If Yostuba walked up to you and told you to kill yourself, how would you you react?

If Yostuba walked up to you and told you to kill yourself, how would you you react?

She would never do that you provocator impostor faggot. She is good

I would ask where's Yanda

I'd make a hand gun and shoot myself and flop over dead, and then stand up when she starts to freak out

Yotsuba is so pure that she doesn't even know what death is.

try to find fuuka and fuck her

I Tell Dio Brando to stop his bullshit.

A very special issue of Yotsuba and her grandmother visit the oncologist.

Kill yourself, you dumb, retarded frogposter.

I'd laugh and explain to her what dying means. Children under 7 years old can't comprehend what death truly is.

My entire family died when I was 6. I understood perfectly

Good for you.


Are you a shonen protagonist?

She would never, you fiend!

What incredible powers did you end up with and what's your average life now user?

Do it in a heartbeat


Are you trying to start a fight?

You just made a terrible mistake

I died with them and isekai'd to this world


>how would you you react?
i'd do a 360 and leave

Any world with Yotsuba is a world worth living in.

>he posted the frog


Yotsuba wouldn't say something so rude.

It's too late my brothers

i will introduce her to my black friends who may or may not be in possession of illegal drugs and who may or may not rape-love her into a slut.

You have to play along somehow right? I'd pretend to be a monster from precure. Whatever the current saeson's monster is probably would work best which is OSIMAIDA!, but she drew Suite precure that one time so maybe it's her favorite and those were Negatones. Oshimaida's aren't made from corrupting people's hearts though (not Negatones either) and she might be a savvy precure fan (austist like myself) who would complain about that once you got into playing along. Heartcatch did that and it is a good season but it's before Suite and she might not even know about it. Zetsuborg. She probably already loves GoPrincess Precure if she's watching since Suite and it fits the corrupted heart thing. You just have to claim you can feel your dreams being locked/shut/closed away for that seasons monster origin.

>"Kill yourself user!"
>react with stunned shock and then clench chest
>whisper I think I can feel my dreams... closing away.
>struggle for a second then shout
>knock shit over and generally start making a scene

I'd lay off on the alcohol, take a cold shower, go to sleep, and probably try to get some fresh air when I wake up, thinking I've been on Sup Forums for far too long.

I'd drink tea in a cup and play dead from poisoning until she started to worry.