Why are reifags still kidding themselves?

why are reifags still kidding themselves?

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Please, we call them spunk nubbers here, remake your thread, and learn the culture before posting.

are you jealous of best girl?

Shinji and Asuka fucking like dogs in heat

You're right, who would settle for that autist when there's really bratty, insecure and self-loathing 14-year-old pussy on offer? Man, I bet Asuka would start crying during sex and wouldn't even know why. That's hot.

why is asuka still fucking filthy negroes?

How many times does this need to be settled? Asukafags have the memory of a goldfish.

>implying Asuka wouldn't power top and murmur goading insults to you in a deathly cold, barely audible voice, waiting for you to break

Also I don't know who you're fooling but that thread got taken over by Asukafags like halfway through lol

Hag with no eva.

good job being shitposters, I guess?

Vote for class rep!

step aside

get out, rebuild shitter

she in the manga too
she's also the only good thing about rebuild :)

Great taste. Retards go after the worst girls on this board.

Hikari a cute and doesnt have a serious mental health issue like every other girl in NGE

It is nothing without Hikari's initial resistance.

t. person who has never read the manga

What the fuck is the source

Come ON

>Rebuild of EoE 6.66 rebirth(true)^3 This Is (Not) The Real End Directors Cut BD Edition




I want Asuka to never shave

I like both.

I like both of them, but dislike Mari

No! You can't do this. You have to pick one.

That's because Mari is a shit character. That's normal. Rebuild is garbage.

Canon ending? You know it.

Yes I can! I like them both quite a bit!

Where they get a cake from if everyone else is dead?

I haven't seen Misato threads here, am I blind?

Misato is a shitty person

She killed Kaji right? That's why she didn't want Shinji to see the message in the dream sequence/or she didn't want Shinji to see her broken in Kaji's death?

It's funny how Asukafags and Reifags are very similar in personality to their respective characters.


they have severe autism and are introverted from posting on large boards

too set in their ways and embarrassed about being objectively wrong for so many years. Don't expect them to ever change

Shinji's a good cook, he could have just made one.

Someone should just fucking compile the amount of results for Asuka-specific threads Vs. Rei-specific uncanny threads, it's uncanny.

Asukafags are the smarter, stronger, and larger force, of course Rei isn't gonna get shit

The only good thing that came out of this horrible mess, such is life.

>Rai Ayanami

it's vastly scewed in favor of asuka threads
>t, disillusioned asukafag that spend like 6 months straight posting in only eva threads a few years back

This thread has been commandeered by the Major!


This post is proof that Asukafags lie to themselves as much as Hillary voters do.

I know its a fictional setting and all, but how the hell was this women let into a military role AND allowed to act as guardian for two 14 year olds whose mental health is a direct factor in humanity's survival?

>Not the tv series

Because Gendo wanted the two 14 year olds to go insane and destroy the world. Try to keep up.

Then why was he dumbass enough to also let Rei go socialize with others, and turn against him in the end?

Cause if he kept her in the tube forever in between missions she would probably turn against him even faster

Because Misato seem to be actually relatively good at soldiering, quick thinking, keeps her cool (as long as her child soldiers don't die), good "tactical" thinking, doesn't afraid of anything. And determined to extermine every single angel and has virtually no personal life.
She's not that bad at her job.

I misread this as killing themselves.

Agreed. But I prefer Asuka. I want to hold her and make her feel better. Also, I love long light-brown hair.

>I want to hold her and make her feel better
She'd ditch you on a date like she did to Hikari's gay best friend. She'd go fuck Jamal or Achmed back home in Germany.

I like the fire-red Asuka myself. But brown ain't bad either.

>Reifags are also Sup Forumstards
It just gets worse and worse.

>Asukafags are also tumblr users
But we knew that from the start.

autism isn't curable

Back to Sup Forums or Sup Forums you go.

Rei's my favorite character, but (and because that) she's very, very messed up. And understandably so. The children in Eva all have somewhat similar issues. They don't all deal with it the same way. And Rei is an *extreme* case. They all have all sorts of emotional issues and being a pilot is pretty much the only thing that makes them feel worthy. Shinji doesn't ever deal with it very well. Asuka dealt with it better, kind of, but she eventually snaps.
In some ways, Rei adapted to it better than the others. The way she was treated was very dehumanizing from the very start. Now she sees herself as barely human. Just a means to an end. She accepted that she was to be nothing else than an Eva pilot. She has become OK with it.
But humans weren't meant to be this way. You see it during her monologue segments. It's a mess of all sorts of ideas. She's very smart, but she's lost in there. It takes her a lot of efforts to keep herself focused. To interface with the Eva properly.
Of course there isn't much of a personality showing in the way she deals with others. She can't even see herself as human. How can she properly deal with others as humans?
I read that her character is a bit of a deconstruction of the typical quiet, shy, submissive girls that are often very popular with guys in anime. It makes sense I think. The writers probably went "What if we amplified this, how would a person like this really be?". I think it was meant to make people question their attitudes towards these kind of characters. But people still waifu the shit out of her kek.

I will ALWAYS bump Asuka threads

I don't particularly like either but I like fapping to them having sex together desu

Good job, you're the first Reifag I've ever seen on Sup Forums that goes into detail about their thoughts without being a raving fucking lunatic.

Also I want to merge with her.

He did a good job. Wish more posters were like him.


>But people still waifu the shit out of her kek.
Bc making a character actually realised and well written just makes them all the more desirable.

>Rei's my favorite character, but (and because that) she's very, very messed up.

No she isn't, Rei is by far the least traumatized character in all of Evangelion. Reifags' strategy is literally to take what people criticize about Rei ('she's a doll' 'she has no trauma like the other girls' 'she canonically lost') and go "I-I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I!", ie. deflection.

Explain so me right now what poor Rei's trauma is. Explain one moment when Rei ever shows the lightest hint of vulnerability.

15 fucking years, 15 FUCKING YEARS, Asuka has been the best girl in this hole for that long, dont delude yourself idiot

Why 15 and not 20?

I think he's talking about how long Sup Forums/ Sup Forums has been up. "in this hole"

Asuka is the ultimate brainlet repellent

*blocks your path*


its unclear, but I assumed it was some random nerv/selee assassin.

I agree, I always saw rei's romantic aspect as a kinda "I can sympathize" light.

That's not even beating a dead horse at this point.
You're outright raping it ferociously.

Why only one?

>same asukafag spamming threads

It's a mystery, OP.

You don't have to waifufag Asuka. I understand why people find her repugnant. She's supposed to be repugnant.

Rei, well, she isn't supposed to be anything. Maybe she's easier to place expectations or certain desirable traits upon than Asuka. Maybe she's a better fantasy-insert-love-interest. I can understand and respect that.

Rei isn't nearly as good as a character though. She isn't human. She was never characterized as human. She was never supposed to be human.

Anybody who thinks Rei is "better" than Asuka is either

(1) a sick person who lacks control over his life, and therefore is sexually attracted to the control he could conceivably have over Rei (which is Anno's whole fucking point in her character, you dumbass),

or (2) simply a child incapable of understanding what's happening; a kid who likes Rei's blue hair and pretty features.

I never really got the appeal of Rei. I mean I guess if you are in too the whole sex doll thing she's somewhat similar. The whole 'lack of personality' thing just struck me as odd.

This Rei image is more disturbing than gore on Sup Forums

Why is that user?

what a cutie :3

Meh I've seen worse.

Rei has a great personality!

asuka is only for black men

Yeah I think a lot of people can relate with her to some extent (while some people cannot relate with her AT ALL). I don't understand how people can think of her as "mai waifu" though. I mean I'm sure it's mostly all just a big joke by now but still.
Can you really imagine her with a bf? I don't think so. You see it in the scene where Shinji meets her at her place and she's naked and he stumbles on her. Scenes like this are usually meant to be sexy, funny and awkward. And formative if the characters are young (even if it goes wrong). Instead it's just awkward. Shinji's freaking out but Rei doesn't even care. At all. She's barely even acknowledging him.
If you think of Rei romantically, this is difficult to work with tbqdesu.
She was meant to be appealing and they used some pretty cheap methods at first. She's so damn cute in many scenes. She's often wounded/bandaged and acting very vulnerable, etc. I mean this is fucking boner fuel.
But then it becomes weird. She's not really submissive/passive/weak, she just doesn't care about anything. She pretty much doesn't care about anything other than her mission. Not even her own safety. She's fearless. Tormented, but fearless. She lives in a different world.
She does make progress with that though. She manages to deal with people a bit better as the series progresses and she does get closer to Shinji (as was planned by Gendo though). And eventually she realizes that she wants a real identity. And at the end she rebels against Gendo. The cloning and Lilith stuff makes it complicated, but still it could have been where she started to develop a more relatable personality and start trying to affect others more actively, etc.
But it's not how things turn out. She might not have gotten too close to people, but she ends up sort of overseeing everyone else getting closer to each others. I think of Rei as not of this world. She's either trapped in her own mind, or encompassing everyone else's minds.

Too bad she got mind broken in that one series

Rei isn't someone to be controlled for some sort of sick fantasy. Isn't she the all powerful celestial being that seizes control over the entire Human Instrumentality Project, defying both Gendo and Seale? Really, I'm surprised there's not more Rei femdom. She's crazy powerful. And scary. But, that's besides the point. Rei isn't just some empty shell to be projected onto. She just places a lot of her personality in others. She serves others because that brings her joy and gives her a sense of self. She just wants to be loved. So, she chooses to love others in search of love. Rei is cool. Also her blue hair is pretty cute.


>Still posting the old model
How's living in the 90s grandpa?

pretty much this desu

What did Anno mean by this?

The horse has been dead for years. We aren't raping it ferociously (anymore), but every once and a while we give it a good whack

they even have the gay piano!