Marchen Madchen

>Gains the power to rewrite stories so that no one has to suffer.

This show is amazing.

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Quick, Hazuki is pissed!

What do you do!?

Post more of the purple-haired semen demon loli.

I want to see her raise her arms

So for the rest of the series does she just write herself out of everything.
Sounds boring.

>I don't need a prince.
>I love you, Shizuka (a female).

What does this mean?


Hold her hand slowly but firmly.

She kinda looks like a loli here. I hope she stays that way.

How is Hazuki's power level so high?

I knew dropping it was a good idea

She's not so tough against german engineering.

>Magic Mallet
That's just lazy translation right?

Germans ruin everything.

She looks so cute even when she's mad, I don't think I can take her seriously. I'd just make her spill her spaghetti via headpats or something.

It's rendered like that in Wikipedia.

So yes, it is.

Can she beat Hans Christian Andersen?

Wrong thread

Hazuki Blanco

Hazuki confirmed for naked next episode!
Thank you Haduki!

>Stories of origins over this side are still young stories, thus they still don't have the ability to form a contract with mädchen. On bookshelves over there, you can see there are many "thin books"? They are Origins formed from "Doujinshi" which are getting more and more in the recent years.


ENF is garbage.

And I think most of Sup Forums agrees.

>getting magical powers from my favorite doujin
Very nice.

You're gayer than Hazuki

You read the manga? Can you tell me if Shizuka and the other bitch do shit in the tournament or it's just Hazuki saving the day all the time?

S-She's fast!

Sadohara is for bullying!

But more importantly, I want to lick this baka.

>midriff exposed


Who is her yuri partner?



Hazuki mad, Hazuki determined, Hazuki clumsy, Hazuki friendly...
In every way imaginable, Hazuki cute.

>this is an elite Japanese warrior


Delete this

It's not her fault that Qazan had some stupid Gae Bolg-tier tric.

How does she feel about turning out to be a bigger failure than Häduken?

So you're walking around in a weird ruined city and you find two cute poorfags who emanate a baka aura. What is the best course of action?

If this isn't yuri then nothing is yuri.

So was it Detroit or Baltimore?

Make promises I can't keep.

Question the one with grey hair about her lack of underwear. Then rape.

The author of the LN is dead, right? Did he finish the story?


Amateurs won't understand how romantic this is even without the handholding.

So where are Qazan and her friends from?

The original is novel not manga
The next fight in anime was not described in the novel in detail so we don't know what happened in the process of the fight although the result have been given.
Then next Hazuki will have a fight agaibst Shizuka but it seems like they won't animate that
In the fight against America...yes others did do their parts
Final fight is not written yet

Hino Sachi coming in ~Episode 9

Someone else did

Qazan is probably Albanian?
Charles is maybe an Italian?
Molly is maybe Irish?

>Then next Hazuki will have a fight against Shizuka
Why? Aren't they on the same team?

They're flirting each other

What's more amazing is how you've managed to watch this many episodes of this hot garbage. If only she could rewrite your shit taste.


So, her step-sister is not going to cut off her toes anymore?

Nope. Fairy tales.


Their rats, user.

How are they going to finish it with the author dead?

The same way the rest of it was written


What was with the quality? Is the budget gone? Will BDs fix it?

They never had any. Why do you think it took them 6 episodes to finish the OP?

Author was already dead even before first novel was published.

>girl totally evil
>can't hate because she has the match fairy tale book

>Then next Hazuki will have a fight agaibst Shizuka but it seems like they won't animate that
Who won?


Was Izetta any good?


I enjoyed it a lot, but not everyone did.

It was fun, but the writing was admittedly mediocre. The action scenes and cute pair of girls was enough for me.

The jobber is top tier waifu material.

The Bunbun artstyle really draws me in.


It means she and her princess are gonna get a lot of "bald princes" in doujinshi because yuri is boring, bi is the best way.


It's the kind of show where it's fun to watch while it's airing because the weekly schedule gives you plenty of time to speculate. Some of the action scenes, music and romantic scenes are nice but overall the writing and the ending are dumb and I doubt I'll ever watch it again.


Cinderella aside they're all jobbers.

The Shizuka-Agathe-Lynne team won the flight itself.

I like the new OP but I will miss all the bloomer shots desu.

At least Hazuki still shows up naked.

I want to slide my finger in there

They truly know their audience, sasuga.


1 month after final qualifier battle. Member of the Russian team lead by Maria have pledged to fulfil comrade Tatiana's earnest wish. So they formulated a perfect plan that would give them a complete Victory against the Japanese schiol, their opponent in the first round, and moves on to execute the plan...supposedly. With Hexennacht opening soon on the next day, the trap setup by Russian school is now coming to Hazuki and Shizula!

was it rape?

I rewatched it recently and it was better than I remembered.

>coming to Hazuki and Shizula!
Yes I am.

I really want to be Hazuki.

You want to run around naked?

So you're a trap?

How does her dress get that puffy down there?

It's somewhat entertaining but the writing is a fucking mess. Episodes 4 through 6 are retarded and the ending is a pile of shit.

More like Fragarach


This is, uh

How would you feel if Hazuki committed suicide due to loneliness?

I would follow her.