What did they mean ?

What did they mean ?


Have you never tried doing that? The 気持ち is いい.

that kyoani is inhabited by footfags

just like shaft

that episode 4 or 5 of evergarden was fully stocked with feet

in the end it looks stupid, because the scenes are animated by different animators and the feet of the same girl have a different shape on every fucking occurences

>Kyoani feet

What do you think of these feet?


This image made me realize that feet are like little alien hands.

ugly little stubs planted on fat feet

I always see toes as shorter, fatter fingers

Thanks! All of those will go straight into my feet collection.

Keep going, please.

did you anons forget we are primates and that feet were originally like a second set of hands?

And these? Can you tell the difference between male and female feet?


>directed by Quentin Tarantino

Oh God, Mitsuki is pure sex.


i've never watched it but i'm guessing this is that delicious brown girl from tamako market

I wonder if threads like this one ever converted anybody or if you're just born as a foot guy.

hallux valgus tier

These are beautiful girl feet and look nothing like the one in your picture.

Get this stinky, smelly, corroded 3DPD foot out of here! It's absolutely disgustin.g

Only 2D feet divine.

I hate you!!

I love you!!

Why are feet so heavenly, Sup Forums ?