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Now that the dust is settling can we all agree that Katakuri = Doflamingo = Admiral level?

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Katakuri> current Luffy > Cracker > Doflamingo.

He needed help from Nami and the homies

Doffy could beat Cracker


well according to yonkofags doflamingo is admiral level or very close to it. katakuri is clearly stronger than doflamingo, so i guess he's above admiral level?

Yonkou > Admirals > Katakuri >>> Doflamingo

If Doflamingo could handle an Admiral he would've killed Aokiji, Smoker, and everyone else on Punk Hazard when he had the chance.

The Yonkou are the strongest pirates. The Admirals are the strongest navy personnel. They are literally end-game opponents. Luffy is still 200 chapters from taking them on successfully.

we wont ever know because luffy is soloing katakuri. meanwhile he needed an entire island to beat doflamingo and relied on his opponents dying from internal bleeding. people who are unable to acknowledge that clearly read a different manga. oda made it very clear that luffy didnt only not fight doflamingo alone, but also that he technically speaking lost the fight.

>katakuri is clearly stronger than doflamingo
he doesn't have his durability.
Also his awakening is weaker.

>If Doflamingo could handle an Admiral he would've killed Aokiji
>if two people are equal, one of them just outright kills him even though having more important business to attend to
its been 4 years and luffy fags are still retarded.

No. Katakuri is stronger than Doffy. Doffy is powerful, but Katakuri is the second strongest character in Big Mom's crew. Hell, I don't think Doffy can even beat Cracker, let alone Katakuri. Doffy might be able to beat Snack, but he isn't stronger than that. Doffy couldn't beat normal G4 Luffy even when weakened from Law's attacks. Katakuri wiped the floor with Luffy's base G4 form, and Luffy has to use Snakeman to beat him.

On an unrelated note, Doffy is not Admiral level. He was scared shitless of fighting Kuzan even after he quit the Marines. Doffy clearly wasn't strong enough to beat Issho either. Doffy is upper Vice Admiral level.

Katakuri probably is just under Admiral level though, assuming he is on the same tier of power as other Yonko commander such as Marco and Jozu. Those characters were shown to hold their own against Admirals, but couldn't actually beat them in battle.

This is how I see it:
Admirals > Marco & Other Senior WB Commanders >= Katakuri > Cracker > Doffy >= Snack

>If Doflamingo could handle an Admiral he would've killed Aokiji
That's nonsense. Also being around someone's level doesn't mean you will end up winning the fight.

>thinking youkous = admirals
>thinking admirals are the end game of the world government

Mingo L I T E R A L L Y tried to kill Smoker even with Aokiji over him, forcing Aokiji to flash freeze Mingo and Mingo to tuck his tail and run.

You're an idiot if you believe Mingo is anywhere close to Admiral level.

>thinking youkous = admirals
I said

>Yonkou > Admirals

in the post you quoted. Learn to read or kill yourself. I don't care which you choose.

>The Yonkou are the strongest pirates. The Admirals are the strongest navy personnel. They are literally end-game opponents.
>comparing admirals to yonkou

Admirals are the Sweet commanders of the Marine. They may be slightly stronger than the weakest but they're not above champions like Marco and Katakuri. That's how it works.

>Marco & Other Senior WB Commanders >= Katakuri
Katakuri is above those jobbers.

you are a retard, Doflamingo was defeated by a basic gear 4 form, Katakuri could endure it, you are really a fucking retard, dude.

Look at all the blood. Katakuri is weaker than Smoothie.

Is fleet admiral yonko level?

Fleet Admiral is pencil-pushing geezer level

How bad did Gamma knife mess up doffy?

>Doflamingo was defeated by a basic gear 4 form
He outlasted Luffy and was about to kill him before the gladiators dragged him away. So no.

Honestly if luffy is going to be on katakuri's level after this fight (and we know he will be, since kata himself acknowledged him) the only opponent who could pose a serious threat to him would be either an admiral or a yonkou. This is a landmark for luffy and OP in general

>translation still isnt out

>Katakuri = Doflaming

No. Admirals are the Yonkou of the marines. I have no doubt that there are stronger World Government opponents but those people are not part of the marines you goddamn simpleton.

Furthermore, every single Whitebeard commander jobbed to every single Admiral. We didn't even see the Admirals use their awakened powers.

Jaimini let us down

They only jobbed because they fought Admirals. Admirals are stronger than the commanders but weaker than the Yonko. They alone make up a third of the three great powers. The Shichibukai and the Admirals together are equal to the Yonko.

So it's Yonko > Admiral > Yonko Commanders (including Katakuri) > Doffy > Vice Admiral

>Stronger than any admiral

What's odd is that the raw is already out and there is basicly no dialogue this chapter, i don't know why it isn't out yet

Dofla tanked Law shredding all his organs.

Katakuri has never tanked damage as high as Law's Gamma Knife.

Katakuri lacks a AOE attack that can be as large as an Island.

Dofla's Bird Cage attacks everything on an island at once and withstood Fujitora's Meteor Attack.

>not admiral level
Even before the commander power creep he could kick Admirals to the curb.

Marco din’t.

Marco, King, Ben Beckmann, Shiryu, Katakuri = admiral level. And the yonko are in average way stronger than an admiral. Current Akainu might be yonko lvl. That’s it.

>Cracker > Doflamingo.

Take that back

Dofla is better than most of Whitebeard's commanders

>being this retarded

Go away faggot

Its a real fucking bitch. I've been waiting all week for this shit, AND I already know going to be on break. Not only that, I've gone out of my way to avoid spoilers until the translation comes out. I still dont fucking know what SNAKEUMAN looks like.

To be honest, the only damage the Warlords received was Dofla attacking Moria.

Also, the Admirals barely went all out during the war besides Akainu.

Kizaru and Aokiji were pretty much undamaged.

Fuck off Marcofag. Akainu literally punched Marco and all the whitebeard commanders away and they were helpless trying to stop Akainu from killing Luffy.

All the whitebeard commanders combined and in front of Akainu failed to stop Akainu from nearly killing Luffy permanently.

>Gear 4th Luffy was beating Doflamingo

Where did this retarded meme came from? As soon as Doflamingo started using his awakening Luffy couln't land a single hit on him for 20 min.

And when he did, even though he hit him right where his organs where shredded, he couldn't even knock him out and ran out of Juice.

Fresh Doflamingo = Katakuri. He just lost it and tanked an attack head on while he had lost all his stamina over non stop fighting and a lethal blow. Not to mention there's no way birdcage wasn't draining him somehow.

>tfw you were unspoiled for Gear 4
>tfw you were unspoiled for Tankman
>tfw you've been spoiled for Snakeman because people can't fucking stop themselves from reading spoilers and posting them all over

We don't know about most of WB's commanders to determine which ones are stronger than Doffy. But there should be a power hierarchy in the crew that says Marco, Jozu, Vista, and other senior commanders are stronger than people like Curiel. I am only including characters such as Marco and Jozu because they have proven that they are at the Yonko commander tier through battles. I can't see Katakuri beating them (even if Luffy beats Katakuri, I can't see him beating Marco at this point in the story.)

>Browsing Sup Forums on spoilers day
reddit is down the hall and to the left.

>Yonko commander tier
He was a shitter. The only commander of worth was Marco and maybe Vista. Whitebeard's crew was a declining power exactly like the man himself.



>/our guy/ Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is going to make sure this fight is kino when they animate it.
Praise allah.

Oda seems to have put more effort in drawing Katakuri than Luffy in this chapter. You would think he would prioritize Luffy since he just got a new power-up form.

It's really just a matter of hours at this point, kudos for the patience, i spoiled it for my self.
I must say i like it tho

I think Vista did better than Marco and Jozu.

Vista survived Mihawk without any serious damage.

>Doflamingo was defeated by a basic gear 4 form
sometimes i wonder how dumb you people actually are. life must be enjoyable with a double digit iq

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Mihawk probably doesn't even try anymore at this point.

Whats the plan for the retarded white beard wannabe? Did Oda just forget about him?

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>friendship ended with Luffy
>Now Katakuri is my best MC.

>tfw cabello inflado came true

How fucking weak is Cracker that he got one shot by Luffy?

Prob will show up later with Marco and the rest of the WB survivors, he did say he was hunting them down

>Mangastream uploaded before Jaimini
What the fuck is happening.

Your Muslim coworker is right. Suicide is a HUGE sin and according to Islam is a ticket to hell. Suicide bombers are just fucking idiots who can't even get their own religion right.

>Doffy's CoA = Standard Luffy CoA
>Katakuri's CoA = Snakeman's CoA

Boundman has stronger CoA than Snakeman and weaker CoA than Tankman.

Big Meme is probably Tankman tier

>A character with conqueror's haki did AMAZING things
Welcome to One Piece

I remember Cracker saying something like he didn't like getting hit or the sight of his own blood? It was implied he was a fruitboi who couldn't take a hit basically.

Difference between islam and jihad?

It happened with chapter 893 so it could happen again.

Islam is the religion, Jihad is the religious war

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lets talk about how fucking beautiful this thing is

ah got it thanks user

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one punch broke his most powerful defensive skill, his haki, his glasses, his face. all that talk about his organs being shredded is bullshit. his retarded fucking fruit fixed everything inside him. even if it didn't fully heal him. one king kong punch basically squashed him like a bug and split dressrosa in two but ofc you are a doffyfag

That's one weird cross counter.

Dof was using Birdcage during his fight with Luffy which an Admiral couldn't stop, fought Luffy and Law at once, took multiple Gear 4 shots, and tanked a knife stab to the heart that would have killed anyone else.

I think both Katakuri and Dof are Admiral level, just like a Marco, and it is a joke to say that Cracker is on any of their level. Zoro could have beaten Cracker.

>compared to before, I am much faster

That's your own fault kiddo.


>Hombre Serpente

My sides.

Migrate here instead no powerlevel faggotry as the thread starter

Switch Cracker with Doflamingo and I'd agree. Luffy only needed help because Cracker sent hundreds and thousands of hardened soldiers after him.

Cracker himself got oneshotted like a bitch while Doflamingo tanked tons of damage.

The birdcage is literally the biggest meme plot device oda has ever used. Pointing to that as a sign of strength is fucking retarded.

Kata: you look different from before
luffy:yes! compared to before....
luffy: im much faster!!!

>this is a different form than a while ago
>compared to before I am much faster
Had to check rato sorry

They aren't Admiral level you fucking idiot

So completely unnecessary shonen dialogue, like always?

When will that mafia hat over Luffy's straw hat drop?

>thread starter
jfc is doesnt matter it doesnt fucking matter

He said he hates pain.

pretty much yeah

Engranaje Quarta: La Hombreserpiente
>esto es el fin, Diente de Perro!

Not saying it wasn't, but it was something that Dof was maintaining during his fight as it stopped once he was defeated.

>akainu might be yonkou level

then what about aokiji? it took akainu 10 days to take down aokiji with both of them being severely injured.
or do you think that one day after the fight akainu magically got an enormous powerboost that suddenly puts him way above aokiji?

this is typical yonkoufag """""logic"""""

1 day before the fight
>akainu is not yonkou level

5 minutes after the fight
>oh he beat aokiji who cares

a few hours/days after the fight

both aokiji and akainu were qualified to become the fleet admiral.

>is doesn't matter

So many underage newfags these days. I wish they would have the fucking decency to lurk the fuck more.

Snakeman has a red hawk move.

How is Gear 4 BOUND MAN the base form?


Which makes him a bitch compared to Doflamingo. He only has stronger CoA and powerful defensive ability.

>He only has stronger CoA
never confirmed.

Yeah they are. Not Fleet Admiral or Yonkou level, but they are Admiral level. Just like a Marco. They are a step below the very top where a Whitebeard, Big Mom, Sakazuki, Shanks, and Kaidou are.

the spic memes actually became reality

Yeah, but his ability is what causes all those soldiers, there's no way Doffy is getting past that defense if he can't even damage G4 Luffy