ship instead

me on the left

Is this from volume 13?

Wait, how many volumes are out, and how far are our translations?

There are 13 volumes out now and the translations are at the beginning of volume 10.

Beginning? We're more than half way through 10.

No, it's completely my fault. Our new RD has worked all the way up to V10 Chapter 13 and my typesetter is fine. I've just been very distracted these past few weeks and it doesn't help that I'm looking to switch jobs. We'll try to put out a couple before I get busy with moving etc.

Looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks for your and your teams' work.

I want to cum on her eyebrows.