Cocotama and other Aikatsu Friends

Hikari will most likely leave the show in March, what do you think her replacement will be like?

The new main egg has a clock as her symbol. I can only assume the new keiyakusha will be a time-traveling Lala.

'dokes will replace her.

Can someone link the last thread?

This isn't some kind of general.

>yfw it's a time traveling Makoto from the future voiced by Shiori Sato

I hope not, Shiori Sato is an annoyingly poor voice actor.

Just search an archive for anything that might be discussed in whichever thread you're referring to.

Wendy is my favourite idle.

What if it's Kokoro and Ichinose's daughter from the future?

I don't even know if this is bait anymore.

That would be cute.

My gorgeous wife.


I can't believe Yume is pregnant.


Accidents happen.


Aria told me she found a positive pregnancy test in Kirara's desk.

Are you a pervert ainon?


Does spending every waking minute wondering what Rola's panties look like at any given moment make me a pervert?

This scene was cute so I made some meme webms.

Sitting my vampire butt on ainon's face.

First Aroma and now Hibiki. Everybody is ripping on Mirei and her speech.

I may have accidentally touched my shougakusei student's boob during a math tutoring session, been flustered when she sat on my lap without thinking it was weird and offered to give her a leg and ass massage when she said she was sore after gym, during which I nuzzled my face into her ass and sniffed deeply but I'm no pervert, you take that back.

pls no

I fapped to this post.


>Date of Birth: October
Engrish is best

Sensei pls

Go away dumb pedo.


Ainon worshiping my pale, clammy, vampire butthole.

I heard that this thread was full of loser pedophiles with mental health problems.

It was a given the moment they introduced the playing card subplot, user.

She is the butt idol.

My butt.

Define loser.

The good part of Aikatsu.

See: Rola


Give her 5 across the rump.

Picture of me getting groped by my gf.

Cute butt.

Would you hug her?

So hard.

Leaf vs Bird
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Genuinely the moist heart-wrenching thing I've ever seen.

I don't feel like getting up, how about she come hug me?

Post sad.





Yurika is a loser, but she is only a loser because she went after the best girl. Also she has a rocking butt.

I'm glad you like my butt.


She loves it.

ii nioi



What's it smell like down there?

Strawberry body wash and clean laundry with a slightly sweaty butt undertone.

Rola on the left, me at the bottom

A fart from that range would kill her.


Idles don't fart.

cocotamas do though



he farted


Oshaki is a girl!

It's not as though I don't not hate it de aru

Rakitama isn't. He farted because his butt was itchy.

Silence of the Lamb

2-days ago birthday girl

I'm a cute little girl and I don't pass gas, but I'm not sure that's how it works.

I don't think it is either but that's what the subtitles said.


The way Kirara has been treated by this show is literally criminal. I expect these writers to be arrested come April. How could they let this happen then not have someone come and put their arm around her?





Kore wa koi?

Kore wa aikatsu

>Our idles are going to be stacked in a few years.

Why is Aoi so lesbian?


Because it is special.


Oh so that's why

I knew it shounen are /ai/

Kiss me ainon!

Can I kiss your butt?

God I want to stick my tongue in this boy's orifices.

>Fairilu is delayed until summer
>Moriwaki will be off PP by spring, in time to start production for a summer release, and has worked on My Melo/Jewelpet extensively already

Is it happening?

I don't watch the subs, but I hear they mess up the genders of the eggs a lot. You can tell what gender they are by their pantsu, the males have pointed edges along the top while the females have rounded ones.

They do, according to them Nicori is a boy and MushiMukun or whatever his name is in a girl.

It's "Monsieur Mukunta".

Really, they call a guy whose name literally states he's male a girl?