Truck-kun just killed you and isekai-ed you into the world of the last anime/manga you watched/read

Truck-kun just killed you and isekai-ed you into the world of the last anime/manga you watched/read.
How do you fare in it?

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I get to have sex with Sakura

death march... do I get the massive op spells too?

Fuck off.

No, you're a level 1 scrub.

>yuru camp
I won.

>user gets isekai'd into a normal world
>some girls camping and shit in Japan
>user still a lonely loser

I fuck Truck-kun.

>being stuck in pop team epic world
That sounds terribad desu

Live in a dorm with tons of cute zombie lolis. Sweet.

could be worse

No established universe. What do?

>Made in Abyss

This would not end well. I would be compelled to explore the abyss and I will totally die doing it.

I am terribly confused.

>Isekai'd in DBS

Shit, tell me I'm a sayan or something like this.

I am terrible at ping pong

Your reality and perception will cut in and out into different scenarios, good and bad, for the rest of eternity. Nothing will ever make sense as you are warped into scenarios and experiance new rules of the universe ever shifting while 2 little girls torment you forever.

You drew the short straw in this bud

>Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

Am I allowed to move, because the town is nuts.

No your a Saibaman

Chuniboyo anime. So I just live in Japan now...

>kill la kill
If i get to be one of her oogling family members thats enough for me. im already poor so not much would change. unless i had to go to school then i might be boned,

Thanks a lot Truck-kun

Well, I end up in Japan. Modern day Japan. I can speak very, very basic Japanese and I can read hiragana. Honestly, my biggest problem is getting back to the States. On the plus side, camping!

>Goblin Slayer
I-I think this is not ending well guys

Hope i can either be a good adventurer or convince ainz-sama not to slay me

Get a free power while you're at it because you're super special.

>yuru camp
Max Comfy

Is it true that if a truck runs me over I will get transported to a magical world or does it need to be japanese trucks only?

As long as I get to be a cute spider instead of some stupid humi or elf I am fine with this.

i'm some nobody on a fucking ship to antarctica so hopefully i die on the expedition to avoid going back to my most likely pointless unfulfilling life in japan

Made In Abyss

Friction Manipulation

Interesting. Would I make it to the bottom of the abyss with thjs?

>Pure soul

I just started watching Madoka.
Do I get to be a magical girl too?

It works anywhere as long as its an Isuzu

>sora yori
So nothing changes.

Is it really an Isekai if I get transported to Antarctica? Either way I'd be a weebsicle in the span of a few minutes.

>Azumanga Daioh

I'm in Japan and it's the late 90s'. Comfy.

...Well, shit.
I become a better trap than Lin

>Temporal whip generation: Ability to construct whips out of time
...the hell does that even mean?

I'd kill myself.

That the hell is a man supposed to do with a pure soul? Will it mean that I would be some weak filled moralfag?

Do LNs count? If so, then DxD. I'll probably try to join a magician cabel and stay as far away from Kuoh and Kyoto as I can. If not, then I join the No Names

If I am a cat or sword it could be fun. Tho random villagers don't seem to have it too bad either.

>zombie lolis
Nigga, that's Madoka, they are suicidal faries

>stuck in the woods
>unable to speak japanese
>without any id or passport
>or pants

>Milk Closet
And I don't even have a tail.

I don't think I can talk fast enough to be in this world.

>How do you fare in it?
Well, better than the MC probably.

>future boy conan
I would've died on that island

>Aquabatics. The power to perform acrobatic stunts while swimming.
W-what do I even do with this

>Koi wa Ameagari no You ni

I become superhuman, but will still never be good enough for Akira.

Last watch was Berserk, last read was Violence Jack. I am uber fucked.

>Koi wa Ameagari no You ni
So i am still a loser? or do I get some high school possy too?


Oh fuck me sideways. Fucking mages.

If I land on the island, it might be fine, although I'm not sure whether insects, jellyfish and wild berries would be enough to live off. Fresh water might also be a concern as well, it's a pretty small island. Probably one of the few series where any regular old human would actually be useful.

>Was alternating Aria: The Animation and Devilman Crybaby
>DC was the more recent of the two


>Final Fantasy Lost Stranger
I guess I'll make do

>Can't cook and has no sense of taste

I'm still a bottom feeder of society nothing has changed

>Tsuki ga Kirei
Gonna cuck Hira and Azumi!

>one slap chap
depends on what city I end up in


Do I get my own Lacia-class robot?

Well, you're an Sup Forumsnon, so you can probably convince the Nazarickians that you don't actually count as human.
Holy shit this is fucking rad

>Ichigo Mashimaro
I'd be arrested in the first day, after impregnating every single one of them.

Mob Psycho 100, I just started reading the manga after hearing it ended in december.
I'd just want to work for Reigen

Beck Mongolian Chop Squad
I think I'd be OK.

>camping with comfy girls
If I were to be run over by a truck I'd be much better off.
Not that that isn't already true.

Not counting manga, the last I've watched is space dandy. Good times ahead on the Aloha Oe!


Gonna live comfy in Konoha since no wars 'n shit.

I'm homeless and die of exposure/thirst after a few days.

>FPS isekai manga

Looks like standard fantasy setting so far, probably would need a cheat like MC's access to his FPS arsenal of guns and armors as non magical people are fucked there.

>Shinsekai Yori
I get killed off within days by those cat thingies, because I don't have attack inhibition or death feedback and they're never going to risk me being part of their society.

it means your psychopass is white no matter what you do

That got me thinking, what if different brand of truck sent you to a different themed isekai.
How about a story where MC want to get sent into an isekai with SF and futuristic theme, so he try to get killed by various different truck, sent to a typical fantasy isekai, solved the plot in there and return, then repeat the process until he got what he want.

>Märchen Mädchen
Do I get to be ä Mädchen or am I just some literally who?

>A wild last boss appears
>being isekai'd into an isekai mango
We need to go deeper

Can't find my nofunallowed.jpg but this will do.

Fuck off with this trash site already.

I guess I'll just pray that I don't die to a spacequake.

Yuyushiki. Do I get to join the data processing club?

>while events were happening

Probably nothing happens to me.
If I'm lucky I get molested by Shark while taking a walk

>after the story ends

Kill myself because I'm sharing the same world with worst girl Meteora



which one?

Who is going to guide you to become what you were always meant to be? Rei or Asuka?

Jokes on you, it's just the regular earth except gods are confirmed real.

>Violet Evergarden
I guess I do ok, will miss my computer

I'm going to fondle Nami and Nico Robin's breasts from behind and die happy.

That's assuming I don't end up as a generic human living in that shitty world with no hope (though it's probably not so bad if you aren't fighting angels and getting mentally tortured in Evas). If I am though, then it'd have to be Misato.

>Record of Lodoss war
Probably fucked, if I get put in as some mook soldier.
Hopefully I at least have a cute elf gf

comfy as fuck

All I have to do is wait for a hero to show up in case any monster appears.

As a software developer truck-kun scares the shit out of me. Truck-kun is the great deleter of undocumented information.

>Fate/Extra Last Encore
I won't make it past preliminary

Is Lodoss any good? Is it like logh?

This! Time to change my faith.

Lodoss was a group of people playing a game like D&D, the records of their games were cleaned up and edited to be better and more serious.

It's more traditional fantasy, small group of adventurers on an important mission.
I like it a lot, I love how it looks.
I am 8 eps in to the OVA, but there is a tv series that is longer, not sure what else animation wise, it's based on 6 or 7 novels I think.

Beep beep, I'm going to the Pokemon world, bitches! I hit the fucking lottery.

Might as well add a companion/ally generator to the list (not perfect. Keep refreshing till you get an Anime/Manga Char)

>Yuru Camp

I get to Camp with a hot Spellcaster and Truck-kun cannot stop me.

>build the ultimate team
>lose to a 10 year old that said encouraging words to his pikachu

>Cardcaptor Sakura

>yuru camp
What a twist