One Piece

Chapter never.

>when the guy you're fighting goes max anger

The face of a loser.

The dude is a beast

Damn bro's.

The dude's a donut.

>lost his tooth again

whats his fucking problem?

Luffy's face was so weirdly drawn whole chapter? Did Oda have a seizure?


Check the catalog before making a new thread.

it's almost like he was using a new form

Official LuKa thread

Dogtooth isn't just a name.

kill yourself retard

Obviously. But this art is terrible.

in fact it's not a name at all

Looks fine.

>mod see 4 threads up at once
>deletes all of them
Sage newfags threads. This isn't r/one_piece.

that's a storytime thread that was already running before last thread

Fuck off dumb autist.

What's wrong with it?

Does it have One Piece purposely in the title? Then move to that thread after the old one hits bump limit.
Dumbfuck. This is why general were banned for one month last year.

one of the new guidelines was literally to avoid redirecting all discussion into one 'general' since multiple threads on same series are allowed

One of the guidelines was not to put anything in the thread title that would imply a general and have a substantial OP to start a discussion.
Which is exactly what you didn't do.

Banning generals again would be the best thing to happen to One Piece threads