Tonikaku Cawaii chapter 1

I had some free time, so i used the very good translations some Sup Forumsnon provided in a previous thread and did the typesetting + minimal cleaning and redrawing for chapter 1. I intend to do chapters 2 and the Kumeta bonus chapter, as well. It's not an high quality scanlation by any means (other than the translation itself), but i hope you enjoy, regardless.

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>he can really study
Bokuben BTFO







>that coffee
Is this actually the story of Tommy Lee Jones as a kid?


Guess I shouldn't bother with my version then?


feel free to dump it as well, i only did this on a whim after all

oops, forgot page

well shit

And the last page. Chapter 2 will hopefully be done by tomorrow or saturday.
Also, i'm the typesetter from the Shudan group, so if you read that series, go read the special chapter we released this week because it was cute as fuck.

>I never expected this die this way
Thanks for the dump user, content is always appreciated.

Thanks anons.

Ayylmao waifu?

fixed, thanks

This was cute as fuck and I can't wait to see the rest of it.

I swear to fucking god Hata, if you squander on the chance I'm giving you I'm going to loose it. I cannot go through 10 years of another manga with you if it's going to end like Hayate did.

It actually looks promising. Hope it won't have any harem shit.

alternative version, i think it looks better now

Interesting; Thanks user, checking it out.

That innocent Trauma face on the second panel, my good lord, poor kid.

Never saw a double like that.

TL here. I didn’t know you went for it. There might be some errors in ch 2 so dump here before releasing it next time. Also a bud of mine called the Kumeta one shot.

Missing TL on this page

The Kumeta one shot in particular needs another look, so that’s why I gave it to someone else.

thanks man, interesting so far

alright, will do, also thanks for translating user, did it on a whim but really enjoyed working on this chapter (sorry if the quality isn't that good, though)

yeah, i noticed, here's the fixed version

meant for

Thanks so much for translating this! I've been waiting for Hata's new work ever since Hayate ended.

Alright, dump chapter 2 if you finish and I’ll take a look.

It seems a little generic with the truck and all, but looking through chapter 2 I'm a lot more interested since romcoms involving married couples are sadly pretty rare.

I know Hayate didn't end in a great way, but I still enjoyed the ride throughout the years. If this story has his signature comedy style I think I'll really enjoy this one as well.

Thanks for your hard work! Does Shudan's final volume have an omake chapter?

final volume isn't out yet

I don't mind Hayate dying for this if it becomes something more than "romcom with a twist". That said, the first chapter isn't very promising. Mystery girl still manages to be better than Nagi though.

Ah, ok. Thank you! Hopefully it does though, I'd like a bit more conclusive on the romance side

It would take effort to create a character worse than Nagi (I'm still salty about that). If anything, I'd say that Hata learned from writing Hayate what character attributes readers liked and used that to create a girl somewhat like Hinagiku.

Yep, Im still wondering what was Hata thinking with the Nagi end(maybe becuase she was from the same generation of the other tsunderies with them winning), but I guess he also wasnt that satisfied about the way things went for Hinagiku considering this character

Yes, fucking finally! It took a whole new series for this to happen, but 2018 will finally be Hina's year!

The main heroine look like a apology letter to Hinafags and Athenafags.


hope the author learned from his mistake.

Haven't read Hayate since forever so I don't know why Hina is so loved. I thought people hated tsunderes.

Hina isn't really a tsundere, that would be more Nagi.

Sensei got a spinoff?

Fuck no, avoid anything from this hack, hopefully this flops in Japan.

Do you also work on Be Blues? If yes, thank you!

Thanks anons

Anyone got scans of Matsuena's new work? Hopefully it's full of lewds.

That’s next week man

How is this thread still up?

Only the translator does right now.
It's his solo project in a sense.

Good luck to him then

Oh speaking of which, is it Friday or Saturday for you now OP?

It keeps getting bumped.