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BL Drama translation:
Deku: After our finals were over, in preparation of the forest training camp, we went to the nearby shopping mall to prepare. However, Kacchan and Todoroki-kun did not join us. Since socializing with others isn’t something Kacchan does, Todoroki-kun did not join us because he went to see his mother that day.

Todoroki: Oh, hey sis. It’s me, Shouto. I just met up with Mom and am on my way home. She seemed okay and even laughed while we talked. Okay, got it. I’ll be back by evening. See you.

Todoroki *to himself*: Oh? Is that Bakugou?
Todoroki: Bakugou!

Bakugou: What do you want? Why are you talking to me randomly, you half and half bastard?

Todoroki: Why didn’t you go shopping with the others?

Bakugou: You think I got time for that shit? I said I wasn’t going after all. Why do I have to force myself to be friendly with those dumb shits and hang out with them? They’re just stepping stones for me to stomp over to become the number one hero! There’s nothing else I want to do with them!

Todoroki: But it looks like you’re pretty close with Kirishima.

Bakugou: Are you blind or something? Just where exactly are you looking, bastard?

Todoroki: Oh? I see, sorry for talking to you. I’ll go home now. See you.

Bakugou: Sounds GREAT, hope you fall and die on the way home!

Stranger: Hi, uh, sorry for randomly striking up a conversation, but do you two happen to be in the Hero division of U.A. Academy?

Bakugou: Wha?

Todoroki: Yes, that is us.

Stranger: Oh thank goodness! I’m so glad I did not make a mistake. So nice to meet you. I’ve been wanting to meet a hero from U.A. Academy for so so long!

Todoroki: Why is that?

Stranger: Well, I told someone that I will cause a blood bath to the U.A. students so…

Todoroki: What?

Bakugou: You asshole, are you a freaking villain?

Stranger: I myself do not think so, but I suppose from an outsider’s perspective, then yes, I am.

la creatura...

Bakugou: Well, I’m just going to have TO FUCKING KILL YOU!

Todoroki: Stop it, Bakugou. We can’t use our quirks outside of school, especially not to harm people. If we’re found out, we could be expelled.

Bakugou: What the fuck is that shit? There’s a fucking VILLAIN RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!

Todoroki: But even so, it’s against the rules. Let’s get out of here and contact the cops and pro-heroes!

Stranger: No, you can’t do that! I will be breaking the promise to the person I said I would do this!

Todoroki: Let’s go, Bakugou.

Bakugou: Hell fucking no!

Todoroki: It’s fine, let’s just go!

Bakugou: Don’t fucking touch me! *pushes Todoroki*

Todoroki: What the? My hand!

Bakugou: Can you stop fucking around and let go of me? Wait…what the? I tried to push off this half and half shit but my hand can’t come off of his chest!

Todoroki: It can’t be…is it because of that guy’s quirk?

Bakugou: If you touch something, you can’t let go of it??

Stranger: Why yes indeed. That’s MY doing! A quirk that causes shame- the Untouchable. If I target someone and they either touch or are surrounded by something else, they get stuck to them until I stop the quirk.

Todoroki: So we’re stuck?

Bakugou: This stupid villain quirk is something that’s hard to go up against or something?

Villain: Ah of course. It’s a quirk that is almost impossible to go up against. However, there is an even more formidable part to it.

Bakugou: What the fuck you talking about? You just said that you can hold this quirk against anyone as long as YOU can, but that means all we gotta do is just make you stop using your quirk. Are you fucking stupid? Imma KILL YOU!

Todoroki: Stop it, Bakugou! Stop moving!

Bakugou: My body is stuck I can’t!

Villain: How beautiful! It seems like you two are in a lovely dance with each other! Oh that’s right! To commemorate such an occasion, I want to take a picture! Now then, smile everyone! Cheese~ *snaps picture* This is such a nice picture! To think that two students from the U.A. Academy would just come out and dance with each other after school- it’s a sight you rarely see! Oh but what’s this? Hm, you two seem a bit too stiff with each other. I want to see BIG SMILES!

Bakugou: This fucking villain!

Todoroki: Seriously stop moving, Bakugou! The more you move the more we’ll be stuck like this, all according to his plan!

Villain: Well, everything is already going according to plan! For example, if I just take Todoroki-kun’s left arm position like so. *takes his arm* And then place it on Bakugou-kun’s back like this! Just a touch~

Bakugou: You asshole!

Villain: Muahaha! It really does look like you two are dancing now! But you still look so stiff! Oh I know! I’ll just have you two get even closer! I’ll have you embrace Bakugou-kun’s back even further!

Bakugou: I’m stuck. Get the fuck off me, Half and Half!

Todoroki: I would if I actually could!

Villain: Oh yes! YES! This is so good! So very very good! Instead of looking like you’re dancing, you two look like you’re in a lover’s embrace, striking a vigorous pose of passion! How truly beautiful this looks!

Todoroki: Stop taking pictures!

Bakugou: Cut it out, you shitty villain!

Villain: No, I can’t stop! I absolutely cannot stop~

Todoroki: Bakugou, listen up. Our feet are not immobile yet. When the time is right, let’s run into that alleyway there.

Bakugou: Yeah, let’s melt this little shit’s quirk.

Todoroki: Okay. We’ll run in 3, 2, 1.

Bakugou & Todoroki: 3…2…1!

Villain: Oh by the way, I entangled your legs too, so you’ll probably fall.

Todoroki: Still stuck.

Bakugou: This bastard, causing us to get stuck even down to our feet!

Villain: See? That’s what I said, right! There really isn’t anything that can go against my quirk! To be frank, there quite possibly is no quirk scarier than mine! For example, if I were only to just take out a handgun and point it at you, well, you’ll be finished! The End! HAHAHA oh come now, don’t worry about that! I wouldn’t do such a thing, besides I’m quite queasy when it comes to blood.

Bakugou: Oh yeah you freak?

Villain: That’s why instead of killing you, I’ll just torture you!

Todoroki: What do you plan to do with us?

Villain: Well, how about this? I’ll take Todoroki-kun’s head and have you inch closer and closer to Bakugou-kun! Slow and smooth…MUAHAHA! Don’t you think this will make for a lovely photo? I sure do! Oh, but it would be selfish of me to just indulge in this alone! Maybe I’ll post this on an anonymous forum online and let everyone see this beauty!

Bakugou: Stop it, you perverted freak!

Villain: Oh no, in this case YOU’RE the perverted ones. The peculliar situation you are in will be captured, uploaded, copied and spread all across the world! Even if you continue onto the path of becoming pro-heroes, these photos will forever eat away at your soul! No one would want to believe in heroes who do such perverted things out in public!

Todoroki: I see, so you have done this to many different people and put them into these types of situations.

Bakugou: Damnit! This fucking bastard!

Villain: Oh yes, that’s something people always say. Since I have this type of power, many call me a villain and avoid me. But I just can’t stop this. There’s no way I want to stop doing this~

Todoroki: Fine, then do as you please.

Villain: Excuse me, what?

Todoroki: Take however many pictures you want then. You want us to smile too, right?

Bakugou: Da fuq?

Todoroki: Just play along.

Villain: Are you surrendering?


This is exactly the wrong way to start one of these threads off

Todoroki: No, I will never give up on becoming a hero. I’m just saying you can take as many pictures as you’d like! So what should we do? Do you have a request?

Villain: No, I can’t do that! I can’t just let you do that. You have to struggle more! You have to be completely covered in defeat!

Todoroki: You sure are honest, I guess.

Villain: Yes, that is the only way that can satisfy me! I never tell lies.

Todoroki: That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.

Villain: Now then, show me more struggle! More shame! Fill my heart with this!

Todoroki: Bakugou, be patient.

Bakugou: What the?

Todoroki: We’re going to headbutt this guy. Let’s go!

Villain: No! No no no, this is not how it’s supposed to go down!

Todoroki: He stopped his hold on us! We can move now!

Bakugou: Get the fuck off me!

Todoroki: We’re finally free.

Bakugou: Damnit. That took way too fucking long.

Todoroki: We were saved by his honesty.

Bakugou: Nah, he’s just an idiot.

Villain: Nooo! My perfect models!

Bakugou: Just who the fuck are you referring to as models, you damn pervert? I’m going to kill you!

Todoroki: Bakugou, don’t use your quirk.

Bakugou: Why the hell are you still talking about that shit?

Todoroki: Bring him down without using your quirk WITHOUT trying to kill him.

Bakugou: Goddamnit. Okay fine, I’ll go ahead and try…I’ll just hurt you 500 million times more!

Villain: Um…500 million times more?

Bakugou: Prepare to die, you shitty villain! DIEEEEEE!!!!!

Villain: AHHHHHH!!!!!!!


Well this thread is dead on arrival

Chapter 171 spoilers
>Gentle makes a video analysing the heroes and villains of the past. Crimson Riot, All Might, All for One, "Leader of the superhuman army" Destro, Extraordinary thief Ouji Harima...
>Gentle's name --at least the way he introduces himself is "Gentle Criminal"
>La Brava is uploading the video of him talking about the heroes and villains of the past to the internet as his "debut".
>He's uploading himself doing crimes, --even robbing that convenience store was premeditated in the sense that he chose the biggest chain in the country. He's aiming to be a "gentleman thief" of the modern ages.
>Unfortunately no one really watched the video of his crime according to La Brava. He's been doing this for 6 years though. So he feels the pain of having someone else do your content and get more views. La Brava is upset that Stain got so much more cred for a video he didn't even upload himself.
>Gentle admits that people have always been more into violence and shock value so he's not surprised Stain got more views and gained clout. But he's planning another big job that'll raise his own clout and get him views.
>Meanwhile the class is working on their band gig for the show. Jirou needs members for the band --she can handle guitars but she'll need bass, drums, etc. Denki remembers that Bakugou used to take a music class. Everyone's really surprised by this. At first he's like "Hell no" but Sero is like "Oh well it's cool, I know drums are hard and stuff, so..." Bakugou nails it.
>He doesn't want to, and Jirou begs him to, but Bakugou isn't about making friends and stuff, he just wants to crush people who annoy him. In short, he sorta agrees but only if he can kill everyone at U.A with his sound.
>Meanwhile Gentle reveals that he wants to infiltrate the school festival, cause the security will be tight and everyone will be watching which is to say it'll be a big deal if he pulls it off.

villain makes Todoroki and Bakugou act gay

I wish this thread would drive more people to write hateful stuff in their posts

Villain tries to make shoto and bakugo fuck

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You fools. Now that all of my All Might cards are in the graveyard, I can use... THIS!



Is it just me or did they remove the view image button in google?

>Kacchan is molested yet again

Hmph. That card worthless against the ULTIMATE CARD!

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Villains just want to get all up in his goodies, see him explooooooooode.

Everyone wants a piece of him. Ochako is going to get cucked at this rate

Deku is so lucky

That fool wasted his AllMight and now none shall stop us.
All according to keikaku.

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>Still putting "thread" in the title
You aren't slick third world shitposter.

Where's the audio for this?

Dios mio

was this written by hori?


Most likely. The other drama cd was written by him

The one where the sludge villain from chapter 1 does to Ochako what he did to Bakugo. Meaning she got slimed inside.

The drama cd was written by the same guy who writes the script for the anime.

I like when people get upset and angry at each other. People don't matter. Reasons don't matter. Pure anger and hatred is what I seek.

>The one where the sludge villain from chapter 1 does to Ochako what he did to Bakugo. Meaning she got slimed inside.


I wish everyone was able to get along with each other! I love you, user!


Stop spamming every fucking thread you autistic dick slugger. Its not funny anymore, okay?

This drama cd writtten by Hori himself.

She gets captured like Bakugo was by the sludge guy so she was getting her holes filled

>No new chapter out yet
Is 10 hours reasonable or so to expect chinese scans?

So basicly he wrote a story where the a script by someone else (Kuroda) takes place?

Between the two of you I'm honestly not sure who's the bigger faggot.
No chapter this week, Hori caught Twilekian Plague.


get Sup Forums X, hit arrow by post number, filter, image md5

I love you too. But I need a certain cocktail of chemicals and love ain't one of them.
I guess you're right.

Literally the gayest and poorly written things I have ever read. It shows you Hori just fucking ain't bothered with caring what his characters do,

He wrote the story(EX: this happens and then they're made to clean and this happens etc..)

The Script writer fills in the dialogue to get to the conclusion the author wants.

Welcome to mainstream in Sup Forums. It will just get worse.

It's not gay if they were forced into it


>it’s against the rules
Since when was todo a lawfag?

>Villain: Oh yes! YES! This is so good! So very very good! Instead of looking like you’re dancing, you two look like you’re in a lover’s embrace, striking a vigorous pose of passion! How truly beautiful this looks!

>Villain: Oh no, in this case YOU’RE the perverted ones. The peculliar situation you are in will be captured, uploaded, copied and spread all across the world! Even if you continue onto the path of becoming pro-heroes, these photos will forever eat away at your soul! No one would want to believe in heroes who do such perverted things out in public!

All right, which is it?
a) hugging/kissing in public is enough to destroy a young Japanese hero's career
b) Villain-kun was about to make them go beyond first base

>Pissfag was corrupted by the edge and despair
Truly, we are in a dark age

Sup Sup Forums?

am i looking to much into this? As of now Shiggy is oozing confidence and is acting like a madlad himself in contrast to Deku who is now much more meek than before.


I regret clicking that image

>those watermarks

You need more watermark
Also, if you notice, Deku is now in the same position as Shiggs was at the start of the arc: Lost an ally, down and defeated

I want this thread to burn

>the drama cd has been out over a year ago
>actual translation of the drama cd is nothing like the shitposter tells
Here’s the actual translation for those who are interested.

Please stop

Just make it into Sup Forums. It always gets a thread burned

>the kiss of death

scans when

I love you!
I get what you mean. Sometimes I do stuff like that too in some threads. But love is good as well


Sorry, I'm just sad about things that keep happening to me and I had a sad idea for a pisspost about Ms. Joke but I didn't want to make a sad pisspost.
Hori needs to hurry and giv her the Eraser so she can have a more upbeat one and doesn't have to fake her smile.


You realize there are several different drama cds right? Which one are you talking about?


Bakugo would vote for Putin



The one that came with the seventh volume.


Okay now that's clearly got to be someone taking advantage of Tumblr to fuck around.

Don't be stupid.
Bakugou would vote for himself.

>when tumblr claims the soul of another mediocre artist

>Bakugou is apparently fearless, stood up against the VA and when he's against a strong opponent he confronts them with a smile
>when faced to something romance/sex related he completely freaks out
That's kinda cute.

We need a Sup Forums resurgence in the BnHA fandom as a whole


Okay, It's fucking time

This thread started off shit and is staying shit it seems.

Shit like this is what makes him tolerable.
asexual or repressed as fuck?


There's no escape

Shit end for a bait thread. It’s almost poetic

Looks like average mongoloids to me.


Pissfriend you may be a huge autist but I love you, and one day you'll find someone out there who loves you as much as Ms. Joke loves harassing Aizawa! You just have to keep going and not give up!


>Dabi's jacket isn't disintegrating

>They all share the same nose
Is the artist trying to imply they are related or something?

>read this expecting pee
Pls dont

Oh then we're using the same translation. Ochako gets captured by sludge man and gets freed by Deku like Bakugo was freed by All Might

She was still sludged though