Why did she lose?

Why did she lose?

It's been a while since I made that stitch.

Her terrible personality?

Mc was gay

not any worse than most winners out there

She didn't.

She won Yozora's friendship.

Because everyone deserved to win, but they all lost. Fuck this series.

but she won that other girl didn't she?

judging by OP pic, mystic eyes of death perception.

Wait who won?

The reverse trap


No one.
She got the closest but even she lost.

Hirasaka's wallet.

At least the Yandere cunt didn't win

Because the author is a fucking hack.
>dude I just wants friends lmao
Yeah, fuck off Kodaka.

Looks like she won.

>this meme again

Jesis the newfags

shit no pico

How did you come to Sup Forums?

But she's ero kawaii

She's gay

Wasted trips on shitposting.

Best girl and she never even stood a chance

The correct, true and only ending worth caring about.

>sweet, happy, affectionate personality
>nerdy hobbies
>her dad already loves you
>you're already engaged to her
>still turn her down
Kodaka was gay, simple as that. Hence why he chose the girl who had spent most of the story pretending to be a boy.

She was too good for that fag anyway.


that's why we have imouto sai ireba ii

Perhaps, but it's not canon

The anime artwork is so shit

Because the author went full scorched earth on his LN as a last fuck you to Kadokawa.

Neither is Sena and Kodaka going to college together and continuing with their relationship.

Crab is so much better than the Haganai girls it's not even funny.

I'm fine with that, as long as it's not the meme ending.

bokura no tsubasa is so good, it's not fair

That's the beauty of open endings. Everyone can choose which one they like best.

Nope sorry, I don't like to write fanfics about what happens later in the story

like nails on a fucking chalkboard

Not getting stuck with or by Kodabaka is winning, not losing.

Good taste user. I remember listening to that ED over and over.

The ending is that Kodaka leaves Kobato with his father and goes alone to college, and after a few years he learned how to make friends. That's your canon ending.

Can we cut to whats important here.

Are you implying I have a problem with that? Because I don't. I still rewatch and enjoy both seasons

Sena follows him and goes to the same college. She seems to be the winner if we go by implications
But Kodaka is so fucking gay, it shouldn't count as a win. Whatever makes her happy I guess

>eh? nandatte?

Wrong, that was never shown. She told him about her wish to go to college together while Kodaka was still going out with Yuki, then nothing.

Nice angle.

It's a harem rule, if a girl is better in every single department than the other competitors she will lose 100%.

>Gay girl who self-inserts as the guy in porn games
>Still gets with a somewhat boyish girl, being the more feminine in the relationship
Is this like, double gay?

Chuuni Imouto.

There's a reason he rejected the advances of all the other girls and insisted on remaining just friends, don't even try to deny it.

Sena wasn't in love with Kodaka so she didn't lose anything.

Those eyecatches were things of beauty.

She's a fucking disgusting dyke.

because ps3 gamer

I still can believe that they showed a main heroine's tits, usually is onlh the secondary characters that get nude.

No just yuribait

But Kobato belongs to Sena

NEXT went for even more risque material.

Sena fucking wishes.

but she technically won, she just rejected him

The girls are build for lewd butt things



Why they didn't show any nipples in next anymways, maria's sister should have show her wonderful tits.

Wasn't she pregnant?

My imagination works okay.
Plus, we got Rika fingering Yukimura in public at the amusement park.

Bully the real dutch wife

She didn't?

Well, her tune certainly changed.

this bitch had no business being attractive, but she pulled it off

She was only objecting to getting pregnant. That was her plan all along.

>trap being the only one excited
gay theory confirmed

becasue no one won.

of the pack, she was actually not bad. wouldn't you like to snuggle up with her while she plays porn games?

I see that you slept through NEXT.

the TRUE couple of the series...

just fuck already...

I swear, authors just have a vendetta against popular looking characters. Sena was seriously the best looks-wise, academics wise and personality-wise. The author may have thought that making her win would add on to her good fortune so he ditched it, but fact is an ending with her wouldn't be conventional as the heroine who stands out the most NEVER fucking wins.

she was too above the protag for that to work. if she got with him, HE would be the one who won, not the other way around..

he's gonna be disapointed when he finds her extra yoai hole....

She didn't lose anything though, she made friends if anything, which was her main goal.

I'm not sure that really applies to this series considering no one won anyway.

If you have a cast of good looking girls and one normal one, I can guaran-fucking-tee you the normal one would somehow asspull a win UNLESS the it plans to go harem route

dude, she gets SCORCHING in the second season... she kinda was invalidating the entire competition part to be honest...

yeah, but Rika didn't loose, everyone did...

God the author was a giant faggot
>Despite the fact that the idiot had nonstop shipping bullshit and relationship arcs
Id say he was the biggest faggot of a LN author be Tsuki Tsuki's still exists

its also where they overpowered the already over powered girl...

making Rika too good is what botch any direction the story could take, the audience was going to loose no matter what...

want the vaccine to bad harem set ups? have multiple males characters, like school rumble or ranma

when did this happen?

I thought Sup Forums forgave him after ImoSae.

Rika seemed pretty loose to me.

Sene best

They showed the protagonist’s 12 year old sister & the 10 year old nun’s tits.

school rumble is so good

that why she was awesome, like, even if you rejects you, you'd still hang out with her, that's how great she is. and she is a perv. there's no down sides with rika, unless you are japanese and lame

Rika was the best girl and the author made the right decision by basically turning her into the main girl in ImoSae.

you are loose too

Tell me about japs reaction.

>the 10 year old nun’s tits.
That was during a PSA on treating vampire bites, though. There's no prurient intent there.
Fucking Yozora. She's got my favorite body type and least favorite personality type.

Yozora was the only one not to be lewded.