How would you improve today's mahou shoujos?

How would you improve today's mahou shoujos?

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make them sumo wrestlers?

Give them big breasts

give them guns and motorcycles

Base them on something that isn't just "anime magical girls"

If they're referred to as "magical girls" in-universe, it's probably shit; call them witches, or priestesses, or shaman, or anything less meta and you're already a step in the right direction.

I give Matoi a second season.

Make them mahou shounen posing as mahou shoujos

with a dedicated breeding program

I also want oppai loli mahou shoujos.

Make them boys or men who turn into magical girls with cute vaginas and tiny breasts

Your picture is proof that there's no need for improvement

More guns and more grimdark

Remove all that gay fanservice like in your pic and add more boys.

They'll just let it go to their heads.

This. Most of them are in elementary and middle school.

Homura's magical pocket full of /k/'s wet dreams was pretty great desu

Make them look like Vivio

Remove edgy shit.

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Add edgy shit.

Google "princess laika model" if you want the good stuff of this age range.

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Give them a dick.

By putting more of that in them.


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Why do they even bother to make magical girls after Vivio?

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gotta make that cash somehow my man

now that i'm running my own ttrpg game i'm understanding the dangers of character bloat oh god help me

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Make them salarymen


More of what?

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Mahou shoujos should be lolis.

Make them compete with a whole foundation of wizard dudes (More like Tolkien, less like Harry Potter).

They have to pregnant to use their powers

She is

More loli. More lewd.

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Beautiful lolis, not uggos like Vivio.

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No. Nanoha is so much sexier than this cunt.

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Make shoujo mangakas to write magical girls again. It's not the same with a commiittee full of old men

Guys, hear me out. I wouldn't improve the genre with JK mahou shoujos. Not even JC mahou shoujos.

But with toddler mahou shoujos.

make them handdrawn instead of digital with a large SoL focus

It is not going to work if they look like this Japanese family guy

>mahou shoujo
Pitiful shitpost.

Me? I’d reconstruct the genre.

>First 7 episodes play Mahou Shoujo straight and cliche
>Next 7 episodes show how fucked up a world where little girls are given crazy powers and made to fight eldritch abominations would be
>Final 7 episodes end in a blaze of 110% idealistic glory

How do they get away with this?
It's too beautiful to exist

Pretty sure there is an episode where she was wearing toddler clothes



Popuko is a JC

>being aroused by chibis of little kids
There are strange creepy people in this world.

>implying I would be aroused 3dpd "lolis" with big foreheads and buggy eyes
There's nothing wrong with the chibis user

Make it about the girls in their 30's after their little magic companion left them and they struggle to adapt as normal people after an adolescence of not focusing on school because they were saving the world.

Kind of like the Venture Bros.

Kukuri is not a chibi. Also she is a witch, not a mahou shoujo.

Chibi is just cute, I don't understand how can you be attracted to it. And what do you have against 3D woman? You are 3D, do you hate yourself? Did you fail by the waifu meme?

That's already a thing my dude

The art style looks chibi enough to me.

what show is that?

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Where does it say anything about hating 3d?

Sometimes I read quickly and get confused.

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Play around much more with the formula.
Like how Kill la Kill isn't really recognized by most people as a Mahou Shoujo. Not saying MS should be like Kill la Kill, but their premises should be more creative than "cute mascot creature gives elementary/middle-school girls superpowers, followed by varying degrees of suffering and friendship".

Less metaphorical sex and implied lesbianism and more literal sex and shown lesbianism.

Valkyrie Drive

Turn mahou shoujos on to mommy shoujos.

That's not possible

Make them all JY

I'd ignore all the faggots that think they have a cool twist on the genre and let Junichi Sato save Precure.

More of the embarrassed nude JC seen in the OP image.

>Actually thinking all the old good mahou shoujo wasn't written by committees of men, and not understanding how bad the writing of actual shoujo mangaka was and is

Nothing wrong with playing the classic formula straight.

Houkago Pleiades was a recent example that did this and it was a great show.

Give them penises.

Unfortunately, there's not much. JCs are made for public embarrassment.

Give them a glock

Show us Nipples and puffy vulva

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been done to death already

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>Sailor Moon anime written by old men at Toei
>Sailor Moon manga written by actual shoujo mangaka
No thanks.

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