Gakkou Gurashi

Who is ready for another super fun day at school? I know I am!

Love this girl
Very uplifting

Who's she talking to? There's no one around.

Oh user, she is talking with all her fellow classmates

Seeing Ebisuzawa brutally kill zombie-sempai filled me with joy. He was probably going to be a harem protagonist if he didn't get zombified and then offed. I love her character design and how central her role is in the story.

Also, the fact that the anime replaced her heavy breathing (during her almost-zombification) with agonized screaming added so much tension to the scene in a good way. I really think the anime did a better job of telling that part of the story than the manga did.

they replaced her heavy breathing, with mine

I liked the part where they added the dog and he was the focus of the show most of the time. Some say I was the cause of the anime being shit but those people don't know what they are talking about, the dog was great

Is shovel butt a zombie yet or what?

Immortals don't become zombies.


She's so perfect.

Remember to wash your hands user

When watching the show most of the time I've been thinking of how fuckable she is. Near-retarded girls are too erotic for their own good.

She's gonna make it.


Of course, cute bride end is the only logical conclusion.

What's the noise outside? I heard a lot moaning.

Just the hustle and bustle of other students. Of course all that talking at once sounds like moaning. Silly

Someone just bit me and I don't feel so good...

That's ok user, go to the nurses office. Be sure to report that rowdy student too!

dog is best boy

Kurumi a best. Why is there literally no other contender for best girl?

The others just have one aspect that makes them really unappealing


This show was a one and done for me. It was a good episode, though, but it felt like the rest of the series was gonna go downhill.


she smells lavender flowers


season 2 when?!

When they find a VA for the dog that replaces Taroumaru.

The breaking point is when it pans off to the note left for Kei as she is walking towards the school as a zombie

Wait they got a new dog? I haven't read the manga in awhile but last I read Kurumi was relapsing and had left the university.

Has the manga went any further into what actually happened yet? Or are we still going with the vague Japan developed a bio weapon and somehow nuked themselves with it?

What happened with this series? Did the girls lost their hymens yet?

>Moaning, seeking human flesh.

The university arc was so bad the manga had a really long hiatus, last I read the girls are heading to Randall

>ED of the anime shows their Mini Cooper horribly mangled in a water ditch
>never actually comes to pass in the show
I remember being worried from start to finish that them dying in the car was coming and it never did. I still don't understand the implications of the wrecked car in the ED

Reminder that Yuki is the only sane one and the rest of the girls imagined the zombie apocalypse as a metaphor for fear of entering Japanese working life.

I kinda stop reading it around chapter 47 for this reason.

I stopped on the chapter where a guy was shown.
My yuri fantasies came crashing down.


Did her boyfriend tap this before becoming a zombo?

There seems to be a lot of holes in your fanfiction

To this day the first episode was the most wildest first episode I ever seen

I recently caught up the manga, and holy shit, the university arc was so bad I almost fell asleep reading it. It was really hard for me to care about the "plot" or the new literally-who characters. I hope the Randall arc redeems the manga.

Also, I'm not sure whether I'm retarded or the translations were that terrible or the arc was that bad, but I literally didn't know that Ruu was actually the teddy bear until Yuuri came back to get her.