Please Don't Bully Me, Nagatoro

I just blasted through all the available chapters of this manga, and I'm completely in love.

Any Nagatoro lovers on Sup Forums? Anyone know about the manga's release schedule? Share some fanart? I love this premise and characters, and the art is great

that doesnt look like ramen to me. Looks more like bun bo hue

It is spicy just like Nagatoros heart

She is a goddess imo

This cunt needs to be brutally gang raped and left to die a slow agonizing death.

Nope I will marry and protect Nagatoro chan

Wow, you just blasted through all 18 chapters!? What a marathon! What endurance!

>all 18 chapters

>all 18 chapters

I thought there were only 9


I want to knock up Nagatoro!

>Anyone know about the manga's release schedule?
Once every two weeks

Share some fanart?
Check the archives and the boorus

and her farts

She's dere as fuck what's your problem. She is giving meaning to senpai's life.

this you are a complete brainlet if you dont see that senpai is actually being healed by Nagatoro's bullying

this manga is a work of genius beyond that which brainlets who are traumatised by their high school bullies can comprehend

This. Nagatoro is best waifu

Great Demon King Nagatoro is the best

>calamity nagatoro


good god that chapter basically blew my dick off, so much blood was rushing to my groin

she has such a perfect pettanko body and the costumes she wore in this chapter were absolutely perfect aarrgh I love her

I lost interest the moment they introduced the MC

>slim, model like body
>beautiful curly locks
>fashionable glasses
>gets followed around by qt girl

he's a chad basically.

fucking spic

so are they gonna start dating like in the original?

Manga Nagatoro seems even less cunty than image set Nagatoro, so I'd bet on it.

>He's a Chad and doesn't know it
>Nagatoro is "that kid that annoys people to get their attention"
>This becomes a Harem out of nowhere

I miss image set Nagatoro

Image set Nagatoro was too sadistic for my taste. I prefer the balance of cute and bully manga Nagatoro brings.

I want to RAPE senpai!!!

Get out of here Takagi

Nishikata isn't Takagi's senpai. They're in the same class.

I was referring to "that" picture

Calm down Takagi and Nagatoro

Personally I feel the manga is really well crafted, it has just the right amounts of cruel bullying versus dere kindness. A bit more of a 'world' is built up between the two so the story's a bit more believable too

There's just something unnerving about this picture, but I cant put my finger on it.
It reminds me of goro.

she's so ugly why do people like her?

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No she is very pretty delete this please.

It's just her cute slurping perhaps from the oddly blood-looking bowl of spicy noodles

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I'd measure her armpit temperature with senpai's dick.

How can you look at this and think she's ugly?


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Woah, why the racism?

Nagatoro is a slut

Manga is not sadistic and cruel enough. It's not gonna feel right when senpai bullies her back.


Do you guys understand how gross Asians are? They slurp their goddamn food!

Their food gets all over their faces, because they didn't invent fucking forks...

They burp stinky soy/spice/stomach-acid smelling gasses to show the chef that they liked the food...

They eat fish all the time. Fucking fish... fish is good, but you're gonna smell like shit if all you eat is tuna.

Anime is a fake world, for us and for Nips. It shows us how life could be if Nips weren't fucking disgusting.

Only... they are. They are disgusting. This is inarguable. From their decrepit, oppressive culture, all the way down to their 3rd world eating practices, they are fucking repulsive.

The women do have pretty tight pussies though, so I guess they have that going for them.


I want to NTR Nagatoro

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OMG how did you do the spoiler thing! It was clever.

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