There are too many ロリ this season

There are too many ロリ this season.

You think you are hot shit?

theyre all concentrated into this show though

Japans taste is improving I see

Never too many

No such thing. The more, the better and never enough.

NO SUCH THING. We can always use more lolis.

I'd rather ゴスロリ

No, they are not.









Was this information really necessary?


Of course. Need to make sure she's not one of those dreaded fake lolis.


Ignore Chicken-chan. Acerola in the anime soon.


The are the best

I like this thread



I'm glad we get to watch Sakura in her JC prime.


My daughterwife Lilie as cute as always.




ロリビッチ is where it's at.

The yuru campers are borderline. I'd rather watch a show about JC's than JS sluts.

Likewise, I don't know what age this scorpion girl is, but she's more loli-like than not.

One of these is a loli. I forget which one, though.

doesn't matter

this is a disgusting spider wearing a mask, for fucks sake user


This is my favorite oppai loli

And this is a filthy Turk. She's still cute, though.

both, if you are man enough

Blue Ai > Red Ai

>not posted
C'mon Sup Forums.

>Hiyori Sarugaki
>A loli
She's just a womanlet.

fucking disgusting


Kagari a shit.
Euphoria is my daughter.



Better as JCs


those are creatures, not rori

They still feel like late JS to me

You're a creature.

Those are the best kind of JCs.

Red Ai > Blue Ai

blue ai > red ai > ane-deshi

Blue Ai > Red Ai

What does it mean? I don't speak Japanese.

Read the thread. Use context. Use your internet literacy to figure it out yourself.

i right click pasted it to autmatic google it took 2 seconds it means lolicon. dumb faggot.

Sexy characters

Red Ai > Ginko > Blue Ai

When will lolis stop being sexy?

When they grow up.

Is this Sup Forums's favorite JC?

But who is the best?


The most murderous one.

Sex with lolis!

Lolis are for exhibitionism+humiliation

It doesn't mean lolicon though.

>show filled with JC
>all look like old hags
This show is bad.

Only one of them has adult proportions.

I want a loli to pee on me.

I want my JC to be cute and small

Perfect for manhandling

We could have twice as many shows airing this season with every character replaced by a loli and it still wouldn't be enough.



Post loli tummies

>oppai loli
But user, you posted a padded chair.



My wife Machi is so cute.

She just wants to be friends.

She ain't even a JD, the fuck are you on about?

>not even knowing kana
Get out of Sup Forums



I hate myself for this boner

Of all the girls in S/M, you chose fucking Lilie? Christ. Pick an onahole and some sleeping pills and you'd get the same effect.

What's wrong with Lillie? She's a sexy loli.

Any oppai loli this season?

Yamas next season.

>too many ロリ
There can never be enough ロリ.

Fucking Lilie is always the correct option.


Time to pick up VEG then.