Series you once enjoyed, but now avoid like the plague

Series you once enjoyed, but now avoid like the plague.



So what happened, the romance manga time loop of prolongment?


>hardly any progress between the main couple
>side characters getting more screen time then the main one

>side characters getting more screen time then the main one
This is why I dropped Horimiya. What a pile of shit that became.

I feel you, OP. It's been literal years of nothing. I don't know how you take a concept as utterly perfect as "tomboy tries to get strong childhood friend to notice her" and fuck it up this much.

Spotted Flower.
I just wanted cute married life antics, not hermaphrodite cuckolding.

Erina's dad was a mistake.

Grand Blue...gotten boring

Probably because they constantly blueballs ous, your usual romcom has nothing happening until near the end, here, a bunch of events that would makr Jun notice Tomo or move the plot foward, just to hit a reset botton at the end, and this happen more than just a couple of times

Tomo was never amazing but it was mildly entertaining and easy to digest. I bloody hate it when it attempts to do drama. Those 5 chapters building up to the blonde girl's crying face felt like a waste. Also, hot as she might be, Misuzu is a horrible person undeserving of any of her friends.

Go away oyakodonfag.

>Oyakodon poster has returned

>hot as she might be
Misuzu might be the single most generic 2D girl design in existence. She's basically a fucking template.

If you wanted Japanese food OP, you could head over to /ck/.

All of them

Made in Abyss. It might still be my favorite anime, honestly not sure. My AOTY for 2017 definitely. But the threads are the worst I've ever seen on Sup Forums. The two chapters the Mangaka put out since he finished working on the anime have been borderline fetish fap material that should have been for his eyes only, kinda like the Nisemonogatari novels were for Nisio before his editor forced him to release them. And the Tsukushi is clearly a pedo and I've already accepted that, it's not the imagery that bothers me it's the fact that he seems to be putting more time into exploring his fetishes than actually writing the story. It's a shame how fame can ruin shit.

Go away, normalfag.

I've been here for years faggot. Go back to wanking it to furry trap children.

Mother and daughter!

Whoa. I thought I was the only one.

I realised that MC was a shit when he let snail get erased.

What's your reason?

Damn it op. You remind me of oyakodon.

I can't stand artists that milk their work shamelessly.
No fucking integrity.

what retcons?

You add milk to Oyakodon?

Only watched upto Nise
Horimiya I dropped years ago


Tenchi was one that I loved and than avoided for a long time because the spin-offs were god awful. At least Kajishima seems to be back in charge for the time being.

He brought her back though.

that fucking spoiler killed my interest

I dropped this after mc's mom was revealed to be the big bad. It didn't help that the tsugumomo village arc that led up to it was garbage.

Anything Type Moon, of course.

It's sad being made almost a secondary by refusing to buy into FGO, but it requires having an IQ in the single digits to fall for japanese gacha scams.

I take that as the author realising that killing off such a popular character was a bad move and so undoing it later.
In the original there was no suggestion that erasure was even akin to death. It was total oblivion/nothingness.

MC being able to rescue snail by chance at some later point doesn't excuse (for me) the MC that let her get erased.

The entire series is just Nisio shitting out whatever because he knows people will buy it.

Impossible to follow. Too many characters and art is way too messy

:RE is trash, the first one is great tough.

Even first got too messy towards the end

School Days is always fun.



The death of two major characters, or something else?

probably flute dying

something else

these two are the prime examples for me

followed both since they started and they've both turned to shit

I think the problem with tomo-chan is that it tries too hard to tell a story with the 4koma format instead of just being a pure gag manga. Because of this the author constantly tries to make some sort of "joke" at the end of each panel while simultaneously trying to make a story out of it, which really doesn't end up working most of the time. The manga would be better with a weekly format, the author clearly has an identity issue and has no idea if he wants to make a gag manga or a story driven one.

Type moon

Yea, this. Was great the first 2 season then it just degenerated into otaku pandering fodder.

I'm with you there, all the Tsukihime and Kagetsu Tohya threads lately are rubbing nostalgic salt on the wound.

I never understood the hype for this series anyway. The first few chapters are all literally the same
>invites young guy to eat
>he eats
>says thank you
Boring shit.

But surely there's going to be a way to revert all that.
It is just taking too damn long.

I used to like DBZ but not anymore. Naruto is still good.

I liked Bokuben when it was just the three main girls, I abandoned ship as soon as it was obvious the harem was going to grow in size.

It's not that either, brace for it

kiriha returning?

What. When does that happen, next chapter?

Yoshi is streaming spoilers from chapters that come out in 3-4 months.


Stopped watching after the second

That show is shit


Didn't like 7 and 8

I figured she'd bite it anyway but that's still a bummer, I thought he only streamed the porn bits. Glad I never watched.

hes basically spoiled like 5 chapters ahead of release on his stream

Wow, that's some hard projecting.


My Hero Academia

But I never drop what I start.

Dorohedoro. The """"""final battle"""""" has been going for multiple years straight at this point.

But isn't that something that is expected and desired?

It was expected, but how it was done was retarded.

The problem is that everyone except the author/director just wants an ending. S3 was ridiculous.

OVA 3 is good.

Writing is actual bullshit, talking round and round in circles about something that is either painfully obvious to any remotely functioning human being or some sort of weird made up point about psychology or society. The parts where characters discuss things that are more directly related to the actual events of the narrative are at least hit or miss; Gaen is fucking boring but some other characters have interesting things to say sometimes.

Erina was a mistake

this, the hype died and i don't care for it anymore.


Grand Blue gotten meh when they start doing shit that's clearly not their forte(romance, life advice shit) which they seem to be heading to, and not just stupid guys doing stupid shit

Prison School